The 23 -year -old technician and boyfriend are in love with pregnancy, and the boyfriend agrees to give birth, but the boyfriend does not care about the boyfriend, but the boyfriend does not care abou

Her name is Meili, a 23 -year -old massage technician, enthusiastic and cheerful, always smiling.She is pursuing a doctoral boyfriend, his name is Jason, smart and gentle.The two met in the university library, and their common knowledge and ideals formed their affection.

They have been in love for a year. During this time, Mei Li felt Jason’s sincerity and care for her.They spent countless beautiful nights together to share each other’s dreams and goals.Jason is a man who understands women’s rights and interests, and he has made a lot of effort in academic.Meli thought their relationship would always be so happy.

However, accidents changed everything by accident.On an unexpected night, Mei Li realized that she was pregnant, and the news made her happy and worried.She soon shared the good news with Jason, and she looked forward to their children’s testimony of their love.

When Jason heard the news, his face became pale.He was caught in hesitation and anxiety, and he didn’t know what to do.In the end, he told Meili that he was not ready to be responsible for the child.He said he was not ready to be his father, and his career was not stable.This sudden rejection made Mei Li broken heart, she did not expect that Jason would treat her and their children like this.

Mei Li faced a difficult decision. She thought for a long time and finally decided to give birth to the child.She felt that this was her rights and children, and she should not give up their future for a man’s attitude.

After the child was born, Meli sadly found that Jason did not pay any concern and love for their children.He did not ask the child’s situation or care about their lives.Meli tried to communicate with him, but Jason always avoided it, and his attitude towards Meili completely changed.

Meli began to think about the man he once believed.She thought he was a person who understood women’s rights and would be responsible for their future.However, reality poured a pot of cold water fiercely.

Meli decided to start her life again, and she worked hard to become a powerful backing of her child.She found a better job while insisting on studying her skills.She did not give up her dream, and although life became more difficult, she still moved forward.

The child grows up, he is everything in Meili life.She strives to provide him with the best living conditions. She grows up with him and pays attention to his interests and needs.Meli did not let Jason’s absence affect the growth of the child, and she created a environment full of love and care for him.

Many years later, when the child has grown up, Mei Li reviews the past, and she understands that love is not everything.At the time, Jason’s commitment to her was just a bubble, and this commitment was shattered in real life.

Meli realized that women’s rights should not depend on men’s commitments.She learned to face the difficulties alone, and she did not give up her rights and interests, and at the same time did not make herself restrained.

She became a firm feminist, and she shared her stories with other women, telling them not to rely on the empty bubbles promised by men.She believes that every woman has an independent power and can strive for better rights and interests for herself, whether in love or other aspects.

Mei Li lived happily with her children, and she never regret her choice.She taught her children to be independent and strong, and told them that not all promises could be fulfilled as scheduled, but as long as they believe in themselves, no matter what difficulties they encounter, they can overcome it.

This is a story about love and feminism. A woman from being deceived by love to gaining self -worth.This story tells us that women should believe in their strength and not give up their rights for the promise of an empty bubble.Love is beautiful, but only on the basis of equality and respect can it be truly lasting.

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