Studies have confirmed that hair dye can cause cancer?Expert reminder: Black hair dye is more harmful

Hair dyeing can be said to be a common thing. Not only are young people love hair dyeing, but middle -aged and elderly people also like it. Each time they dye their hair, they feel that they are many years younger.

However, some people have always said that hair dyeing can cause cancer. This has made many people very tangled with hair dyeing. If you want to dye your hair and you are afraid of hurting your body, but you want to dye, so is this true?Is black hair dye harmful to the body?

1. Will hair dye cavate?

After 36 years of follow -up survey, researchers at Harvard Medical College of the United States conducted research and analysis on 120,000 US nurses, and data will be updated every 2 years. In three aspects of whether to dye hair, dyeing frequency, and hair dyeing, there are three aspects of cancer.Finally, a research report was published in 2020, which gave a conclusion whether hair dyeing would cause cancer.

Studies have found that there is no close correlation between hair dye and cancer. The risk of cancer and the ratio of cancer due to the use of permanent hair dyeing agents and the ratio of cancer are very doubtful.

Researchers believe that some chemicals in hair dye interfere with endocrine, and are more likely to be affected by harmful substances in hair dye in the type of cancer that are more sensitive to hormones and prostate cancer.

Second, the hazard of black hair dye is greater?

Li Xinquan, director of the Department of Hematology of the Beijing Armed Police General Hospital, said that the content of phenyline and heavy metal salt in black hair was the most.After heating, these substances enter the capillaries by contacting the scalp, and with the blood circulation to the bone marrow, if it is repeatedly used for hematopoietic stem cells for a long time, it can cause leukemia.

In addition, phenyleneramine can easily induce skin cancer, bladder cancer and other diseases. After heavy metal salt enters the human body, it is difficult to excrete the body and accumulate in the body, causing poisoning, dizziness, headache, fatigue, numbness of limbs, and numbness of the limbs.Symptoms and may enter liver, kidney and brain to destroy the functions of these organs.

According to Liu Wei, the dean of the Dermatology Hospital of the Air Force General Hospital, a hair dye that is mainly based on chemical products is relatively safer.

How to dye your hair is safer?

1. Select safe hair dye

When choosing a hair dye, try to choose natural hair dye. This hair dye has a small damage to the human body. Although the color force is relatively similar, it is safer

2. Control the frequency of hair dyeing

Don’t be too high for hair dyeing, do not exceed twice a year, and the interval time is controlled for more than half a year

3. Washed after hair dyeing

After hair dye, there will be residues of hair dye on the scalp. Multiple cleaning needs to be carried out, and the remaining hair dye is washed away, which can largely reduce the damage to the skin.

4. Do not dye your hair in special circumstances

If there are wounds on the scalp or acne, folliculitis, etc., or in pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc., do not dye your hair.

5. Do not dye your hair

Women who are pregnant or in breastfeeding do not dye their hair. If people who are allergic or have chronic diseases themselves, it is best not to dye hair to avoid allergies or induce diseases.

Although hair dyeing has a certain risk, note that the above points are actually relatively small. After all, it is not reasonable to leave the dose toxicity.But if you are not suitable for hair dyeing, don’t force it. After all, the color of our hair is also very beautiful, and it is more important to have an optimistic attitude than good -looking appearance!

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