Summary and prevention measures for sow abortion!

Second, serious insufficient nutrition must maintain their nutritional needs after conception, but also provide nutrients for fetal development and postpartum lactation.Equal concentration and appropriate amount of bone meal, salt, and other minerals (preferably fed to comprehensive nutrition with feed).At the same time, try to keep "four non -feeding": not feed that mildew, deterioration, toxic and irritating feed, do not feed frost and snow frozen feed, do not feed with sand and weeds, do not feed cold water and dirty waterEssenceAfter the survey, six sows with 4 households are pregnant, and they are mainly coarse feeds such as rice bran, bran, and vegetables and leaves because they have no money to buy concentrates.54 days have been aborted.The third is that daily management must be raised in a single circle, the circle is flat, the light is sufficient, and the ventilation is good.In the early stages of pregnancy, the embryo has not been in bed, and it is free. Pay special attention to prevent cold whip, and suddenly roar strong stimulation.After three months of pregnancy, the fetus has developed a lot. At this time, special attention should be paid to preventing squeezing, slipping, rotating, and jumping columns. It is best to stop exercise before giving birth.During the survey, 4 sows 6 nests fell abortion due to unevenness; 3 sow 5 nests were squeezed by the sow’s abdomen due to the small door.Due to abortion.

Fourth, after improper rewriting of some sows to conceive, there will also be a "false nest" phenomenon. Some unswatable farmers often mistakenly believe that they do not match the species and rewriting them, which often destroys the sow’s uterine embolism and causes miscarriage.In the survey, four sows belonged to this situation and caused miscarriage.

Fifth, the sows themselves suffer from acute infectious infectious or reproductive system diseases in gestats, which can also cause abortion.During the survey, two sows suffered from pig eliminations after two months of pregnancy, and 3 sow suffered from chronic uterine inflammation.After understanding the main cause of the sows’ abortion, the majority of pig farmers should pay attention to observation in daily management. When they find that sows flow out of white mucus in the vagina in the early pregnancy, they are restless, repeatedly blame, return to the abdomen from time to time, look at the abdomen from time to time.; Periodic mosquito, fetal movement, ecstasy, pussy redness, and cervical mouth are not open, and mechanical trauma such as squeezing, slippery and falling may cause miscarriage.Each sow can injectin 20-35 mg of progesterone, once every other day, 3-5 days in a row, and combined with muscle injection vitamin E and sedative.If the fetal fetus fails, the cervix has been opened, and the fetus is dead or even corrupted, the ethylene estradol can be pushed 40-80 mg, and then cooperates with the internationally units of the oxytic oxytocin 30-60 to promote the early discharge of the dead child.Make sure sow safety.If the corruption of dead tires causes diseases such as vaginitis and uterineitis, it is necessary to wash the vagina and uterine cavity with 0.1%potassium manganate water or 5%-10%saline, and then plug into the cottonicillin capsule.

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