Stretch marks after pregnancy?Keep these 6 points during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks from growing

Pregnancy itself is a relatively hard thing. Not only is it hard, but also various problems, but also various troubles.Many women are afraid of growing stretch marks on the belly. This pattern is not easy to remove, and it can only fade and especially affect the appearance.Instead of growing stretch marks to remove it, it is better to do a good job of prevention from the beginning and avoid the stretch marks.

1. Do a good job of moisturizing and hydration of the skin

Now that the weather is cold and dry today, the skin is often in a dry state, and the skin moisturization is deteriorated, and stretch marks are easy to grow in the middle and late pregnancy.After women are pregnant, they will start buying a moisturizing cream for the stomach. It is best to buy products that are specially used as abdominal moisturizing and prevent stretch marks.After the product is coming, you must stick to it. After you take a bath, apply it, or apply it before going to bed every day. You ca n’t be lazy in this matter. The more diligent, the more effective.

2. Use the belt

In the middle and late pregnancy, the skin of the abdomen appears in some texture because the skin elastic fiber is poor and the collagen fibers are pulled.The reason why it was pulled was because the fetus in the stomach was getting older and bigger, pulling the belly skin and breaking the fiber.In the middle and late stages, you can use the belt. With the help of the abdomen belt, reduce the pressure of the abdomen, so that the skin of the abdomen will not be severely pulled.

3. Manage the weight during pregnancy

If you make too many supplements during pregnancy, the weight will increase rapidly.This is not only good for the health of pregnant women, but it is easy to allow pregnant women to have diseases such as hypertension, gestational diabetes, etc., but also increase the weight of the fetus, excessively pull the skin of the abdomen, and stretch marks.For your own health, in order to prevent stretch marks, we must manage the weight of pregnancy.Under the premise of ensuring sufficient nutritional intake during pregnancy, controlling weight is controlled within a reasonable range.

4. Perform appropriate exercise

Exercise can improve the state of the skin, promote blood circulation, and make the skin more flexible.Don’t keep moving while pregnancy, you have to move more.Do some mild exercises when doing exercise, such as yoga or walking during pregnancy.Do not do more severe exercise. If the exercise is excessive, the skin of the abdomen will be pulled, but it will accelerate the generation of stretch marks.

5. Add more collagen

Women grow stretch marks and lack of collagen, so they can add more collagen in daily diet and eat some foods rich in collagen, such as fish glue, pig feet, sea fish, etc.In addition, these foods are very nutritious and can be added to the daily recipes of pregnant women.

6. Massage the abdomen often

Women during pregnancy can often touch their abdomen, which can not only soothe the fetus in the abdomen, but also to a certain extent to prevent stretch marks.It can be carried out with the moisturizing cream, which can make the skin’s skin moist and have a better prevention effect.

Stretch marks do not get every pregnant woman, but it is difficult to eliminate it once it can be eliminated.In case of it, don’t be lucky, do a good job of preventing work, and do everything you need to do, and you won’t regret it even if there are stretch marks.

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