The 11 causes of women’s difficult to get pregnant are not easy to get pregnant

Normal husbands and wives have nearly 90 % without contraception. They will be pregnant within one year. For more than a year of hard work, they cannot be pregnant smoothly.There are many problems that are not easy to get pregnant. In many reproductive steps, obstacles will reduce the chance of pregnancy. Although both men and women may have problems, men’s sperm enters the female reproductive tract.Eggs have occurred in women’s bed and embryonic development, so there are many problems related to pregnancy -related causes in women to discuss the cause of infertility.

The cause of the cause of infertility, the common causes of reducing the chance of pregnancy in women’s aspects are:

1. Age

Age is the most restricted factor for women’s fertility, and it is also the most difficult problem for the current infertility couples.Young women in their twenties are easy to get pregnant. Women who are over 35 years old have a rapid reduction in fertility, increased abortion rate, and increased sequelae of pregnancy.Generally speaking, women have the highest conception rate before the age of 25, 6%infertility at 20-24 years old, 9%infertility at the age of 25-29, 15%infertility at 30-34 years old, 30%of 35-39 years old.In pregnancy, 64%infertility at 40-44 years old.Although modern reproductive medicine has a solution to the problems of most women infertility, it is still difficult to overcome only the decrease in the decrease in the increase in women’s age. In recent years, women’s fertility has been delayed.The main reason for being prone to pregnancy is that if women can complete fertility before the age of 35, they can make pregnancy and production smoother. After the age of 35, they will run with time. They must step up their footsteps and get pregnant as soon as possible.

2. Vastatopa tube problem

The fallopian tube is a slender tube on both sides of the uterus, and it is also the pipe of the uterus to the abdominal cavity. In addition to capturing the eggs discharged from the ovary, the function of the fallopian tube is also a place where sperm and eggs meet.The journey was moved from the fallopian tube to the uterus to bed. The flux and function of the fallopian tube determined whether the eggs and sperm could meet and whether the fertilized eggs could reach the uterus smoothly.Women who have repeatedly occurred in pelvic cavity, abdominal surgery, or have a pelvic history of adhesion, and must be highly suspected of infertility caused by the problem of transparency or mobility of the fallopian tube.For unmarried girls, if there is inflammation of the pelvic cavity, it must be treated thoroughly. If you have sex but do not want to have childbirth, you must really contraception. Pelvic inflammation and abortion may cause harm to future fertility.

3. Ovulation problem

Normal ovulation is the main condition for women’s regular menstruation. For women with irregular menstruation, the most likely factor that is not easy to get pregnant is that there is no ovulation.Ovulation obstacles cause eggs to be provided normally; there may be three cases: inferior pituitary gland or central nervous system function, abnormal function of ovulation system function, and ovarian functional failure. Among them, abnormal ovulation system function causes chronic without ovulation.The most common, in addition to irregular menstruation, these women are often accompanied by many symptoms of endocrine disorders, which are mainly manifested in problems and other problems of male essence and obesity.Large and small follicles are called polycystic ovary syndrome. Although these women have abnormal ovulation, if they are appropriately induced ovulation, pregnancy is not difficult.

4. Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a common cause of infertility in modern women. The most common symptoms of endometriosis are dysmenorrhea, that is, the first two or three days after menstruation will have lower abdomen pain. It is usually accompanied by the gastrointestinal and intestines.Symptoms (such as diarrhea).In addition to the adhesive pelvic cavity on the one hand, the endometrium is often chronic in the abdomen in the abdomen. According to the study of endometriosis patients, due to the excessive accumulation of the endometrium,More free radicals will cause adversely pregnant "toxic" environment in the pelvic cavity, which will cause damage to sperm, eggs and fertilized eggs, and reduce the chance of women’s pregnancy. ThereforeThen quickly get pregnant, because the endometrium is easy to recur, regardless of the use of drugs or surgery. Therefore, you must master the golden period after treatment as soon as possible. The pregnancy itself can also inhibit the growth of the endometrium. ThereforePregnancy is the best treatment for patients with endometriosis.

