The 18 -year -old girl has abdominal pain to seek medical treatment, gave birth to a baby boy in the hospital toilet, girl: come to aunt every month

Nowadays, many men and women in adolescence are often impulsive due to the lack of gender knowledge and often because of immature, which has caused the unexpected pregnancy of young girls to happen frequently.If a girl in the development stage is pregnant, it will not only have a negative impact on the girl’s own physical condition, but also cause the child’s malnutrition, and it is difficult to have good results.

A few days ago, a 18 -year -old girl almost lost her life because of her accident.The girl and boyfriend once lived together for a while. A few days ago, the girl suddenly felt abdominal pain, so her boyfriend took the girl to the hospital for examination.

During the waiting process of the hospital, the girl suddenly had a sudden pain after going to the bathroom. She felt a twust of the abdomen and fainted in the toilet.A aunt who was in the toilet was startled after seeing the girl. The girl’s legs were blood, and there was a baby boy who was just born!

The aunt rushed out, and immediately shouted the nurse in the corridor to help. The girl’s boyfriend also panicked when he saw it.After being rescued, fortunately girls and baby boys are all safe, but the child is less than 4 pounds. It belongs to premature babies. It takes a long time to stay in the insulation box.state.

Later, when the doctor asked the girl’s condition, the girl said: I came to my aunt every month. How could I get pregnant?The doctor explained that the blood of the girl’s flow was not the blood of menstruation, but because of pregnancy but did not attract attention in time, led to bleeding.The boy around him lowered his head and silent.

The girl did not even understand the basic physiological common sense. The baby in her belly was more than three pounds, but she still thought that the abnormal abnormal abnormalities caused by the aunt.It is precisely because of the ignorance of young couples that eventually causes accidents.And all this stems from the lack of family education.

First of all, sex education is about the popularity of children’s physiological knowledge, which helps children understand their bodies.Many parents think that sex education is an incompetent thing. In fact, sex is human instinct. It helps children to popularize physiological common sense to help children understand themselves and understand the origin and development of human beings.

Secondly, only by learning about sex can children know how to protect themselves.Especially for girls, after teaching children about sex, children will know how to protect themselves outside.

Finally, help children establish the right view of love.The love of many young couples is often based on "sex". Such feelings have no pillars, and they are not really love.When the child really understands the meaning of sex, he will understand what the real love should look like, which helps the child to form a correct view of love.

The importance of sex education is not lower than the importance of learning, and sex is closely related to life.

1. Children with younger age can choose to teach in a picture book.When children initially understand their physical structure, the picture book can transmit knowledge to the child in the most intuitive way. Parents can use the form of drawing to help children understand their physical structure.

2. Cultivate children’s sense of responsibility.Sexual relationships between men and women should be based on mutual trust and responsibility. Only when children have a sense of responsibility, they will treat the matter of "sex" more cautiously.

3. Educate children to form the correct view of love.Parents should tell their children not to have sex with the opposite sex at will, especially when they are unable to take responsibility."Sex" must be supported by the love of both sides, and we must know how to be responsible for each other.

Many parents in China are always "sexual changes". Sexual education seems to be an indispensable minefield. They think that not allowing children to understand "sex" is to protect children.In fact, it is not only for the purpose of protecting children, but also to hope that children can be responsible for their future feelings.For sex education, parents are time to give their children a lesson.

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