The 20 -year -old pregnant woman is happy. Is 20,000 netizens who oppose marriage? Is it really too much for netizens?

The Internet celebrities’ live endangered big white sharks have caused heated discussion on the Internet.

At present, the net celebrity account is blocked, and the police also found and control the people selling the big white shark.

This Internet is more and more evil. For traffic, they can do everything.

There are many traffic passwords, some people rely on publicity, and some people rely on "show affection".

Recently, a female netizen on a platform shared a post saying that she was going to marry a black boyfriend who was about to marry Africa, and had intended to live with African boyfriend to live in her hometown in Africa.

The woman is called "Zhou Zhou". She is only 20 years old and has been pregnant for 8 months. The photo is going to Shanghai by train. The black husband will take her to leave the country and return to his hometown -Africa Nigeria. They plan to settle there.

She also took her own schedule:

For a while, more than 20,000 netizens poured into her account, most of them were persuading Zhou Zhou, don’t go!

Zhou Zhou, you can search the Internet. There are too many examples of domestic girls and blacks to live in Africa. There are almost no good results. You can think about it.

Girl, you are only 20 years old, do you want to weld yourself completely in the African tribe?

Girl, there are too many lessons in your car, don’t be stunned by love.

The message from the netizen below has received a praise from nearly 50,000 people:

Zhou Zhou, my daughter is as big as you, and is now studying in the United States.I do n’t know why, let you be in the age of studying in school, but choose to marry and have children with Uncle Africa and live with him in Africa.

I am not your parents. I have no right to stop you. I hope you live smoothly in living in Africa.However, if life deceives you, please stop the loss in time. The path of life is long, and everything is not too late.Girl, please remember.

But some netizens spoke unpleasant and said her directly:

This is no longer in love, this is just love cerebral palsy.

Zhou Zhou also said that when they crossed the customs, the staff saw her such a young girl, with a big belly, and there were only a black man who had been in the past two rounds, and he asked repeatedly.

Why didn’t your family come?

Where did you and my husband know?

Do you know the situation of the other person’s hometown?

Take a look at the marriage certificate.

Even the customs officers were sweating for her, and she felt very interesting.

Why did the Chinese respond so much when they heard that girls married to Africa?

First of all, Chinese families generally do not want girls to marry far.

We are vast in China. Basically, even if the province is far away, let alone run to Africa on the other side of the earth.

In that place where she has no relatives, she wants to press her life on her husband, which is an extremely risky approach.

Secondly, the conditions of Africa are too far from domestic.

In the impression of many Chinese people, Africa is like an unknown land, diseases and war constant, and they must be cautious to experience it, let alone settle in life.

Folklore conflict, a pre -wife system.

Some netizens picked it out. Zhou Zhou’s husband already had two wives in his hometown in Nigeria. She used to be the third wife in the past.

In the face of netizens, Zhou Zhou may be a little annoyed, but he is still trying to maintain.

She said that she was mild in personality. After that, she could live in harmony with her husband’s other two wives without any problems.

Moreover, Uncle Black hurts me so much, and I have a child for him again, and the status over there will definitely not be bad.

After arriving at Nigeria, I sent an article excitedly on social accounts:

The uncle’s brothers came to pick me up and loved me.It can be seen that my future life status will definitely be very high, and the sisters will bless me.

People’s hearts are unpredictable, even if a woman with courage is no longer dare to conclude.

Netizens who do not die have persuaded: Don’t be too simple.

This time, Zhou Zhou was completely annoyed, deleted the remarks that dissuaded her, and returned: Please learn to respect others’ wishes.

After her "closed eyes and listening", she continued to send pictures "Happiness": My husband was willing to spend money on a production inspection in Africa.

The pregnancy test is very natural in China. It is very basic. When it comes to Africa, it has become a halo used to show off.

This child, I don’t know if it’s really confused or hard.

She scolded her not to listen, and persuaded her to persuade. No matter what netizens said, she took care of her "happiness".Each time it was exposed, it caused a controversy. Fans rose, and the popularity continued to grow.

At this time, netizens reacted. She didn’t think she went to Africa to give birth to children in Africa. When she was a little wife, she wanted to get attention through this matter, increase traffic, and lay the foundation for subsequent "monetization".

Since people insist that they want to play this game, what else is there to persuade?

But weird is that some Chinese people in the local area care about her situation through WeChat, and found that not only did WeChat not reply, but even the avatars and gender were replaced.

According to the latest news, Zhou Zhou had reported peace in Africa and said that she had no polygamy in her husband’s house.

I hope these are true, and hope she is safe and smooth.

Now those netizens who persuade the fruitlessness can only comfort themselves: let go of the help of others and respect the fate of others!

In fact, there are good men and bad men in any place.We know that "regional black" is very hurt, but why do netizens try to figure out African men with the greatest maliciousness?

Because reality is often a lesson of blood.

A netizen said she knew Nigeria because of doing foreign trade.The view of the man over there is a product of the two worlds with our view of love. Changing his wife is simpler for them than changing clothes.

Since the founding of our country, we have strictly implemented a monogamous system and have long been deeply rooted in the concept of loyalty to marriage.

Since the difference between the three views is so large, why are there many girls willing to marry Africa?

Uncle Bo thought that there was a documentary novel that played a role in helping the waves- "Marry to Black Africa".

The author of the novel is Lai Cuiling, a native of Zhuhai, Guangdong, and graduated from the oral department of Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical University.During the internship, she met Guinea student Kamara, who was studying in China.

Subsequently, the two returned to Guinea to marry.Later, Lai Cuiling was hired by a local university as a dental expert. She had superb medical skills, beautiful and kind, and was loved by the local people. Her husband also had a good harvest of love.

She wrote her experience as a novel, and the novel was also filmed as the TV series "Marry to Africa".

However, many people selective eye blindness.

As everyone knows, Lai Cuiling’s experience belongs to her individual. She cannot represent all Chinese girls, and her husband cannot represent all African men.

In fact, Lai Cuiling is a special case among tens of millions of Chinese women marrying Africa.More, there are unfortunately unfortunate marrying women.

For example, Yin Jie, who graduated from Peking University, married Guinea men Carintong. When she returned to her hometown with her husband, poverty and settle scared her. After a few months, she wanted to divorce and return to China.However, she couldn’t help but save her husband, and continued to stay in Africa and gave birth to her daughter.

In 1998, military riots occurred in Guinea, and she could only bring her daughter back to China.But at that time, she was out of touch with Chinese society, and she could only sell fast food on the ground, and was still enduring the rumors of neighbors.

Some netizens tell the Chinese women they met on the streets of Guinea.

After marrying Guinea men, he gave birth to a child who is not dark or yellow.Because he couldn’t bear the local customs, the husband’s infidelity to marriage married one after another, so he got married.He lives with his children alone, selling some cheap medicines imported from China on the street, with a meager income and poor life.

Ask her why she didn’t return home?

She said that when she came out of her home, she thought that there was a car house in foreign countries. This situation was not good -looking to the face.More importantly, a child who is afraid of mixed -race will return to China and be regarded as an orangutan.

We believe that love is no borders.

However, marriage has national borders.

As long as you are in love, love can surpass all secular regulations, but if you want to enter the marriage, please return to the world, the more vulgar, the better.

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