5. The number and timing of the same room

During the period for women every month, only 2-3 days before and after ovulation are only 2-3 days before ovulation. During the period of ovulation, they will miss the chance of pregnancy. For women with menstruation, the ovulation day is usually on the next 14 days before the next day of menstruation.The night before ovulation will have the best chance of conception. The secretions before ovulation will increase, and it will be egg -shaped, which will also help identify. The measurement of basic body temperature will help understand their ovulation day. Some sensitive women can even be even can even be even more sensitive women.Feel the tingling when ovulation.Generally speaking, the number of rooms in the same room is also a factor affecting fertility. According to statistics, young couples have 17%of the conception rate within half a year per week, 46%twice a week, and 83%three times a week.

6. Abnormal uterine or reproductive tract

The occurrence of abnormal reproductive tract may be caused by congenital development or acquired factors. There are many different forms of congenital uterus or reproductive system development. It will have a different degree of influence on fertility and require individual measurement.In general, many doctors currently think that patients with uterine septum may improve their chances of pregnancy through surgery.For women who have been pregnant but later infertile, they need to suspect the problem of endometrial damage caused by infection or abortion. This may make the fertilized eggs unable to develop in bed.The fallopian tubal angiography shows the condition of the uterus and the fallopian tube, and choose the treatment method according to the test results.

7. Repeated abortion

Abortion after pregnancy is very common, but early abortion of more than three consecutive times is a problem that needs to be paid attention to, called repetitive abortion.There are many factors that cause repetitive abortion and need special examination. If there is abortion caused by endocrine abnormalities, treatment will be better, but it is difficult to overcome if it is gene or immune problem.Due to abnormal causes; women who are repetitive abortion can usually be pregnant, and the problem is that the fetus cannot be kept.

8. Given prolactin

Increasing prolactin may have milk overflow, irregular menstruation, or non -menstrual period, and symptoms of estrogen are often combined with excessive alcohol. Anomaly of prolactin may be an abnormal existence or combined with other endocrine abnormalities.In addition to abnormal element, in addition to being difficult to get pregnant, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether it is accompanied by tumor or other endocrine abnormalities in the brain and requires thorough examination.

9. Lack of luteal stage

In the luteal deficiency or the luteal stage is too short, the endometrium maturity is insufficient to make the embryo unable to bed.At present, the occurrence of lutein deficiency may be random rather than every month, and the result is often repetitive abortion.The most common causes of luteal stages are mainly due to the disorders of endocrine, which is prone to occur in patients with high prolactin or endometriosis. However, due to the lack of diagnostic conditions in lutein, there is always a lack of consistency. Moreover, it is not currently not at present.After the treatment process of progesterone, the generality of the sustainability to supplement lutein to the placenta is completely established, so clinically does not worry about lutein insufficient.

10. Environment and emotional factors

Environmental pollution is considered to be infertile -related factors. The amount of mother smoking or drinking is positively correlated with the ratio of abortion.Persons in some related working environments in anesthesia drugs and heavy metals have the phenomenon of high miscarriage rate, while the relationship between radiation staff and infertility has not yet been clearly confirmed.Over the years, plasticizer pollution has been more difficult to evaluate the impact of reproductive capacity.In addition to the problem of environmental pollution, the pressure of emotions and work will affect the regulation of endocrine in the brain, and may also affect the ability of conception. However, both are difficult to quantify.After that, I became pregnant, which also showed that there are still many blind spots in the understanding of the cause of infertility.

11. Other unknown reasons

Many of the above -mentioned causes of infertility can be used to explain it reasonably. "Why don’t I get pregnant?" However, there are many normal couples still unable to get pregnant for a long time. This situation reflects the part of the reproductive medicine that has not yet been clarified.

In the end, it is not easy to getting pregnancy. It is not the same as not pregnant. Although there are many reasons for infertility. It is necessary to understand that most of the above is the reason for reducing the chance of pregnancy, but it cannot be said that if these troubles are necessary, you must not be pregnant. Generally speakingThere will be no unpredictable factors at all, there are many unpredictable factors.At present, the efforts of reproductive medicine are to reduce the factors that are not conducive to pregnancy and increase the factors that are conducive to pregnancy. From the simplest natural cycle of pregnancy to complex IVF, reproductive medicine can use different technologies to help wantPregnant couples achieve their purpose.

Disclaimer: The above content was originally created by the "Good Pregnancy Room" and reproduced without authorization. Related infertility and IVF views are for health reference only. Regarding the actual situation of the disease, the discussion with the doctor shall not be able to replace the doctor’s face -to -face diagnosis.,Please note!

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