Teach you to make nutrition meals during pregnancy

5 -week diet design

This week, the prospective mother must be quantitatively quantitative for three regular meals.When you have an early pregnancy reaction, you can eat 5-6 a day, and you can even eat it.Because early pregnancy reactions affect the appetite of expectant mothers, expectant mothers should try to persuade themselves to eat.It should be noted that you must have breakfast and ensure quality.But try to eat less fritters, because the alum used in fried fritters contain aluminum, and aluminum can invade the baby’s brain through the placenta, affecting the intellectual development of the baby.

One day recipe example

Breakfast; 7: 00 ~ -8: 00 1 bowl of oats and porridge porridge, 1 bean bag, 1 egg, a moderate amount of vegetables.

Add meals; 10: 00 Apple, 250 ml of milk.

Lunch; 100 grams of rice from 12: 00 ~ -13: 00, 100 grams of stewed ribs in bitter gourd, and a moderate amount of kelp soup.

Add meals; 50 grams of baked steamed buns around 15: 00, 1 orange.

Dinner; 1 bowl of noodles from 18: 00 ~ 19:00, 100 grams of tomatoes fried eggs, and 100 grams of coconut and wolfberry.

Replacement scheme: The oatmeal porridge in the breakfast can be replaced by sweet potato pumpkin porridge, and the bean bag can be replaced with steamed buns or flowers to change the taste.The meal in the morning can be replaced with soy milk or cheese cake.If there is plenty of time, the content of lunch and dinner can be replaced. If you still have to work in the afternoon, you can use a simple and nutritious diet to replace lunch, so as not to sleep because the body needs a lot of blood for digestion.In the afternoon, you can use bread instead of grilled ravioli.

Bitter gourd stewed pork ribs

Recipe materials: 150 grams of bitter gourd, 100 grams of ribs.

Seasoning: cooking wine and salt.

Production method: 1. After the pork ribs are cut, the blood is scalded and removed, and the stew pot has been used to add 1 tablespoon with water and cooking wine. Steam for 20 minutes.2. Wash the bitter gourd and cut, remove the pieces, cut into pieces, put it in the pork ribs for another 20 minutes, and then season with salt.

Bitter gourd can improve the immunity of expectant mothers, and at the same time it is beneficial to the development of the baby’s brain, and the content of yam’s carbohydrate is high, which is beneficial to the growth of the baby’s brain cells.

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