Suspected to stop the raped girl 11 -year -old girl abortion, Brazilian judge will be investigated

The Brazilian judge Joanna Ribelo Zimo, who was suspected to stop the abortion of the girl who was raped.Brazil "G1" website

[Reported by Zou Xing on June 21 on June 20] On June 20, the Brazilian National Judicial Commission (CNJ) unanimously decided to launch an investigation to judge Joana Ribeiro Zimmer.When the judge tried a 11 -year -old girl raped pregnancy, it was suspected of preventing the girl from abortion.

The Brazilian "G1" website reported that the case occurred in Santa Caraina. In early 2022, the victim of the rape case was transferred to a hospital in Florianópolis, the capital of the state., 22 weeks of pregnancy, the request to stop pregnancy was rejected.

At a hearing, judge Qi Mo suggested that girls maintain a "1 to 2 weeks" to increase the survival rate of the fetus.In the video record, Qimo asked the girl: "Can you bear it for a while?"

And whether the child selects the name "and whether the" child’s father "agrees to send the child for care.At that time, the girl was sent to the shelter and stayed away from her mother.

According to Luis Felipe Solomon, a judge, Lusi Felipe Solomon, they discovered that the judge Zimo had improper behavior. Zimo and the prosecutor jointly tried to turn the girl’s wishes on the end of pregnancy.There is evidence that the judge did this behavior because of religious beliefs.

A member of CNJ believes that the child cannot answer the questions raised by the judge at all. "The law did not authorize the judge to perform morality and psychological violence on a 10 -year -old child (then) a child.What happened clearly, she was separated from her mother and waited for 39 days for the results of the case. "

CNJ Chairman Rosa Weber said that the country is secular and judges are part of the state organs.

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