Strong smoke, collapse!Such a colorful steel board can not live in

Fast speed of steel plate rooms, low cost, low cost

Maintenance is relatively simple

Is the best choice for building temporary buildings

But at the same time as fast and convenient

There are also hidden fire hazards that cannot be ignored

What is color steel board room

The color steel plate room is named after the outer layer of iron skin. Its core materials mainly include polystyrene, polyurethane, and rock wool.

Once the sandwiches produced with polystyrene foam are burning in the middle, the fire extinguisher and water cannot extinguish the fire. The burning of polystyrazine produces a large amount of black smoke cannot be emitted, resulting in the risk of escape.

Color steel board house fire hidden dangers


Construction of illegal materials

Under the premise of considering costs, the temporary housing in some construction sites and the illegal building core materials of some enterprises are multi -use polystyrene, polyurethane foam and other flammable materials. The fire and safety of these flammable and flammable core materials are poor., Tobacco heads can burn the material.


Fast burning speed

Once the flammable and combustible clamping core material is on fire, the burning speed is fast. At 80 ° C, it will cause melting deformation dripping. Dripping materials will cause more serious combustion.


Fire extinguishing is difficult

Color steel plate rooms that use flammable and combustible clamping materials, the fire spreads very fast after the fire occurs, and it is easy to collapse in a short period of time.Water shooting into the interior will greatly increase the difficulty of fire and rescue work.


Difficult to escape from the trapped person

Both polystyrene and polyurethane are accompanied by thick black smoke when burning. Toxic flue gas is aggregated inside the room, resulting in difficulty in survival of the trapped persons and prone to casualties.

According to the requirements of the national "Fire Prevention of Architectural Design", when the building is indeed a metal clip core plate, its core material should be non -combustible materials, and the refractory limit shall meet the relevant regulations.Kindergartens, nursing homes, hospitals, collective dormitories and other dense places shall not be built than color steel plates lower than unknown requirements.

Firefire Tips

For the safety of you and your family

Please select boards that meet national standards during construction

Use the inner core of non -burning materials

When accommodation and use

Also pay attention to these fire safety common sense


Use fire core material

Color steel plates are best made of rock wool plates and fireproof pads as filled materials to achieve the level of A -level fire resistance and refractory limit in order to meet the conditions for fire safety in construction sites.


Stay away from the fire source when used

In the process of using, do not be close to the color steel plates next to the heat sources, and keep a certain distance.If you want to set up a kitchen in the color steel board room, there is a temperature -proof layer. The wall should be installed with a firestone heat insulation layer.


Wire piercing pipe protection

The wires and cables should not be traveled from the color steel plate. If you need to cross, you should add a protective sleeve. The socket and switch box should use metal galvanized boxes and a bright loading method.The indoor and outdoor is equipped with a simple fire extinguishing equipment, which is equipped with a fire alarm with conditions to facilitate the rapid evacuation of personnel.


Keep a distance between the room

The color steel board room should be kept at least 6 meters a safe distance.Do not set up iron fences, billboards and other obstacles that affect the escape and fire removal.

From: Jining Fire

Source: Jining Fire

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