Terror novels | Men are mainly ghosts and they want to be superior.

"Pluto, don’t mess around"

My name is Li Xiaowei. In my twenty year, a man in the dream made me repay my debt.

Since then, I have been entangled in night and night.And my eyes were covered with blood nets, God released the biggest evil thing in the world under the ghost difference.

Since then, the yin and yang are chaotic, and the disaster is in trouble.

The man in the dream said, "My name is Feng Siming, and if you want to live, you dedicate your body to me obediently."

I said, "In the end, will you devour me?"

Feng Siming: "Yes, from head to toe …"


"My Husband and His Coming from the Government"

I was hard since I was a child, Koffzi, and my father was still taking off the yin debt that was owed.

In adulthood, he came to the door to fulfill the contract of the year.

Since then, the mother is dying, her father is missing, and my friends have happened one after another …

I even kissed my first kiss, how could I?

Is it, that night …

It was my birthday night, and the sisters of the dormitory celebrated outside, because I couldn’t go back too late, I opened a room outside.

That night, everyone drank some wine. I was the last washing, because I was too sleepy, I fell asleep in the bathtub.

Between the confusion, I seemed to hear a sneaky Suona sound, and there was a faintly pointed and long singing lyrics in the middle, which was not true.

It seemed to be far away, like in my ear.

When I was awake, people were still in the bathtub, and the water was cold.

Can you get pregnant?

The calculation time, just one and a half months before the dream passed, my menstruation has not been accurate, so I did n’t take it seriously when I was late.

"Ma Yi Ghost"

Some people say that it is difficult to understand a person, but in the eyes of the master, it is very easy to understand a person.

Some people say that people are not appearances. I think this score to see this phase.

My grandfather is a well -known ghost teacher. He can not only get rich and get rich, but also live each other, heaven and earth, and even break through a person’s predecessor and later generations.

When I was a kid, with the encouragement of a group of friends, I rolled a grave of the desert grave. Fortunately, Grandpa arrived in time and saved me with a bundle of paper and a bottle of white wine.

All in all, you have not encountered some things, once you encounter it, you can’t believe it.

Grandpa said that when I was 30 years old, I could learn his skills, and learning would be troublesome early.

But I do n’t provoke them, but they take the initiative to provoke me …

"Gao Lengming Pluto Drive"

I was born with different bones, and my physique was cold. I was selected as a great elixir in a surname, and I took the essence.

He felt that it was not enough. I sealed a drop of blood on my eyebrows and applied a mantra. I only moss to love him alone.

When my lust is sprouting every life, he will appear in front of me: the handsome face with the attractive luster of jade, thin lips, seemingly laughed.

I touched the deep ice eyes, and at a glance, I fell in love with him without any cure.

When I knew the truth, my heartache was like a knife, and I still kept him away. I was eager to use the true emotionalization to him, even if it was just a little bit, but unfortunately I failed every life!

The most terrible thing is that this life, he is here again …

"Pluto’s little wife’s wife is super fierce"

From the day when Chen Annan led homeless teenager home, her originally calm life began to change tremendous changes.

The young body of the teenager knocked on the door at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, strange creatures that were unpredictable in the corridor, and the soup with a drifting beaded by the old grandmother living in the basement …

Those who bullied her were inexplicably retributed, and more and more people raised her.

But the most headache for her is to drive out the person who is unswerving to bed.

Domineering Pluto’s position beside him, "Annan, come over, I have warmed the bed."

Chen Annan: ~ (*・ _ ・) ノ ⌒*Throw it out

"Borrow Yinshou"

Have you slept through Shi Yi?

Don’t try it, I passed it once, that night …

My name is Li Yilin. Natural life is incomplete. When I was born, I killed my mother and made her difficult to give birth.

But one night at the age of eighteen, my mother came back and said she would take me away …

Grandpa asked me to put on Shouyi to sleep, and then used his own life to avoid me.

But from then on, my life has never left those weird things …

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