The 32 -year -old guy has been married for more than a year, and his wife has not been pregnant. As a result, he collapsed as a woman?

The 32 -year -old guy Xiao Gang (pseudonym) has been the darling of his family since he was a child.A year ago, he married his daughter -in -law, and the old man at home was waiting for his grandson, but he could not wait for a new life.

For this reason, the couple went to the hospital to check.The local doctors saw the results of the examination "messy", and suggested that he go to a large hospital for further examination and confirmation.

"You can’t give birth, because you are the same as your love!"

Men’s infertility

I went to the hospital to check the medical staff and stunned the medical staff

Xiaogang, 32, came to work from other provinces a few years after graduating from junior high school. Although he only had a small man with 150cm and his skin was dark, he was particularly hard -working. He also formed a small family with a blind date introduced with the family.

Although Xiaogang still has a younger sister who is three years older than him, he has been the darling of his family since he was a child. His ancestors and his father looked forward to his marriage after marriage, but seeing that the young couple have been married for more than a year, but they have not been there, but they have not been there.good news.Xiao Gang’s lover has always complained about Xiao Gang’s "no", for which Xiao Gang’s parents suggested that the husband and wife went to the hospital to check the body.

"You have a uterus in your abdominal cavity, and there is a tumor on both sides of the adrenal glands." Xiao Gang found a B -ultrasound at the hospital near his home. As a man, he was a unique reproductive organs in his body, but it was strange that Xiaogang was long but long.With throat knots and beards, there are male genitals, and menstruation has never been passed in the future.

"It is recommended that you go to the Department of Endocrinology at the large hospital for further examination." Xiao Gang’s lover checked everything in the hospital, but Xiao Gang found a series of problems. To this end, he went to the endocrinology department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical CollegeDo further inspection.

Congenital adrenal cortex hyperplasia,

This genetic disease makes men and women unclear

"Doctor, why do a man have a uterus?" In the outpatient clinic of Dong Fengqin, deputy director of the Endocrinology Department of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, Xiaogang was puzzled. In view of Xiaogang’s bilateral adrenal glands, combined with the Xiaogang InstituteThe myth said, Director Dong Fengqin has guessed what the disease is misplaced.

After another B -ultrasound, Xiaogang’s body does exist in 2.7*1.4*2.5* -sized uterus, and there is no obvious echo of seminal vesicles behind the bladder, and no obvious testicles and epididymal and sperm cable echoes are seen in the scrotum.Investigation found that Xiaogang’s upper lip can see beard, larynx knot, pubic hair format distribution (female pubic hair into an inverted triangle distribution). It can be seen that the large labia minora fuses, the clitoris is about 2cm long, but no vaginal opening is seen, and no scrotum is seen.

"I suggest you check the hormone and chromosome nucleus type." Chief physician Dong Fengqin said that if it is indeed and predictable, Xiao Gang’s next life may change tremendously due to the inspection results.Essence

Sure enough, Xiaogang’s hormone test results indicate that therogens are high, salt corticosteroids, and excessive testosterone, while cortisol decreases, and the adrenal corticosteroids increase.The chromosome nucleus is "46XX", which means that Xiaogang is actually a woman in chromosome biology.

Xiaogang’s emotional collapse of Xiaogang, since he is a woman, why would he be considered male when he was born?Why have you never been here?

Director Dong Fengqin patiently explained to Xiaogang that he had a kind of analogical recessive genetic disease called analogy adenal hyperplasia.Gene mutations are caused.

If the parents who carry the implicit genes of the pathogenic gene have children, one -quarter possibility is born with a child with the disease, and he is unfortunately one -quarter.

Congenital adrenal cortex hyperplasia is caused by the congenital defects of certain enzymes required during the synthesis of corticosteroids. When the cortical hormone synthesis is insufficient, the pituittes are stimulated to promote the increased adrenal corticosteroids, resulting in adrenal cortex hyperplasia and excessive secretion of excessive cortexy cortexThe predecessor of the alcohol and causes abnormality of the tone hormone synthesis.

Then why did you get this disease, would you "blur" gender?Xiaogang won the congenital adrenal cortex hyperplasia 21-hydroxylase defects. This is the most common type of congenital adrenal cortex hyperplasia, which is about 90%of the congenital adrenal cortex hyperplasia.

"The hormone of our human body is like a big housekeeper. After the formation of embryo glandular tissue is the gender differentiation of hormones to further regulate the gender of external genitals. The formation of women’s genitals does not require sex hormones, and the formation of male external genitals needs to rely on androgens. IfFemale fetuses are affected by the increase in high -assoisters before 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, and vulva will have different degrees of masculine performance. "

Chief physician Dong Fengqin said that the adrenal glands of the fetus will begin to develop at 7 weeks of the embryo, and the congenital adrenal cortex hyperplasia 21-hydroxylase defects will produce excessiverogens to participate in the formation of early external genitalia, so it leads to Xiaogang XiaogangSuch patients developed abnormal vulva at birth and looked like the goggles of a baby boy, so that he was regarded as a boy at birth.

"It is precisely because of the high androgens in Xiaogang’s body that he develops in advance. He may be higher than the children of the same age when he was a child, but the bone bone was closed in advance, so the end is not high, and because therogen is too high, it will not come to menstruation.As for why a woman has no vaginal opening, it may be the blend of labia during the development process. "Director Dong Fengqin said that not all 21-hydroxylase defects will have gender" chaos ".It is 1/4 of the classic 21-hydroxylase defect.

Seeing the collapse of Xiao Gang, Director Dong Fengqin suggested that he can go to the mental health department for psychological counseling. At present, Xiaogang has accepted a psychological counseling and accepted the treatment of drug treatment to regulate hormone levels.He has his own direction.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News · hour news correspondent Wang Rui Jin Lina

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