Sweet!High -value "Star Couple" exclusive pregnancy and birth baby record

What does the dream of love getting married and having a baby look like?

"Adults all over the world, a child of a person." For Li Zifeng Lin seeds, this sentence can be perfectly interpreted for the high -value star couple.

Li Zifeng has starred in hot broadcasts such as "Qing Yu Years", "Sea Muyun", "The Gate of Rebirth". Lin Zi is a model and an actor. His representative works include "Blue Helmet Special Team" and "Burning".She is the "child" and "little angel" in his mouth, and he is the "Uncle Feng" in her heart.Understand your weird and weird, and also accompany you with cuteness, the daily VLOG of the two is a live -action sweet pet drama.

After pregnancy, the two opened many of their lives for the first time.For the first time, I wrote a letter to the unborn baby, the first birth checkup, and the first time I saw the baby’s four -dimensional photos …

Recently, Li Zifeng and Lin Zi’s babies "Ding Ding" lived safely at the Puui Hospital in Changsha.Since then, the two -person world has been upgraded to a happy family of three, which has unlocked a new role in life.

Today, the reporter exclusively reveals the stories of the sweet gestational stories of the high -value star couple.

I kept pregnancy, I ca n’t take medicine when I have a cold, continue to gain weight, and be inconvenient to move … Lin Zirin is uncomfortable during pregnancy. Li Zifeng, who is a prospective father, did not throw everything to his wife.prepare for.

Starting from 0, you have learned prenatal education, laid a piece of courier "Jiangshan" for your baby, and chased the role of the drama with the baby to vomit her husband, learn about breeding knowledge together, and go out to check in the surrounding food …

For the first time, parents are always novel and confused.In the unknown field, it is constantly exploring, as large as the physical condition during pregnancy, and the choice of baby socks in the future. They all need to do their homework carefully.

In the choice of hospitals, they are even more careful.In addition to focusing on hospital -related technical capabilities, professional strength, facilities, and environmental conditions, they also pay special attention to privacy, whether they can accompany birth, and whether they have exclusive customized services.

100%of the obstetrics and gynecologists in Changsha Pruri Hospital have worked more than 15 or more work experience. Xiangya, Provincial Maternal and Child, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Meizhongyi, and the original director of the Department of Tiantian are in charge.

After the evaluation of relatives and friends and the field visits on the spot, the subsequent production inspection production was here.

Soon, the two ushered in the first four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound at the Puori Hospital of Changsha.

Because there was no awareness of weight management in the early stage, the weight of Lin Zi soared by 20 pounds.Li Zifeng was transformed into a "told wife" and spit out the cake and milk tea to the main physician of the main doctor Jin Liping during pregnancy.Lin Zi’s eyes, Li Zifeng quickly whispered.

"Don’t say that she is fat, say you one pound once!"

Fans of the couple are also unsatisfactory to maintain forest seeds

When doing the four -dimensional color surgery, the couple saw the baby across the belly for the first time.

The coupling agent is warm, and the baby can be clearly seen on the four -dimensional color ultrasound screen."Look, this is the nose, this is the hand!" The moment the baby blocked his face with his hands, he was about to turn into the heart of the couple.

"So ugly", "The nose and nostrils are so big, and the mouth is still dumb." Holding the first four -dimensional color photo of the baby’s baby, the couple who was upright, excitedly photographed the first "family portrait" of the family of three,Essence

After the checkup, Li Zifeng began to help Lin Seed under the guidance of the doctor’s doctor.Cake cakes, milk tea, and food with high sugar … Flag is set, of course, work together.The prospective father Li Zifeng is an exclusive chef to make nutritional meals during pregnancy for Lin seeds.His wife Lin Seed was called Lin · Foodian, Mrs. Li Seed.

When the output period is approaching, when the childbirth plan is formulated, the proposal of the comprehensive doctor and the situation of Lin Zi themselves finally chose a cesarean section.

Before production, there is an episode.In order to welcome the arrival and cheer for his wife, Li Zifeng took the initiative to experience the analgesic instrument."I can’t bear her to feel so painful, if she can feel it with her."

No matter what kind of production method, the couple fully trust the hospital and doctors."Little guy, let’s come bravely, my mother and I are ready!"

On the day of the cesarean section surgery, Li Zifeng had been with Lin Zi.

In the surgical room, the master, anesthesiologist, midwife, and neonatal doctors have more guardians.During the operation, Lin Zi also chose his favorite music. The anesthesiologist has been patiently appeased, and the nervous emotions have been relieved.

Soon, under the efforts of the medical team, the baby came to this world safely and smoothly.

In the delivery room, Lin Zi kissed the baby for the first time."It feels easy, finally unloaded!"

"The moment I saw my son, I wanted to stay with him all the time." Looking at the newborn birth, Li Zifeng described this: "The feet are very long, it must be a long leg."

Lin Zi and Ding Ding will also spend 56 days of long confinement in Changsha Puui Hospital.The couple will be upgraded on the road of Yangwa under the guidance of professional medical staff.

The pregnancy experience of the immortal couple also gives many netizens confidence: there can be no scary to give birth to children!I was pregnant, gave birth to a baby, and became a mother, and I could still live myself.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Xia Sheng Correspondent Ning Jianli

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