Ten pregnant women have nine medals, and there have been these tormented needs at night.

Pregnancy is very difficult for many pregnant mothers. Some pregnant mothers do n’t eat well and do n’t sleep well. They have to survive countless difficult nights.In order to successfully give birth to the baby, the pregnant mother is very great. After thousands of hardships, the baby can be given out. Some friends may feel that during pregnancy, the pregnant mother is very thoughtful and there is no difficult situation.Pregnant mothers will experience a lot of difficult moments, especially at night, there will be many difficult physiological reactions in the body.

Throughout pregnancy, pregnant mothers will encounter many things that need to be patient.The sleeping situation of the pregnant mother Xiao Zhang during pregnancy was affected, and it was almost difficult to sleep well. Through chatting with other pregnant mothers, I knew that everyone was basically difficult to sleep well.Urine.

After conceiving the baby, Xiao Zhang’s urine is becoming more and more frequent. He has to go to the toilet every hour every hour. Sometimes it is more serious and go every half an hour. Therefore, it is difficult for Xiao Zhang to sleep once.Said, this is simply a torment.

There are many pregnant mothers, just like Xiao Zhang, because frequent urination affects sleep. This is because the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, so that the uterus is oppressed to the bladder, and the amount of urine can be stored in the bladder is very small.Time to get up to the toilet.

In addition to frequent urination that affects the sleep quality of pregnant mothers, there are many cases that cause insomnia for pregnant mothers.Some pregnant mothers don’t know what sleeping position to sleep at night, and how to lie down is uncomfortable.Some pregnant mothers also heard that they must maintain a fixed posture to be beneficial to the development of the fetus, so pregnant mothers must correct their long -term sleep habits.Pregnant mothers who like lying flat must be changed to sleep on the side, otherwise the baby will have hypoxia.The side lying can not be maintained for a long time, otherwise the waist and leg soreness will occur. Therefore, in the third trimester, the pregnant mother must adjust the sleeping position every other time.

Many pregnant mothers will also have calf cramps at night. This situation makes the pregnant mother feel painful. Many pregnant mothers are awakened by the cramps in the middle of the night.There is a cramps, basically the sleep will be disturbed in the night. Some pregnant mothers have weak constitutions, and repeated cramps will occur.

Some pregnant mothers can’t sleep at night, all because of the influence of the fetus. Some fetuses are night owls. They do not sleep at night and like activities. The pregnant mother just lay down, and the fetus became active.The movement of small hands and small feet in the inside makes the pregnant mother unable to fall asleep easily.When the fetal fetal movement is more frequent and violent, the internal organs of the pregnant mother will also cause the mother to be very uncomfortable. No matter what posture is used, it is difficult to fall asleep.

These pains brought by the fetus to pregnant mothers only understand the pregnant mothers themselves.This is why many pregnant mothers say that pregnancy is sweet and painful, with expectations of the baby, but also to endure a series of physiological influence caused by the fetus on the pregnant mother.

Develop some good habits before pregnancy that can improve the quality of sleep during pregnancy. It is recommended that mothers can take a bath or bubble feet once a hour before going to bed. This can promote blood circulation in the body and relieve the fatigue during pregnancy.After doing it, the pregnant mother will find that her body is warmer and sleeping more solidly.

The adjustment of the sleeping posture has troubled many pregnant mothers. In order not to affect the fetus, everyone should take the comfort of the side lying on the side of sleep, which is conducive to the smooth blood of the blood and can reduce the pressure caused by the fetus.This kind of posture is not easy to adjust. Pregnant mothers can help rely on auxiliary methods. For example, buying a pillow of a pregnant woman, using a pillow to adjust the sleeping position, can be matched under the stomach, or between the legs.More comfortable.

And do not eat too many foods before going to bed. Many pregnant mothers are hungry when they are in the third trimester. Overnovation before going to bed will cause the pregnant mother to have frequent urination, and it is not conducive to the digestion of the body. However, it can be before sleeping.Eat some sleeping foods, such as warm milk, but remember not to eat too much.You can also improve the quality of sleep by improving the sleep environment. To maintain the indoor temperature and the light, you can listen to pure music before going to bed to make your mood calm down.

The quality of sleep during pregnancy affects the mood of the pregnant mother. Many pregnant mothers can’t sleep well at night, and it is easy to lose my temper during the day.The poor temper will also affect the development of the fetus, hoping that pregnant mothers can adjust their sleep state.Family people should also better help pregnant mothers and help pregnant mothers adjust their sleeping posture at night.When pregnant mothers are in a bad mood, they will open up and communicate in time.And accompany the pregnant mother to go out and keep her mood wide, so that the pregnant mother will live more comfortably during pregnancy, and the fetus will develop better.

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