Ten principles of back pain prevention during pregnancy, there is always one that can help you!

Back pain during pregnancy is inevitable trouble. It is quite uncomfortable to have a human life.Although the back pain in pregnant women is a common phenomenon during pregnancy and is also attributed to normal physiological reactions by the medical community, it also makes expectant mothers suffer.The mothers of the light person will feel back pain, and the severe cases are also accompanied by symptoms such as leg cramps and sciatica.If expectant mothers usually lack exercise, it is easier to cause back pain.

After pregnancy, due to the increasing uterus, the center of gravity of the body began to move forward. In order to keep the center of gravity balance, when standing or walking, the shoulders and heads of expectant mothers will lean backwards to form a maternal breasts unique to a pregnant woman.Stomach gesture.This attitude can easily cause excessive forward convexness of the chest spine, which causes symptoms of waist pain.

So how to prevent and solve back pain during pregnancy?Try the following ten small methods!

1. In early pregnancy, prospective mothers are best to insist on doing appropriate exercise

For example, after half an hour of dinner, take a walk with your husband outside, so as to help digestion and strengthen the flexibility of the waist and back.Moderate exercise can also help promote blood circulation in the body, enhance the tension of abdominal, back and pelvic muscle tension. It can not only reduce backache back pain, but also stimulate intestinal motility, prevent constipation, maintain physical health, and prepare for subsequent production.

2. Do not always maintain a physical posture

It is best to get up and move a little bit to one hour to make the tense waist muscles relax.At the same time, don’t stand for a long time, long, sedentary, especially three months in the late pregnancy.The fetus in the abdomen has developed quite well, and long -term maintenance will become more and more uncomfortable with the excessive bending chest spine.

3. Pay attention to fully rest, don’t overwork

Especially for the expectant mother in the workplace.Too much hard work makes the expectant mothers who are already easy to get more fatigue.Although at work, although the spiritual high concentration makes the expectant mothers feel uncomfortable, once the rest comes, it will be uncomfortable, especially the waist, so it is recommended not to overwork and pay attention to the full rest.It is best not to participate in nervousness, excitement, or too hard work and activities.

4. Select the fitting bed, shoes, etc.

Don’t sleep too softly. If it is too soft, it is easy to sink the waist, which will cause or aggravate the bed that is better to sleep.At the same time, you must also choose more comfortable shoes. This can not only help relieve the pain of the calf during pregnancy, but also relieve the pressure of the spine. Therefore, it is also advocated that the mothers should not wear high heels.

5. Use a special pregnancy belt.

At about 5 months after pregnancy, expectant mothers can consider starting to use the belt.Because in addition to helping the abdomen’s gravity burden, the belt can also help expectant mothers to support the waist and help the waist support.

6. Diet adjustment.

You can eat some foods that relieve the back pain of pregnant women, especially those foods rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin C and D.For specific points, expectant mothers can eat more foods such as beef, edamame, peanuts and other foods.However, as long as you pay attention to choosing food, do not partial eclipse, pay attention to the thickness of the staple food, the food of the day can be fully sufficient vitamins. With sufficient vitamins, you can effectively relieve and improve waist pain.

7. Keep warm.

When the weather is cold, it must be kept warm. Cooling will cause the kidney to have bad reflections, and severe cases will cause back pain.In the winter, it is best to cover the waist and stomach before going to bed.

8. Pay attention to weight and avoid being too fat.

If the weight of expectant mothers increases too much, the heavier the weight of the back muscles, and the more painful the back will be. Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers better not eat too much high -fat food, especially foreign fast food.Although foreign fast food basically belongs to junk food, although many delicious foods are very delicious, but if you eat too much, you will also make expectant mothers more obese, and eventually it is not conducive to recovering postpartum recovery.

9. Avoid long -term ticked heavy objects.

If the expectant mother wants to raise things, let’s ensure that things should not be too heavy, and then lift it with leg strength instead of waist, keep the back straight, and let the knees bend the material.Do not carry things on your arms. Putting heavy objects on your arms will only overlap the center of gravity of heavy objects on expectant mothers.Make the spine that was already curved more bent, so it is not recommended that the expectant mothers mention heavy objects.

10. Massage, local hot compress.

At home, expectant mothers can massage more by themselves.In addition, you can also try local hot compresses. You can use hot towels, gauze and hot water bottle. It can effectively reduce the pain of pain for half an hour a day.Pregnant women with a bad back pain can insist on doing home massage exercises at home.The family helps the back massage.

Here we need to remind you of expectant mothers: normal pregnancy and back pain during pregnancy can be relieved by the above methods, but expectant mothers should also be cautious and abnormal.EssenceIf the above situation is encountered, the expectant mothers will be careful, and it is most likely a manifestation of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or premature birth. At this time, the expectant mothers need to seek medical treatment in time.

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