Thank you everyone, it ’s better to rest yesterday.

Hello everyone, I am really embarrassed. I hope everyone can cut it on me. Thank you very much.

I received a lot of information from my friends and was very moved, so I received so much in the morning.I haven’t had time to reply with some information, please forgive me.The puppet on my body was already good. I went to Zhengzhou a few days ago and came out in the middle of the night after returning, but much less than before.

Last night, I wiped the salt water again. I didn’t have a rash again. It should be completely good.I have been at work today, thank you very much for your concern.My illness was completely better, and I finally lived in the hotel for one night.It may be because the hotel’s sheets disinfected with allergies, which caused me for two days of rash.The first night was more serious, and the second night was slightly better, but it came out in the middle of the night.

Last night I wiped it with orange stones, and I didn’t take any medicine anymore, because the doctor said that it was best not to take medicine during pregnancy. If you must take it, it is best to consult a doctor first.The doctor said that if it doesn’t work, take some medicines, but the drug description of the drug is disabled, so I still decide not to take medicine.Although I want to take medicine, I still hold back because I don’t want to be hurt myself and my baby.

I had a good rest last night. I bought some citrus stones today to wipe, hoping to recover sooner.The weather is very cool today, it is a good opportunity to pick up leaks. I hope everyone should not miss it.I started to go to autumn, and thank you again for your concern.

Thank you again.I used a variety of methods such as peppercorns, saline, wormwood, broom, broom, and dandelion that night, but when I got this result, I felt that any method was not used.I changed this area after I was drawn again, I hope everyone will not mind.I drank the water for two days that day, nothing to eat, the whole person was dark, and my face was not good -looking.I took a rest at home yesterday and slept well at night.Today I came to pick up the missing again, hoping to buy my favorite clothes.

The weather is cool today. Don’t miss the opportunity to pick up the leak. I hope everyone can buy their favorite clothes.

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