The 28 -year -old man cheated the 20 -year -old girl to get pregnant before he was married. He had a bad attitude to come to the door and was beaten by his mother -in -law on the spot.


It is said that the mother -in -law watched the son -in -law, the more happy,

But this mother -in -law looked at the son -in -law, the more angry,

Looking at the future son -in -law in front of me, the mother -in -law disregarded the blockage of the mediation staff,

Go up, just slap two slaps,

Mother -in -law pointed at his son -in -law and scolded him shameless,

It’s almost harmful to her daughter,

Speaking of rushing up and hitting him again,

So why is the mother -in -law so resentful to the future son -in -law,

It turned out that Xiao Chen, 20, and Xiaoshi, 28, worked in the same factory.

The two have become lovers slowly after they know it for a long time.

Xiao Chen later discovered that he was pregnant and told his family about this.

The family is very angry after listening, but raw rice has been made of mature rice.

They only told the men to discuss their marriage in the anger.

Who knows that the man is not only old, but also very unreliable,

Relying on the woman’s pregnancy, she is not full of running the train,

Everyone heard it, this is like a rogue like buying something and still buying and selling.

Whoever listened to was hot,

From this point of view, the mother -in -law hit the son -in -law, it is still light,

Xiao Chen’s mother told the mediator that when they first knew they were in love,

The family just stopped, and did not agree that they were one,

But Xiaoshi used a mean method to get her daughter, and she still got pregnant now.

But Xiao Shi said that he and his girlfriend are normal in love,

After a long time of dating, it is natural to walk together, there is no way to play,

Xiao Chen’s mother looked at Xiaoshi despise, and shook his old base angrily.

Xiao Chen’s mother later learned that Xiao Shi was not only poor at home, but also with children with a divorce.

But he deceived his daughter and said that he has always had money in his home.

Faced with the mother -in -law’s question, Xiaoshi firmly denied the marriage,

And say that this child is from a sister,

The two sides argued for this,

But the woman knows that her daughter is pregnant and can’t wait for a long time,

So I hope the man will take out a solution as soon as possible,

But the man’s drop in the chain again and again made the woman very annoyed,

Xiaoshi said that the mother -in -law asked not only to get money, but also had to buy a new house to get married.

But I can’t get so much money at all,

Looking at the future brother -in -law crying,

Brother Chen quickly stopped and said that in fact, his family is not a person who sees money.

It is not just recognizing money or not,

They value more about the man’s attitude,

In this way, my sister is not angry after marrying,

However, until now, both parents have not officially seen the previous side,

After all, the marriage is a big deal, and Brother Chen wants to let the other parents come over to discuss.

But what I didn’t expect was that Xiaoshi’s mother directly scolded him,

From the conversation, it can be seen that the woman’s family has not been fighting, and what she wants is just an attitude.

Xiaoshi immediately stated on the spot that his mother would be allowed to visit his family in three days to visit the business.

When things come here, it will come to an end,

It can be seen from this that our girls still have to be clean and of love.

After all, it is not a glorious thing to get pregnant after all.

Only when you value others can you pay attention,

For the man, if you really love her, then you will have enough sincerity,

The money is not enough to make sincerity. If the woman is pregnant, she is pregnant,

That is the real scumbag.

So do you think Mother Xiao Chen wants to marry his daughter,

After they get married, will Xiao Chen be bullied in her in -laws?

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