The 28 weeks of pregnancy are a few months. What skills do the fetus have?Taking 5 o’clock to easily spend late pregnancy


There is a pregnant mother private message: How many months are the 28 weeks of pregnancy?

28 weeks of pregnancy are seven months.

We often heard that we were pregnant in October, but if we calculated it carefully, it didn’t seem to be ten months, and it was more than nine months.

When we were pregnant, the entire pregnancy cycle was 280 days, but these 280 days were calculated in ten months, that is, 28 days and one month, and these 28 days are the month of pregnancy. It is a bit different from what we usually say.

At the same time, these 28 days are also 4 weeks.

In other words, the entire pregnancy cycle is indeed 10 months, 28 days (4 weeks) per month, a total of 40 weeks, and 28 weeks is seven months.

As for more than nine months, it is calculated by the natural month.

Of course, because in medicine, the due date is calculated based on the first day of women’s last menstrual bleeding, but the time of different women’s ovulation is different and the time for conception is different.

Therefore, although the pregnancy cycle is the same, the due date is calculated in the same method, but the actual birth time of the fetus is still different.

However, it does not matter if you have any disconnection. As long as you develop normally, the fetus is mature enough to stay in the uterus for 264 days. It is born earlier early during pregnancy. It is born a few days later during pregnancy. It can be born within 38 to 42 weeks.

During seven months of pregnancy, the fetus is like a melon, weighing about 900 ~ 1200g, a length of about 35cm, and a double diameter of about 7.2 ~ 7.3.

The baby has grown some hair when seven months, about four or five centimeters, and the whole body is also covered with a layer of hair. The skin is very thin, wrinkled, and darker.Old man.

But although the fetus has only seven months, I have mastered some skills.

The fetal heartbeat is not as disordered as before, and it is more regular. Under normal circumstances, it is 110 ~ 160 times/minute.

Fetal movement is getting more and more regular. There are more movement in the morning and evening, and less moved in the afternoon. Generally, the number of fetal movements in 12 hours is 30 to 40 times.In addition to becoming more and more regular, the fetus has gradually mastered the ability to balance, and can coordinate in the uterus.

The baby’s lungs are not mature enough. In order to better adapt to the life outside the uterus, TA now often practice breathing. The pregnant mother occasionally feels that the belly is jumping.

In this month, the eyes of the fetus have become better and better, and they are basically mature. By about 26 to 27 weeks, the fetus can open the eyes. This is the first time that it opens the eyes and it is worth celebrating.

The hearing of the fetus is also better. If you can only hear the sound outside the uterus before, the current baby can hear the sound outside the uterus, and even distinguish the sound of people who are familiar, such as the prospective father and the prospective father andmother-to-be.

In addition, after such a long period of development, the fetus’s sleep is relatively regular. He formed his own biological clock, and he could sleep for about 20 ~ 30 minutes each time. He would wake up for a few minutes in the middle, and then continue to sleep.

Unexpectedly, the seven -month fetus was so capable.

When she was seven months pregnant, the pregnant mother’s belly was very obvious, and she was not easy to walk before.

After 28 weeks, pregnancy also officially entered the third trimester, and there will only be more and more matters that pregnant mothers need to pay attention. After all, the fetus is developing rapidly every day.

Pregnant mothers should do 5 o’clock:

1. Examination on time

Starting from 28 weeks of pregnancy, the number of pregnant mothers has increased again. Until 36 weeks, it is now checked every two weeks, and it is checked once a week from 37 to 40 weeks.

These include 28 weeks of sugar, B-ultrasound of 30-32 weeks, fetal position examination, fetal heart monitoring after 36 weeks, including regular examinations.

2. Persist in several fetal movements

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is best for pregnant mothers to insist on several fetal movements every day. Three times a day. If you can’t achieve three times a day, you must be several times a day, one hour each time, and record the fetal fetal movement to judge the judgment of the fetus’s fetal movement.The health of the fetus.

Under normal circumstances, the number of fetal movements of 12 hours is not less than 30 to 40 times. If the number of fetal movements is too much or too little, the strength and frequency will change, which may be hypoxic.Pregnant mothers must not be careless, and should go to the doctor in time.

3. Nutritional supply

28-36 weeks of pregnancy is the fastest growth of the fetus. At this time, the fetus needs a lot of nutritional supply. Pregnant mothers can eat more appropriately.

But at the same time, avoid excess nutrition. The weekly weight increases at about 0.3-0.5kg. It is not good for the fetus or yourself to be too obese, which is not good for health and affects childbirth.

4. exercise

Exercise can strengthen the body. Pregnant women can also increase the flexibility of the bones, increase the tension of the skin, enhance the resistance of pregnant women, and increase the oxygen content of blood to avoid fetal hypoxia.

If there are no special circumstances, you should exercise normally in the third trimester. You can swim, you can do yoga, you can take a walk in flat ground, or you can take a walk.

In addition, after the third trimester, many pregnant mothers will have pubic pain and low back pain. Proper exercise can alleviate these pains. If it is too serious, it will be dependent on the doctor. Generally, it will gradually relieve it after childbirth.

5. Sleeping position adjustment

The fetus is prone to hypoxia after the third trimester. Pregnant mothers should adjust their sleeping position appropriately to avoid fetal hypoxia.

It is recommended to lie on the side as much as possible, so as to avoid pressing the abdominal aorta and affecting the placental blood supply.

Of course, most pregnant women are more suitable for the left side, because the left side can improve the right rotation of most pregnant women’s uterus. Only a small number of pregnant women are suitable for the right side.

However, it is not necessary for pregnant mothers to maintain the same posture all the time, and they can take turns on the left and right.

If you really sleep uncomfortably in the third trimester, it is recommended that pregnant mothers use U -shaped pregnant women’s pillows, which will be much easier when sleeping.

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, I entered the last stage of the pregnancy. Although it is important, the pregnant mother does not need to be too anxious, ready to be a birthpack, and then do the above points. Try to relax in the late pregnancy.Healthy baby.

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