Sudden abdominal pain in 3 months of pregnancy, don’t think it is fetal movement!

For pregnant mothers, the most excited and most anticipated moment after pregnancy is to feel the baby’s "fetal movement". The true close -range interaction makes the long pregnancy more surprise and happiness!

Ms. Liu was pregnant as soon as she got married. She thought that she had little impact in the early pregnancy. She still ran and exercised.

For more than 12 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Liu suddenly found that her abdomen had a little pain, which made her happy. She also shared her baby’s "fetal movement" with her girlfriend that night.Just the next day, she was going to the hospital for NT examination, and Ms. Liu also told the inspection doctor.

After the birth checkup, the doctor asked Ms. Liu, "Do you have a large exercise exercise during pregnancy? In fact, you are not fetal movements. During this time, you should pay attention to rest and then come to the hospital as soon as possible …"

Hearing this, it was really startled.It turned out that I was too fierce during this time. Fortunately, I told the doctor in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable!

Pregnant mothers are looking forward to the first "fetal movement"

But how much do you know about fetal movement?

When is the first fetal movement?

Fetal movements generally appear around 16-20 weeks of pregnancy. If the abdominal pain or faint things that occur within 4 months of pregnancy are moving, it will not be fetal movement, and pay special attention.

What does fetal movement feel?

"Fetal movement" is simply the baby’s movement, kicking, turning around in the mother’s belly.For mothers, these actions of babies sometimes feel like fish swimming, and sometimes they are naughty murmuring and vomiting bubbles … Due to individual differences, each baby’s movements are different, and the mother feels likeDifferent.

What is the difference between normal fetal movement and abdominal pain?

For many novice mothers, you may not notice after the first fetal movement appears.As long as it is normal, it will generally not make the pregnant mother too uncomfortable, and this discomfort will not last a long time. A little movement or rest can be relieved for a while.

If it is abdominal pain, the degree of discomfort will never be so easy.If the expectant mother feels swollen in the lower abdomen, pain, or redness, then don’t think naively what fetal movement is, and it is the best policy to go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

Why haven’t I feel fetal movement yet?

Some mothers may say that I have been eighteen or nine weeks. Why have n’t you feel fetal movement? This is related to the sensitivity of expectant mothers, the thickness of the abdominal wall, and the amount of amniotic fluid.

For the time being, the pregnant mothers who have not felt fetal movement should not be anxious. May wish to talk to the baby before going to bed every day, touch the belly gently, and gradually you can feel this surprise.

NT check time: between 11 and 13 days of pregnancy and 13 weeks of pregnancy

The transparent layer of the fetal neck refers to NT, which refers to the thickness of the liquid accumulation of the liquid accumulation in the subcutaneous tissue of the fetal neck. The purpose is to diagnose chromosomal diseases and discover multiple reasons at the earlier stage of pregnancy.

11 weeks ago, the baby was too small to check. The liquid that exceeded 14 weeks may be absorbed by the baby’s lymphatic system, which cannot be obtained from the check data.

The transparent belt of the back of the neck usually grows with the growth of the fetus, and it will gradually disappear after 14 weeks of pregnancy.Generally, the normal reference value is <2.5mm. Due to different individual conditions, some normal fetal body fluids are also more, which can easily affect the measurement results.Therefore, the transparent band of the back of the neck does not mean that there must be problems with the fetus. Moms in Baoming should listen to the doctor’s interpretation and judgment ~ NT examination can see the risk of the risk, which does not mean the final result. ThereforeNot anxious, not ignored.

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