Ten kinds of plums in China, how crispy juice, see what kind of one you have eaten?


People who buy fruits often have bought plums. Some people may not like this kind of fruit.

There are many plum trees in my hometown. I like to eat that crispy, not astringent, a bit sweet, and I don’t like soft.

Li Zi, the family of Rosaceae is a wooden plant, can be eaten raw, made preserved fruit, and can be used as canned food. It is also the raw material for brewing fruit wine.

So so many varieties of plums, which are delicious?Let me list 10 delicious plums.

One, Sanhua Li

The fruit is round or nearly round, the peel is purple -red, the fruit is thick, the fragrance, the water is sufficient, the acidity is high, the flesh is bright red, and the plum taste is strong.You can process fruit.

2. Cherry

The fruit is near the spherical or oval shape. The peel has purple black, purple, purple red and other colors. It has a sweet taste and thin skin.

Three, bee sugar

The fruits are round, the peel is pale yellow, and the top of the fruit is slightly disturbing. The flesh is pale yellow, the flesh is delicate, sweet, crisp, no astringency, no juice, more than nuclear.

Fourth, rock sugar Lee

The fruit shape is round, the peel is green, the color is bright, the skin is thin and thick, and the taste is sweet.

5. Peach -shaped Lee

The shape is like a peach, the peel is dark red with fruit powder, there are light yellow fruit points, thick in the peel, small in nuclear, crispy, sweet, fragrant.

Sixth and March Lee

The fruit was initially blue, close to the blue miles when mature, red when it was completely mature, full of fruit, smaller fruit, and sour taste.

Seven, Heblin

Chinese Li and European Liye varieties, the fruit is flat and round, the peel is purple and black, the peel is thin, the flesh is yellow, dense, the meat is thick, the sweet and sour, delicious, and the juice is sufficient.

Eight, Hongbolin

The fruit shape is round, the fruit is large, the peel is dark red, the color is bright, the flesh is yellow, the sweetness is sweet and crispy, and the softness is sweet and juicy.

Nine, half red

Divide nuclear, small nuclear, red and green, with waxy quality, yellow -green flesh, crispy meat, a little sour.

Ten, green crispy

The peel is light yellow -green, the flesh is pale yellow and white, the meat is thick and small, crispy and juicy, moderate sweet and sour, separated from nuclear, resistant to storage.

Although the plum is delicious, it should not eat too much at one time.

What kind of plum do you like to eat?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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