The 21 -year -old woman is constantly tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy.

After 00, Xiao Meng was only 21 years old this year. This should have been her age of going to college. However, not only did she not go to school, but she became the child’s mother at a young age.

This incident started from two years ago. The little dream I was playing in the bar one day felt uncomfortable and wanted to vomit.So soon she went to the hospital for examination, but the doctor told her that she was pregnant.But she didn’t know who the child’s father was, so she found her ex -boyfriend Zhou with a pregnancy report sheet, saying that the child was his own, and Zhou was responsible.

In his early 20s, Zhou Mou was a little disturbed when he heard his ex -girlfriend’s child with his own child. After all, the two had broken up.But as a boy, he thought about it soon.

So he decided to bring his ex -girlfriend back home and inform his parents.And Zhou’s parents saw that his son’s girlfriend was pregnant, and he had nothing to say, so he had to choose to accept a small dream.

Over time, Xiao Meng and Zhou’s children were over a year old, but a day when Xiaomeng suddenly noisy leaving the child from the Zhou family.At this moment, Zhou Mou suddenly realized that the child was not his biological son.However, in the face of the question of the Zhou family, Xiao Meng’s face was fearless, and even bluntly this was just a trivial matter, don’t make a fuss.So the Zhou family found the mediation staff to help.

Then the Zhou family met a dream at a lake.As soon as he met, Zhou’s parents accused Xiao Meng of being responsible and deceived them for more than a year.In the Zhou family hostage, who asked Xiao Meng, who is this child’s father?Why should you take your child now?

However, in the face of the question of Zhou family, Xiao Meng seemed very calm.Xiao Meng told the mediation officer: I didn’t want a child at first, because I often smoked, drinking, soaking bars, etc. during pregnancy, I was afraid that there was a problem with the child to be born, so I had the idea of killing the child.But Zhou disagreed, I had to give birth to my child.

At that time, Zhou Mou told Xiao Meng as long as the child was his, then he would say anything.It was Zhou’s words that gave Xiao Meng confidence, so he did not kill the child.

At this time, Dad Zhou asked who the child was from?Xiaomeng said that he didn’t know who the child’s father was, and also said lightly, is it important for Dad?

Finally, after Zhou’s parents asked again and again, Xiao Meng also cut his fingers with a fruit knife, hoping to use this way to force them not to ask her any more questions.At this time, Zhou’s father put forward an unimaginable request, that is, they hope that Xiao Meng will take his son home and marry his son.

They said that as long as Xiao Mengyan returned with the child, they could not blame the previous things.But for the Zhou family’s proposal, Xiao Meng refused. She proposed to reporters that unless the Zhou family was willing to pay the child’s medical expenses, she would not let the children return to them again.

It turned out that some time ago, Xiao Meng found that the child was a bit wrong, so he proposed to take the child to the hospital to see a doctor, but such a seemingly reasonable request was declined by the Zhou family.After being rejected, Xiao Meng took the child to Changsha alone, hoping to treat the child in the hospital in Changsha.

But because Xiao Meng had no work and savings, she could only ask for help for her former girlfriend. With the help of her girlfriend, Xiao Meng sent her son to the hospital.After the doctor’s examination, the child’s hearing, intelligence, and language ability all have serious problems. The preliminary judgment should be caused by Xiaomeng smoking, drinking, and jumping.

Today, for the treatment of the child, Xiao Meng’s friend helped her pay 100,000 yuan in medical expenses. Xiao Meng said that either the Zhou family took out a medical fee of 100,000 yuan or not to come to her again.she.She jumped in the lake and committed suicide. Everyone looked at how Zhou’s family was killed.

Zhou’s mother was obviously anxious, and bluntly let Xiaomeng jump if she has the ability to see if anyone would save her.At this time, before the reporter was stopped, Xiao Meng really jumped into the lake, and the scene suddenly confused, and the people present quickly went down to save people.

However, the little dream in the lake did not stop the abuse of the mouth. After a while, they finally rescued Xiao Meng.At this moment, in order not to intensify contradictions, the reporter decided to communicate with the Zhou family alone.

In the Zhou family, the reporter learned some new situations.When Xiao Meng first came to Xiaodi’s house, because of his age, Zhou’s family was very accommodating to her.Zhou’s mother opened a small stall selling pancakes to earn some living expenses, but the little dream spent money and made a big foot.Well.Xiao Zhou also loved Xiao Meng.I don’t understand why they really treat her so sincerely, but in exchange for Xiao Meng’s treatment.

The next day, the reporter made Zhou Mou and Xiao Meng together, hoping that they could mediate them. As soon as the two met, Xiao Meng began to blame Zhou Mou’s weak and incompetent, and was not worthy of a man.Xiao Meng said that Zhou often obeyed his parents at home and did not dare to resist any resistance.Many times, when he faces the accusations of Xiaodi’s mother, he will not help himself to say a word. After the incident, he shed tears silently. Zhou would also say a word, and I was powerless.

In the face of his wife’s accusations, Zhou once again showed his avoidance policy and waved his hand and said that he did not want to discuss these.He said that he could not care about Xiaomeng’s past, and he could not care if his child was himself. He only hoped that his wife could go home and live a good life.Essence

Xiao Mengtie wanted to leave the Zhou family and get rid of this place where she was unhappy.I hope I can get together with my husband, don’t entangle again.Seeing that there was no room for turning around, Zhou also said that since the child is not his own, he has been deceived by Xiao Meng for so long, and he can not care about it.

However, for so long for raising children, Xiaomeng must compensate 10,000 yuan for support. In this regard, Xiaomeng is unwilling.In desperation, Zhou can only choose to sue Xiaomeng, hoping that the law can give himself a fair.

However, the magical turning point of seeing was that Xiao Meng left the Zhou family not long, but the young girl sent a message to reporters that Xiao Meng had reunited with Zhou.I do n’t know if it was because of money, or Xiao Meng chose to take a step back, and continued to live in the place where he was unhappy, or Zhou ’s affection moved her, letting her see the hope of the future, and willing to raise the child togetherEssence

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