Taboo taboos in pregnancy and marriage customs, marrying pregnant women brides need to pay attention to

In this open age, everyone is accustomed to unmarried first pregnancy, especially because of the epidemic this year, all newcomers who originally set their wedding period have been delayed, which has also been pregnant.When I am pregnant, I have a double happiness ~~

But what are the processes and taboos of the newcomers who are pregnant?I believe that many newcomers do not understand these small details. Today, the editor will sort out some related processes & taboos for newcomers who are pregnant and get married. I believe that to keep these small details, it will definitely make the wedding more complete!

Pregnant bride’s marriage process and taboos:

1. ancestor worship

Before the man goes out to marry the bride, he should worship his ancestors first.

2. Burning cannon

On the way, the greeted car should be set off on the way to celebrate.The front car was near the door of the woman’s house, that is, the Ying Burning Cannon informed the news that it was about to arrive. When the female Fang Ranshi said, she welcomed it and then entered slowly.

According to the ancient ritual, the car should be ignited at the intersection and bridge head to drive the evil to avoid evil. Today, it can be briefly cooperated with environmental protection.

3. Welcome

Departing when choosing a good time, the front guide car burns guns, firecrackers in front of the door, and the team set off in order.The groom+matchmaker+((six or twelve people) go to the bride’s house to marry. The welcome team is better for double numbers, especially the 6 multiple of the 6s. Each car is even couple.

The bride who is pregnant, the groom’s family must prepare the "baby’s back towel" to put it on the bride’s position, because they must marry the baby together. If you don’t want people to know, you can use a red cloth.

4. Sister Sister Table

Before the bride gets married, he has to eat with his parents and sisters and expressed his reluctance. Everyone has to say auspicious words.

After wearing a dress, don’t let people look at the dress (there is a miscarriage). After the wedding dress is ready, the pregnant bride, the shoes should not be put in together!

5. Please groom

When a gift car arrives at the woman’s house, a boy should be waiting for the groom (with melon seeds and candy).After the groom got out of the car, the groom should give the boy a red envelope to answer, and then enter the woman’s house.

The marriage was transferred to the car and handed it off to the woman’s relatives and friends.The elders of the woman will take over the marriage room to seize the living room.The relatives and friends of the woman handed the dresses to the bride dress, and put their chest flowers and famous names from the right chest or waist.The matchmaker counted gifts, red envelopes and discussed the wedding process with the woman’s main marriage.

The marriage of the woman should not be more than the chest.(Male left and female right)

6. Consultation

After the groom and the family’s family met, they should hold the bouquet to the bride who was married to the room. At this time, the bride and sister group of the bride should deliberately obstruct the groom. The groom was not allowed to see the bride.It can be proposed that the groom agrees. Usually, after a bargain, it is sold for 999 yuan red envelopes, which is metaphorically "long -lasting."


The bride and Fu Po (good order elder) helped the bride out of the hall.Faced with the groom and bride, the groom gave the bouquet to the bride, and the two bowed each other.(If you do n’t kneel and worship, at this time, the groom should cover the bride ’s veil)

When Ji Shi arrived, the bride was supported by the groom and the mother -in -law (male left and female right), and walked out of the hall together (must not step on the threshold). After the groom gave a bouquet, he should put down the veil and pull the bride out of the hall.

8. Farewell

The woman’s master marriage person (mostly the bride’s parents) sit in front of the hall. The groom and bride knelt in front of them."Hundreds of years", followed by three rituals, the woman’s master married the bride’s veil to cover the groom and bride a red envelope and lifted the two of them.

9. Go out

When Ji Shi arrived, the bride was hosted by the groom and Fu Po (male left and female right), and walked out of the hall together (must not step on the threshold). The matchmaker was outside the door, holding the gossip rice sieve (or black umbrella) in his hands, covering the groom and the bride.He took him to a ritual, because the bride’s status was larger than anyone else, so he could not see the sun in the sky. On the other hand, he hoped that he could live a comfortable and happy life like this female elder.

★ Note: The bride who is pregnant in customs cannot use rice sieves with gossip graphics, and can only be covered with new and well -known black umbrellas.

