Studies have shown that eating peanuts often may accelerate cancer cell metastasis. Can peanuts still eat with confidence?

"Dad, this peanut can really not eat anymore! It will cause cancer to recur." Xiao Li strongly persuaded his dad.

It turned out that Lao Li had had gastric cancer a few years ago. Fortunately, it was early. After standardized treatment, recovery was pretty good.Go to the hospital to review regularly without signs of recurrence.

On weekdays, Lao Li is very concerned about his own health. He never smokes and drinks, and eats some spicy things.But Lao Li has a hobby, that is, eating peanuts. There will be a peanut in his hands before meals, because he feels that eating peanuts not only nourish the stomach, but also lower blood pressure, good for blood vessels, and health.

But Xiao Li recently read a scientific research saying that "peanuts can promote cancer cell metastasis."This makes Xiao Li very embarrassed, because he knows that his father loves peanuts very much and eats every day.So immediately forwarded it to his father and persuaded him not to eat peanuts anymore.

But after returning home, I found that there was a large peanut shell in the trash. Xiao Li was very helpless. He explained the harm of peanuts to cancer with his father.But Lao Li felt that his son was talking nonsense and still insisted on eating peanuts every day to satisfy his appetite.

Xiao Li was worried, but helpless.Will peanuts lead to recurrence of cancer as Xiao Li thinks?

Peanuts are a common food in daily life. Will it really promote cancer metastasis?

A study carried out by the University of Liverpool was published in the international medical journal "Cancer".

The study found that if cancer patients are consumed too much (about 250g), which can lead to an increase in "peanut butterin". After entering the blood circulation, it will interact with vascular endothelial.Cyclicals that promote cancer cell metastasis and ultimately promote cancer metastasis.

However, it should be noted that this study has limited conditions.The first is cancer patients, and the other is too much to produce this result.

If it is only a small amount, such as 25g ~ 35g, the effect is very small.Therefore, I just eat a healthy crowd of peanuts, don’t worry too much.

A study published on "Stroke" shows that eating 4-5 grains of peanuts every day can help reduce the risk of ischemic stroke and cardiovascular disease.

In addition, a study published on the official website of the American Heart Association also gave the same answer.

The study recruited volunteers between 74,793 years between 45-74 years and conducted a 15-year survey and finally discovered that an average of about 4 people who eat about 4 grains of peanuts per day than those who do not eat peanuts will occur, and ischemia occurs.The risk of sexual stroke is reduced by 20%, and the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by 13%.

It can be seen that eating some peanuts appropriately is good for cardiovascular health.Not only that, peanuts, as "good health products", have many other benefits.

For example, weight loss, because the dietary fiber, fat, protein, etc. among it is rich in, and it is easy to have a sense of satiety, thereby reducing the amount of food for a day; it can also protect heart health because it contains fatty acids and can reduce bad cholesterol content.

Although the peanuts are good, it is not suitable for everyone, especially these four people, try to eat less or not to eat peanuts.

1. Patients with gastrointestinal disease

For example, patients with indigestion are not good for digestion itself. To eat high -protein foods such as peanuts, it will only aggravate gastrointestinal burden and easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

2. Patients with chronic kidney disease

Such patients often have abnormal protein metabolism. At this time, peanuts rich in protein-rich (about 24%-36%) are likely to aggravate the disease.

3. Patients with hepatobiliary disease

Peanuts are rich in fat. After consumption, it can stimulate gallbladder and promote a large amount of bile secretion to help them digest and absorb. Then the burden on the liver becomes heavier, the liver and gallbladder function is poor, and it is easy to overwhelm and cause the disease to recur.

4. Patients with high uric acid and gout

The purine in peanuts is high, about 96.3 mg/100g, and such patients often have abnormal purine metabolism, and excessive intake can easily lead to recurrence of the disease.

If you belong to these people above, then you have to control your mouth and eat less to avoid endangering health.

Peanuts, only when eating right can you be good for health.

First, pay attention to the amount.Generally speaking, it is best to control about 10g a day, that is, almost 12 fruit kernels, too much consumption can easily lead to obesity.

Secondly, do not eat moldy peanuts. Among them, it contains yellow glocrats. It is a carcinogenic carcinogen. Long -term consumption may induce liver cancer and other diseases.

In terms of eating, it is recommended to boil water. This taste is better and nutrition is higher. It is recommended to eat less fried peanuts. Not only is the calories high, it may produce harmful substances after repeated fried fried. Excessive consumption is not good for health.

Peanuts are a kind of high -quality ingredients. Moderate and reasonable consumption is beneficial to cardiovascular health, so everyone can usually eat it in moderation.However, we must pay attention to the method of consumption. The peanut allergies are not suitable for consumption. Only by eating right can we play a positive role in health.

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