Sun Yizhen was exposed in April in April, and the white skirt was fluttering with high heels.

Recently, Korean actress Sun Yizhen officially appeared at the advertising shooting scene after pregnancy. At work, she looked happy, and her condition was even better than before pregnancy.

Sun Yizhen was wearing a tailored white dress. In the frontal photo, her limbs were slender, and she could not see changes in her body. Even during pregnancy, she still put on high heels in order to cooperate with the shooting work.She is still the image of a goddess of gas. Her black hair is put on her shoulders and smiles.

In June of this year, Sun Yizhen announced the good news of pregnancy, full of excitement and expectations, saying that he would be careful of the little life of the young guardian, and at the same time worried about changes in the body during pregnancy.

But at that time, she did not announce the specific month of her baby’s birth. After that, her girlfriend Li Zhenxian revealed that Sun Yizhen’s due date was in February next year and was a tiger baby.Based on this, it is inferred that Sun Yizhen is currently about four months pregnant.When she was sideways, her abdomen was slightly raised and her pregnancy was full. In the video, she repeatedly protected her pregnant belly, reflecting the carefulness and love of expectant mothers everywhere.

Earlier, in order to raise a fetus with peace of mind, Sun Yizhen reduced his workload and often shared his warm and beautiful daily life.She personally cooks and shares the carefully made dishes. The ingredients are diverse, the nutrition is comprehensive, and the plate is exquisite.

After the early pregnancy, Sun Yizhen began to invest in work.In addition to advertising shooting, on the 18th of this month, Sun Yizhen will also show up on the line on the line. Fans are looking forward to full.

A few days ago, Xuan Bin appeared in Milan, Italy to shoot a flat advertisement. In the Reuters map, he looked stronger than before. Netizens joked that this was "happy and fat" under Sun Yizhen’s heart care.The schedule of this prospective father is also dense, and will be put into the publicity work of the new film "Together 2". This is his return to the big screen again after 3 years.It seems that both the couple are trying to make money to support the baby.

I have to say that Sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin balanced the work and life after marriage very well. The woman did not give up her loved career while taking care of herself.Born peacefully.

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