The 26 -year -old mother took contraceptives and found unexpected pregnancy. Where should this baby go from?

Xiaoyue is 26 years old and has a 2 -year -old daughter.Since the birth of her daughter, Xiaoyue and her husband’s sexual life have been maintained by drugs and condoms.

Xiaoyue and her husband are only children, and the elderly both are also learned.The life of the young couple has never been interfered. As for whether there is a second child, they also look at Xiaoyue’s willingness.

After Xiaoyue gave birth to her daughter, her daughter passed for a hundred days.Xiaoyue went to work in the unit.

In a blink of an eye, her daughter is over two years old.This morning, Xiaoyue suddenly remembered why did he not come to menstruation this month?After careful calculation, it has exceeded more than a week in the permanent menstrual period.Xiaoyue was not assured. He bought the early pregnancy test paper and tested at home.The test results showed two red bars, but Xiaoyue took herself ate contraceptives some time ago.

So, can this child want it?After taking contraceptives, it is found that pregnancy will affect the baby?The main component of contraceptives is progesterone-Zuo Nuo progesterone (such as Yuting, Jin Yuting, etc.). It mainly uses contraceptives by inhibiting ovulation, inhibiting sperm and eggs, and preventing the fertilized eggs from bed in the uterus.

Emergency contraceptives are generally taken for emergency treatment within 72 hours after the intercourse.Yuting can take one piece first, take one piece after 12 hours, or two pieces together.There is only one piece of Jin Yuting, just eat it once.

So Xiaoyue took contraceptives, why did he suddenly become pregnant again?In fact, contraceptive pills are not 100%of the contraceptive effect.The effective rate of such drugs is about 80%, which means that 20%of people may be pregnant after persuasion.

If you find contraceptives after pregnancy, do not flow off the children in the stomach in time.We can follow the theory of "all or no" abroad.A large amount of evidence abroad shows that in the early pregnancy-here refers to 4 weeks of pregnancy here (that is, from the first day of a certain menstruation, within 28 days in the future), if the result of the baby in the stomach is only two: one: OneIt is the baby’s adverse effects and natural abortion; the second is that the baby is not affected by adversely, and naturally grows normally.

But it is not that all drugs are applicable to the theory of "all or no", and there are also very few special drugs that are not applicable, such as Libavarin, different vitamin A, to prevent measles, rubella, mumps, vaccines, etc.Because these drugs have been staying in the body for a long time, they have clear teratogenic effects.Not only can pregnant mothers unavailable, but even women during pregnancy cannot be used, otherwise drug residues in the body will increase the risk of fetal malformations.

Because both sides are only children, Xiaoyue also plans to have a second child.Xiaoyue was checked on time according to the doctor’s instructions.

Therefore, if we take it before pregnancy, it is not a clear ban on drugs during pregnancy.We should not make a decision to terminate pregnancy easily.We should observe its changes and let it be.

If you are not assured, we can rule out various inspections such as B -ultrasound and amniotic fluid puncture through various inspections.If we discover the fetal abnormalities, it is not too late to deal with it in time.Life is not easy, we should not easily sentence a life to a life.

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