10. Rites

The bride got on the car first, and the groom got on the car from another door.(Male left and female right) The man who married the green bamboo and Ganana prepared by the woman was tied to the roof of the gift car and hung a piece of pork and a red envelope at the root.A bamboo from the root to the leaves is hanging above the ritual, and the radish is hung on the roots to show "the head and the tail".There is a gossip bamboo sieve in Zhu Mo painting in the rear to expel the ominous road.(This is a relatively old custom, most of them are not used now)

★ Note: When you get into the car, you must sit on the baby’s back towel, and you must sit steadily and try not to move as much as possible, indicating that the baby in the belly will also be very stable.The maid’s family also prepares a small baby cart with a dowry (see the personal situation).

11. Gong Fan

Before the bride got on the gift car, a fan of the auspicious zodiac was held to the bride (placed on the tea tray), and the bride gave the red envelope to answer the gift.

12. Pour water

After the bride got on the gift car, the woman’s parents should splash a bowl of water, rice and white rice to the bride. Representing the daughter is already splashed out (modern also has a mother’s family without water, depending on the customs) and wishing her daughter a success.Have food and wear.

13. Throw a fan

After the gift car starts, the bride should throw the fan out of the window.The bride dropped a fan from the window (a red envelope and a handkerchief) to pick it up for the siblings. It is commonly known as the release (put down the temperament) and does not bring the bad nature to the in -laws’ house, which means to leave the fan (good) to the maiden family.With the meaning of feelings, the bride must not look back.

The woman’s main marriage man poured water (or rice) to the car with a washbasin (or bowl), indicating that it was difficult to collect the water. He asked the bride not to have the idea of looking back (or regret), or he would not be returned home by his wife.After the ritual, it can be covered with bamboo sieve to symbolize prosperity.

★ Note: Some customs set off and return, walking in different directions or different roads, that is, unwilling to go back.

14. Report goodbye

On the way from the woman’s house to the man’s house, they set up ritual artillery all the way. When the car arrived at the man’s house, the family burned the "artillery city" to celebrate the joy.

15. Touch Orange

After the gift car arrived, the matchmaker got out of the car first and read auspicious words.The groom knocked three times on the roof with a fan, kicked the door three times with his foot, and then held two oranges (surrounded by red paper) to ask the bride to get out of the car. It is commonly known as worshiping the sedan.Then give a red envelope to answer the gift.The two oranges have to stay until the night to let the bride strip in person, which means to attract longevity.

16. Holding a new mother

The matchmaker prepares gossip rice sieves (or black umbrellas) and lead powder. When the bride steps out of the gift vehicle, a man with a man with a martial arts should be supported by the man. The matchmaker holds a bamboo sieve on the bride’s head and supports the bride into the lobby.When you came to the door, the matchmaker put down the rice sieve, advanced door, and sprinkled lead powder while reading: "People have not arrived, come first, enter the lobby, and get popular."

17. Avoid the threshold

The threshold represents the facade, so the newcomer must not step on the threshold and it should span across.

The bride who is pregnant from getting started to enter the room, including your in -laws and aunts must be avoided; in traditional etiquette, this will avoid you and your children will not have the fate (that is, reduce the corner of the future).Ancestor!

18. Forbidden to do the flames and step on the tile

Before the lobby threshold, the flames (baked, internal combustion charcoal) and tiles (or sandalwood, hazard) when the fire is strong, the bride crosses the stove in his right foot, and then steps on the tiles.EssenceAfter the flames mean to go evil, stepping on the broken tile is the meaning of "Chuan Zong’s succession".

★ Note: The bride who is pregnant must not step on the tile to cross the stove!

19. Wedding room

★ Avoid, sit in a new bed: On the day of the wedding, no one can sit in a new bed. Before going to bed that day, the bride could not lie down, so as not to fall on the bed for a year.Rolling in the new room bed, the matchmaker read auspicious words: "Turn the pavement, the birth checkpu, turn over, the showcase, turn over, and the biological march" is commonly known as turning the shop.

★ Note: Do not let people sit on the bed, avoid children to "feed"!

If someone is not invited to spread it, the groom takes off his shoes and jumps on the bed.

20. Worship heaven and earth (super ancient gift)

The newcomer worshiped the heavens and the earth, worshiped Gaotang, and the husband and wife worshiped and sent it into the cave.(Note: Pregnant bride can’t bend over)

★ Note: After the bride was out of the car, he went directly into the cave. After three days, he went out to worship Xianzu.

Regarding the custom of pregnancy marriage process and taboo new people, we can pay attention to as much as possible, especially when pregnancy should be more particular about it. At the same time, pregnancy is prone to fatigue. The bride must pay attention to the rest.And the baby is easy to attend the wedding with peace of mind, everything will come as scheduled!Intersection

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