The 22 -year -old college student wants to get married for the 60 -year -old old man who is pregnant.

Shortly after the husband and wife got married, they gave birth to a cute daughter. I did not expect that when the mother gave birth to her daughter, her husband died of illness.Therefore, her mother raised her child bitterly. For her daughter, she was never married.Give your daughter.

The daughter grew up, so she sent her daughter to school. The daughter had a good academic performance from elementary school to middle school. In the end, her daughter was admitted to a famous university.

At this time, in order to go to school for her daughter, the mother went to work in the city where her daughter was located, brushed pots, washed dishes, and panels. When she earned money, she paid her daughter to pay tuition and give her daughter’s living expenses.

But the mother never thought that when her daughter was in her sophomore, she knew a man, and the man was not an ordinary man. He was more than ten years older than many kids.

She asked her daughter how did they know?She was dark when she was playing on the street one day. She walked to a relatively dark one, and found a few young guys who did not know the truth follow her.

At this time, just walked next to an uncle, she shouted for life, and the uncle came over and saved her.

At that time, she asked the uncle to leave a contact number and thank the uncle in the future.One day she bought a gift and found the uncle. When she left, she left the phone and added WeChat.Uncle often sends messages to chat with her, chatting, and uncle entangled the woman to let go.

After the mother learned of her daughter, she scolded her daughter to shame her and expressed her concerns and opposition.The mother thinks that her daughter is only in her 20s and is still very young. She should first find a stable job and meet her partner.She was worried that the old man was old and could not accompany her daughter for many years, and her daughter would become the stepmother of other people’s families. Such a role change and responsibility would cause her trouble.Mother hopes that her daughter can marry a aging partner to create a happy family together.

However, her daughter insisted that age is not a problem, they love each other and feel happy.She believes that marriage is more important to love instead of age and height.Her daughter also understands her mother’s concerns, but she is determined to choose her happiness.

The mother also mentioned her daughter’s father, saying that if her daughter married the old man, the late father would die in the spirit of heaven.The mother pinned her hopes on her daughter, hoping that her daughter could accompany herself for the elderly.She also mentioned that her daughter will become the stepmother of other people’s families. She needs to take care of her children and children who live, and ask her daughter if she can be competent.

In this regard, I think young people should establish a correct outlook on life and values, and to establish great ideals and goals.When you are young, you should focus on academic studies, study knowledge and skills, become strong and prepare for the future to go out of society, and have more opportunities to choose.

Once you get a college diploma, enter the society, work stably and have a fixed income, then consider love and marriage.When falling in love, you should fully understand the opponent’s quality, work conditions and living conditions.Before getting married, the age of both parties is quite basic requirements. The age can make the two sides at the same level. They have common topics, hobbies and life goals, so that marriage is harmonious and happy.

If the age gap is too large, for example, you are in his 20s and find an old man in his 60s, then you will be responsible for his pension and care in the future, and may even become his free nanny.In this way, you will sacrifice most of your youth, and in the end you will leave.Such a choice may cause you to lose the opportunity to re -create your life, and it is difficult to find a man who is willing to marry you and accept your child.Therefore, you should consider it carefully to avoid detours and avoid destroying your own life.

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