The "Beast and Beast" adoptive father infringed the 13 -year -old adopted daughter for 5 years to cause their twice pregnancy abortion, how can the court judge

"Do we make a pair in the underworld or make a pair in the yang?" The 50 -year -old man threatened to text messages for his 18 -year -old step -girl …

Sun Weiwei (pseudonym) was born in a small mountain village in Yunnan. Originally, Sun Weiwei had a happy family. Moms and dads lived by farming. Although they were not particularly rich, there was no problem with food and clothing. Mom and dad also loved this daughter.

However, there was an unexpected situation. Sun Weiwei was three years old this year. Dad went to the mountain to cut firewood. Suddenly, it was raining in the sky. Sun Weiwei’s father accidentally slipped the cliff and died.

From then on, Sun Weiwei can only follow his mother (Yang Dongmei) to depend on each other. In rural areas, if there is no pillar in the family, it is equivalent to not relying, and it will be looked down on others. The child will be joked by others without a father.

At the age of five years of Sun, there was a bachelor (Zhang Dakui) in the village, so he had no wife, so he trusted people to find Yang Dongmei and wanted to form a family with Yang Dongmei. He said that he would definitely be good for Yang Dongmei and his children in the future.

Yang Dongmei agreed to this family business for the child, but Sun Weiwei specially rejected Zhang Dakui, and she hid when she saw him, let alone calling his father.At the beginning, Zhang Dakui also worked hard for Sun Weiwei to be happy. He bought new clothes and toys for Sun Weiwei for a long time. After a long time, he accepted this "dad".I feel particularly gratifying in my heart.

Time has passed like this. Two years later, Yang Dongmei was pregnant and gave birth to a son for Zhang Dakui. He originally thought that there was a child and a woman, and the family would be happier.

But as he grew up slightly, Zhang Dakui had a slight idea of adopted daughter.

On this day, Yang Dongmei took his son to eat alcohol. He returned home and did not find his mother, so he went to do his homework.At this time, the drunk Zhang Da kui was back outside. Seeing that no one at home, he forcibly violated the micro. The young age did not know what was going on, but it felt painful.Tell your mother about this.

It was very obedient and didn’t tell her mother Zhang Dakui what she did to her.But in a few days, Zhang Da kui secretly ran to the slight room in the middle of the night forced to be slightly slightly. He said that he didn’t like it that it hurt that, but Zhang Dakui still violated the micro.

Since the incident happened, he was unwilling to go home and was unwilling to see Zhang Dakui.Since the age of 13, Zhang Da kui has conducted sexual assault on Weiwei for 5 years, causing her twice to pregnancy and miscarriage.

During this period, Weiwei had reported to her mother many times, but due to the indifferent and lack of evidence of the mother, it was not effectively handled.

In the case of indifferent mother, she felt very desperate and helpless.She didn’t know how to get rid of this hell life and endured her pain in silence.Weiwei tried to tell others, but no one was willing to believe her due to lack of evidence and witness support.

Until the year when he was 18 years old, he went out to work slightly and met a boyfriend, so he thought about the life of a normal person, and he didn’t want to maintain such a relationship with his stepfather.

But how could Zhang Dakui let go slightly.Constantly send a text message that threatens slightly.Weiwei is both panic and scared. She is afraid that her boyfriend will know all this, will she dislike her and break up with her …

However, on one day, I heard a lecture on sexual assault, including the introduction and response method of relevant laws and regulations.This lecture gave Wei Wei a deeper understanding of her situation, and also made her began to help.

At this time, Zhang Da kui sent a threatened text message. We made a pair in the underworld, or did it be a pair in the yang?I can’t stand such a life.

In the end, he gathered his experience and told his boyfriend. Her boyfriend not only did not dislike her, but also accompanied him with a slight encouragement, encouraged slightly, and specially supported him to protect herself with a slightly legal weapon.

With the support and encouragement of her boyfriend, I finally reported the case to the police.However, this process is not easy, because she needs to face many challenges and difficulties.She also needs to overcome her inner fear and shame, and bravely stand out to reveal the truth.

What is rape?

Rape (also known as sexual violence, sexual assault or forced sex) is a behavior that violates the wishes of the victim, using violence, threats or injuries to force the victim to perform sexual behavior.

The crime of rape refers to the behavior of violating the will of women, using violence, coercion, or other means, forcibly having sex with women, or deliberately having sexual relationships with young women under the age of 14.If the crime of rape is generally sentenced to three years and less than ten years.

But if the plot of rape women and adultery young girls are bad; rape women, adulterer young women; those who rape women in public in public places; those who are more than two or more;The above imprisonment, life imprisonment or death sentence.

Later, he slightly for help from all walks of life and received widespread attention.Through police investigations and trial procedures, Zhang Dakui was finally sentenced to twelve years and six months.At the same time, he also needed to compensate for the adoptive daughters for tens of thousands of yuan as a mental loss compensation.

Film last succeeded.Although during this period of time, she suffered countless pains and suffering, but she finally got her due justice and comfort.

This case deeply reflects the huge harm of sexual assault on the victims, and also shows the severity and complexity of domestic violence and sexual assault.We need to strengthen the public’s understanding and understanding of these issues, create a safer, healthy and loving social environment, and protect everyone’s basic rights and dignity.

This case has aroused extensive attention and discussion of the public.Many people have put forward a stronger appeal and desire for the protection of minors.At the same time, some people have changed their understanding and attitudes of problems such as domestic violence and sexual assault, and they pay more attention to public safety and social justice.

In short, this case reminds us again that we must strengthen the protection and attention of minors.We should create a safer, healthy and loving environment so that everyone can enjoy basic human rights and dignity.At the same time, in the face of such problems, we should also take more resolute and decisive measures to protect the rights of minors.

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Case declaration: This article is adapted from real cases. In order to protect privacy, the names in the article are all pseudonyms. Do not enter the seat!


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