Take pregnancy as a cold not only for you!When these 3 symptoms appear, keep the fetal!

Many young people who are preparing to get pregnant do not have much awareness of pregnancy, so that they often occur in the early stages of pregnancy, and even cause abortion to find the cause.Take timely pregnancy measures.When we were in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers often had symptoms similar to colds. When this situation occurred, we must pay attention to it. You may be pregnant:

1. The whole body is cold, and the whole body is burnout and weak;

2. The whole body is cold and sleepy, and I feel a little sleeping in the early morning;

3. I feel dizziness and nausea.

In the face of this situation, we are used to buying some medicines to solve it by ourselves, and then depending on the situation, then decide whether to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, but many pregnant mothers have found that they are pregnant when they treat colds. Therefore, I plan to get pregnant.At this time, the pregnant mother should not be too sloppy. I mistakenly treat pregnancy as a cold. I believe that many mothers have tried so confused.

It is normal for these symptoms to appear in the early pregnancy. It will naturally disappear in a few days. There is no need to buy medicine, let alone a cold to treat it. Furthermore, early embryos are fragile.Affects the development of fetal baby.When this symptoms occur, pregnant mothers can go to the pharmacy to buy a test strip first to test it first. The negative indicates that there is no pregnancy and don’t worry.But if there is a strong yang or weak sun, in general, it means that they are pregnant. At this time, pregnant mothers must pay more attention to their bodies.

In the early pregnancy, many people may cause the fetus to be unstable because of physical fitness. At this time, we may think more about the problem of fetal protection:

1. Family history of genetic diseases or bad pregnancy and childbirth shall consult and check before pregnancy.

2. Keep a light diet, do not eat spicy food, and eat as little meal as much as possible. You must keep the stools smooth and avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

3. A certain amount of folic acid must be taken daily.

4. Do not do heavy physical labor, especially the weight labor of abdominal pressure, such as water lifting and moving heavy objects.Do housework to avoid dangerous actions, such as climbing and climbing mountains.

5. Reproductive tract inflammation is also one of the causes of abortion, so you have to keep your body, especially the cleansing of the pussy.Every night, you should insist on cleaning the vulva.

6. The last point is the last point, cautious life.In the early pregnancy, the adhesion of the placenta is not yet reliable, and the contraction is very likely to cause abortion. Therefore, in the early pregnancy, you should be cautious and even do not have sex to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Editor’s posts: [Many young parents have too little information about pregnancy, including the editor who had taken pregnancy as a cold. Fortunately, when I went to see the doctor, the doctor had more heart to help test whether it was pregnant.Otherwise, I really don’t know what will happen!Therefore, the little couple who is ready to be pregnant should start learning and pay attention to some changes in their physical body!.

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