Stupid calculation!The woman’s "6 weeks of pregnancy" was taken to fetch medicine: her boyfriend didn’t want it, and he had called the police!

After a woman in Beijing is pregnant, her boyfriend secretly mixes the fetal medicine, and the woman protects the hospital for emergency help hospital

On June 30, Beijing time, the incident involving accidental pregnancy and illegal blending of fetal medicines attracted widespread attention in Beijing.According to reports, a woman who did not disclose her identity claimed that she had been pregnant for more than six weeks, but her boyfriend secretly added fetal drugs such as Mifthone in brown sugar water for the reasons of unwillingness to ask for a child.After the incident, the woman urgently asked the hospital and received the treatment of fetal protection.

According to the woman, she hopes to retain the child, but her boyfriend holds different opinions.However, what she did not expect was that her boyfriend mixed brown sugar into drugs, promoting blood circulation and cold through last night.

It wasn’t until her boyfriend told her about the side effects of these drugs and the facts that caused pregnancy malformations that she suddenly realized.

In the face of such a sudden situation, the woman immediately went to the hospital and was helped by the emergency doctor to prescribe the fetal medicine.

For this incident, the woman said that she was very panicked and had no clue. She intends to consult a lawyer in the future.In fact, the situation involving personal safety and illegal acts requires timely legal institutions to help them to ensure that their own rights and interests are effectively protected.

This incident aroused the attention and discussion of all sectors of society.First of all, privately incorporating drugs is a serious violation of the law, which not only hurts the woman’s health, but also violates her personal rights.Secondly, the woman expressed her wishes when facing the dilemma of pregnancy, but encountered the forced behavior of her boyfriend, which involved the problem of personal freedom and autonomy.

In this incident, the woman’s fetal protection received timely and effective medical support, but she still needs to seek legal help to protect her rights and interests.At the same time, this incident also triggered the deep thoughts and communication between husband and wife in modern society.The choice of personal will and respect for others is the key to maintaining the harmony of the family.

In short, this incident has triggered the thinking about the balance of power balance in personal rights, legitimate rights and interests, and the relationship between the relationship between husband and wife.It is hoped that the relevant departments can intervene in time, investigate the truth of the incident, and ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of the woman will be maintained.At the same time, it is also called on people to pay more attention to communication, respecting others’ wishes in the face of pregnancy and family problems, and building a harmonious and happy society.

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