Tell me how you know you are pregnant, and do n’t eat with your husband ’s Cold War. It feels more hungry than usual.

1. My husband was playing the game that night. I was bored and naughty beside me. He lost him. He sighed helplessly.IntersectionIn fact, I usually don’t care about it. At that time, when I came out, I was startled, and I felt so aggressive.Then he was stunned for a long time, and told her husband, buy a test strip in Jingdong?The test paper was here the next day, two deep bars.

2. It turns out that the sixth sense is very strong. When I was pregnant with the boss, my husband smoked outside. When I didn’t know a child, he kept my smoking. I said that the boss knew that smoking was smoking and hiding from the second child.I do n’t hide, and I feel that I feel that my mouth is so owed to say what I do for no reason. At that time, my friends were here, and it was true.

3. I do n’t know when I was pregnant. The company organized to travel to Thailand, and the menstruation was delayed. I thought that the soil and water was dissatisfied (a few female colleagues came in advance) when I was playing with bus (I do n’t have motion sickness).I went to the night market to go to the night market half of my chest tightness, and I felt faint at any time. My colleague took me back to the hotel and scared to death!At that time, I hadn’t thought about pregnancy. After returning to China, I probably had no menstruation before I had a week.

4. You find that the mood after pregnancy is pleasant or happy, I am not the same. I ’m a special accident. I found out that I was pregnant and I was crying!(This is the second child discovered when I was pregnant.) The first child broke up with my husband. As a result, I was pregnant with God’s will, but what I did not regret was giving birth to my daughter!I think no matter how many children I have, I love her the most!

5. Stop contraception after eating folic acid for six months, and then suffer that the month. I always want to know the results quickly. Finally, the secondary menstrual time is finally.I just caught a cold. I always felt wrong. I didn’t dare to take medicine. I took two anti -inflammatory drugs. Because I usually delay for a week, I was more torment these days, because I originally planned to go out to travel once and reassuring my heart once I was at ease.I have a child pregnant, otherwise don’t want to go out for a few years. Just after menstruation is delayed for a week.At that time, the whole person trembled, because I was looking forward to six years, and a child was stopped six years ago, and the middle husband in the middle was unwilling to ask again. For six years, he refused to ask the child.If you have a hard temper, you can be considered smooth. In the month of the month, the whole person couldn’t stop.

6. The menstrual period is postponed for two days. I quarreled with my husband and wanted to drink Cola at night. I bought a large bottle of sneaky to eat. My husband found that I was angry with me. I went to the living room to sleep.Try to buy a test strip. The next day I bought a bowl of rice wine and dried the test strip. Two bars. Did my husband ask in the bedroom at that time?I said uh, he was so happy that he ran out and looked at it. Hehehehe kept smirking. By the way, I forgot to tell you that we were in danger for almost half a year. There was no treatment.Essence

7. For more than 20 days on my business trip, the aunt did not come when the business trip, and then I bought a pregnancy test stick to test without pregnancy. I thought it was the same as before.) Then I continued to exercise high -intensity every day. During that time, the weather was particularly hot. The office opened the air conditioner for 20 degrees. Others felt hot, and I felt cold. I always secretly turned off the air conditioner.At the end of the business trip, her husband made a spicy crayfish and ate a large pot. After eating a large pot, it felt wrong after eating. The aunt has been postponed for 8 days.In the two bars, I told my husband in horror that my husband did not believe it, saying that it was caused by a lot of crayfish, and the hormone changes were caused. I did n’t give up.I couldn’t believe it. The next day, I went to the hospital to check the next day and confirmed that I was pregnant. When I came out of the hospital, my husband said excitedly that he would be a father.

8. I have irregular menstruation, always once or two in a month or two, polycystic ovary, hormone unbalanced. The doctor said that the chance of natural pregnancy is very small.By the way, I asked for children, and then my dad was hospitalized for surgery. I was sitting on the chair at noon one day. Suddenly I felt that my belly slowly increased from the right to the middle.Thinking about it in this regard, I thought it was uncomfortable with the stomach.Later, my dad was discharged from the hospital. On the way home, I was dizzy and disappointed. I usually didn’t motion sickness. Then I felt inexplicably touching my stomach and felt pregnant. As a result, I was pregnant.In the early stage, I had been in pain on the right side of my stomach. I lay down and rest for several days. Later, I went to do color Doppler ultrasound to eliminate ectopic pregnancy. Now I am 7 weeks and 4 days.

9. The friend of her husband’s father as a father is a mother who is a mother, thinking that her husband will become a father earlier, and then every day entangle her husband to give birth to a baby.The menstruation was postponed for a week and did not use the test strip and did not measure it. I was not sure to go to the hospital for blood testing. I waited anxiously for a while. When I was doing a B -ultrasound in a coming month, my husband and I were particularly happy., My husband immediately called the family to report the good luck. I paid special attention to me throughout my pregnancy. There were two more months to unload the goods.

10. After a few days, I never thought that it would be pregnant, that is, the ghosts of the washing room that day thought about it, and tried it by the way. As a result, there were two bars.Take a photo to the husband, he asked me what it meant?Is it or not?Then he asked me to go to the hospital for examination.Later, he filmed the color Doppler ultrasound to give him a single ultrasound, and he was happy. Her husband was 41 years old and became a father.

11. Before I had a meal with my husband’s Cold War, I didn’t eat a meal.Last month, there was no meal with her husband’s Cold War, but she was hungry and died.I felt wrong at the time, and it was not the first time.After testing early pregnancy, although it was the whiteboard, I still took a little bit to do it for myself.Then there was a problem with sleep, waking up in the middle of the night.Late, I slept well, and suddenly felt my chest was stuffy, my body was hot, and my palms and feet were sweating.Two two bars in the morning, go to the hospital to check the progesterone, and diagnose pregnancy.

12. Six years of marriage, I can’t be pregnant. I went to check that the fallopian tube was blocked. After surgery, it said that it would not be able to conceive it within half a year. It was just half a year.It’s too tense and tired, but when I lie down at night, the lower abdomen suddenly moves, and I suddenly understand that after a week of buying the test strip for a week: I have two deep bars, my husband is happy like a two fools.

13. I generally delay for 7 days and I didn’t care. It was postponed for more than 10 days. One night I felt that it was so hot that I was so hot that my head was dizzy. I thought I had a fever.Without a fever, I said that my stomach was uncomfortable. The body was still very hot. He didn’t feel hot. My husband told me to take medicine. I didn’t want to take it. I didn’t eat it. I went out with him the next day.I still ca n’t eat it very hot. I feel like I want to vomit. When I came back, I went to the pharmacy to check the pregnancy. I tried it the next morning. As a result, the two bars were very red to know that I was pregnant.

14. I talked about eight years before marrying my husband.Said to check on the day of the week, work temporarily on Sunday, and when my husband went to work in the morning to go to the toilet, I thought about testing the two bars. At that time, I was really excited.

15. Menstruation is also inaccurate. After eight days, my mother -in -law would not let me eat barley. On the way to lunch for my husband, I had a child.I went to get pregnant. My husband would not let it, say it is impossible, don’t waste it.Then I didn’t listen, I really did it, I smirked, and ran to get the pregnancy stick again, and it was two red!My husband looked at me with a smile. After watching the pregnancy test stick, he still didn’t believe it. He told me every day and tested it for twenty times. He finally went to the hospital to determine. He was so happy!

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