The 19 -year -old female college student has always been single and has never been in love, but she is pregnant

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19 -year -old college student Xiao Lan has always been a single girl and has little interest in love.Recently, she faced a problem, and her menstruation suddenly delayed for two months, and she felt nausea and vomiting.To confirm the situation, she used a pregnancy test stick, but the results showed two bars, indicating that she might be pregnant.However, Xiao Lan never participated in any inappropriate behavior, and she was very confused and surprised.

Xiao Lan’s mother noticed her unusual expression and asked her about her situation.Xiao Lan told her mother that her menstruation was delayed, but her mother mistakenly believed that she had a boyfriend and did bad behavior.Although Xiao Lan resolutely denied this and argued with her mother, her mother was very concerned about her daughter and decided to take her to the hospital for examination.The doctor believes that it may be that Xiao Lan is pregnant, but he also realizes that there may be other reasons behind it.

Doctors considers other possible causes of menstrual disorders, such as endocrine disorders, endometrial injury, endometrial tuberculosis, hyperloflin ledmia, abnormal or severe anemia, etc., and it is recommended that Xiaolan conduct further examination.In order to determine whether she was pregnant, the doctor suggested that she perform blood and ultrasonic examination.The results showed that the level of HCG in her blood rose, which meant that she might be pregnant.However, no embryo in the uterus was found in ultrasonic examination, which made the situation more complicated.

The doctor suspected that Xiao Lan might be an ectopic pregnancy, that is, the embryo was bed outside the uterine cavity.However, no embryos were found after full -stalls.Therefore, doctors began to consider other possibilities, such as tumor secreting HCG.This situation may involve organs such as nervous system, adrenal or liver.

In order to further understand the situation, the doctor suggested that Xiaolan accepts the whole body PET-CT scan to exclude tumors in other parts of the whole body.In addition, some other blood tests were performed, such as thyroid function and the level of prolactin.

Surprisingly, no suspicious tumor was found throughout the body scan, but the blood test showed that her thyroid dysfunction was low and the level of prolactin increased.In the end, the gynecologist positioned the source of the problem at the hypothalamus and suspected that there was a tumor lesion.Therefore, Xiao Lan’s condition is very complicated and requires multidisciplinary combination of neurosurgery and endocrinology. Surgery is the main treatment method.

Xiao Lan and her mother agreed to the treatment plan for neurosurgery and endocrine after detailed explanation from the doctor, and hoped that the treatment was smooth.The normal menstrual cycle is controlled by complex hormone feedback, involving the pituitary gland, ovaries and uterus in the brain.Any interference with this complex system may cause menstrual disorders.For Xiao Lan, her situation involves multiple body systems, so doctors have adopted multi -disciplinary treatment methods.

Before the operation, Xiao Lan accepted a series of preparations, including detailed physical examinations and discussions with the expert team.The surgical plan includes removal of tumor lesions in the mound and adjusting thyroid function and prolactin levels through hormone therapy.

The surgery was smooth, and neurosurgeons successfully removed tumor lesions, while protecting the normal structure around.Observation showed that Xiaolan’s thyroid function began to return to normal, and the level of prolactin began to decline.This means that the surgery has achieved significant results.

Over time, Xiao Lan’s menstrual cycle gradually returned to normal, and she no longer experienced delay and other discomfort.Her body gradually returned to health and returned to the normal life track.

This experience is a lesson for Xiao Lan and her mother.They realized that menstruation may not only be as simple as pregnancy, but also involves severe physical problems.They have also increased their understanding of medical knowledge, and they have more trust in doctors’ suggestions and treatment plans.

Xiao Lan decided to continue to study hard and be a doctor in the future to help people who experience trouble like her.She hopes to help and support others through her experience and knowledge.

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