The 18 -year -old girl broke up and found that she was pregnant and insisted on giving birth to a child. After 4 years, she took her daughter to marry a male netizen.

At the age of seventeen or eight, it is the age of the first love sinus, so even in a high school campus with heavy studies, there will be a young student couple.Compared with the prohibition of love, there are many things that parents and teachers need to do, such as reasonable guidance in the case of mutual respect, and teaching children to protect themselves to prevent children from getting in greater trouble because of secretly in love.

According to the Vietnamese media reported on February 17, Lan Anh is 22 years old and is from the Vietnam Province.She was 16 years old and broke up at the age of 18. She did not expect to find pregnancy after breaking up, but her boyfriend refused to reunite and was unwilling to take responsibility.Lan Anh couldn’t bear to abandon his abortion and became an unmarried mother. He was often discussed and ridiculed by others, and he was not married until now with the boyfriend I met online.

Lan Anh was born in an ordinary family in Hejing Province. She has a gentle personality and a sweet appearance. There have been many pursuers since middle school.At the age of 16, Lan Anh secretly fell in love with her parents and male classmates. She had to cope with heavy studies, avoid decline in performance, but also affected the emotional ups and downs brought by love. The pressure has always been great.

At the age of 18, Lan ANH broke up with her boyfriend who had been in love for two years, because the two accumulated a lot of contradictions during their love, and had different plans for the future.The young couple broke up, which was originally an unusual thing. Whether it was, Lan Anh found pregnant after breaking up, and then panicked. She could only go to her boyfriend to explain the situation and seek a compound.

Because her boyfriend refused to take responsibility and was unwilling to reunite, she told her parents about the situation.At that time, the parents were angry and distressed that they wanted to persuade their daughters to go to the hospital to abortion, but Lan Anh couldn’t bear to give up the life in the stomach and insist on giving birth to the child.The life of a single mother is not easy, not to mention that Lan Anh is only 18 years old and has more problems.

Although she is often discussed or ridiculed by acquaintances, Lan Anh told herself that this was the way she chose, and she had to grit her teeth and let the innocent daughter have a good growth environment.In the past 4 years, she took care of her daughter while working, slowly stabilized life, and encountered a man worthy of entrustment.

They originally met online and later met in reality because they appreciated each other and developed into a relationship between men and women.recently.Lan Anh married her boyfriend. She said that she was full of expectations for marriage and hoped to get better and better.Seeing Lan Anh’s happy smile, many netizens were happy for her, and they also sent blessings.Lan Anh has an immature relationship, and has experienced suffering and dilemma. If it is not accidental pregnancy, happiness may come easier.

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