Strawberry farmers have the most residues, can I still give their children to eat it?

It is the season when strawberries are listed in large quantities.

Many old mothers want to give their children more strawberries while the short strawberry season, sweet and refreshing, and can also supplement vitamins.

As a result, there was a bunch of oppositions around::

"Strawberry is the dirtiest! You can’t wash it clean, give your children less!"

"Strawberries grew up drinking ‘pesticides’ since childhood, and eating strawberries for children is tantamount to feeding poison."

"Strawberries have hormones, and children have eaten early maturity!"


Even because of this small strawberry, there were many contradictions in mother -in -law and daughter -in -law.

These "opposition voices" are not groundless, most of which are from the "most dirty fruits and vegetables" circulating on the Internet. In this list, strawberries rank first, and it has been for 7 consecutive years since 2015 to the present for 7 consecutive years to the present for 7 consecutive years to the present for 7 consecutive years to the present for 7 consecutive years to the present for 7 consecutive years to the present for 7 consecutive years to the present for 7 consecutive years to the present for 7 consecutive years to the present for 7 consecutive years to the present for 7 consecutive years to the present for 7 consecutive years to the present for 7 consecutive years to now.The main reason is that "the most dirty fruits and vegetables NO.1" is: strawberry farmers have the most residues.

Seeing this list, I believe that many Baoma is like me, scared but doubtful:

Is strawberry really dirty?

Can you still give your child again?

Recently, the official platform of the China Association for Science and Technology revealed the truth.

"The dirty" pot

Strawberry indicates not back

It turned out that the "most dirty fruits and vegetables list" that exploded the entire network and the circle of friends was not reliable.

This is a list released by the organization called "Environmental Working Group (EWG).

At first glance, it feels very authoritative. In fact, it is a civilian institution that promotes environmental protection and promotes organic products. It borrows the pesticide residue data of the Ministry of Agriculture (USDA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) to make its own ranking.

Moreover, this detection data only shows that "the most types of pesticides can be detected by each strawberry" are not "the most serious of agricultural residue".

Strawberry really can really take pesticides?

Yes!Strawberries have pests and insect pests, and pesticides are inevitable. This is the reason that we need to take an injection and take medicine.

However, as far as I know, our country has developed a variety of maximum residual limited standards for strawberries. If it does not meet the standards, it may be difficult to be bought in the regular market.

Relevant experts say that there is no harm to having pesticide residues. The key depends on how much the residue is and how much we eat.

Take a commonly used strawberry sterilization agent "olene" as an example:

"The maximum residual limited standard for hydride is 0.05 mg per kilogram, and adults weighing 60 kg must consume 480 catties of strawberries in a day to exceed the daily intake of 12 mg of olexamine."

Therefore, "aside from dosage and toxicity is unscientific!"

A food safety expert in Nanjing University of Finance and Economics clearly stated that strawberries basically do not use pesticides in the middle and late stages of growth, because bees need to be pollinated when flowering and fruiting, and spraying pesticides will kill bees.

A few days ago, it turned to a latest data. In 2022, the pass rate of China’s agricultural product testing was 97.7%.

Seeing this data, the old mother’s heart was finally let go.

This data means that as long as it is a fruit purchased in formal channels, the hidden dangers of the excessive standards of agricultural residues are still extremely low.

"Berry" red right and wrong

Don’t believe these rumors anymore

Rumors about strawberries are far more than that of "strawberries are dirty"!

In the past few years, I believe the girls have the same feelings.

Look at the following, are you familiar with?

The strawberries grown in the anti -season are ripened, unsafe?

wrong!The reason for strawberries can grow in the cold days. Thanks to the improvement of greenhouse planting technology, the appropriate temperature, moderate, and light, and the fruits are two different things.

Strawberries are hollow and deformity because of hormones?

wrong!Strawberries are mostly caused by improper management of soil and humidity, and the malformations are often caused by high temperature or too low temperature, abnormal pollination or inaccurate, and have nothing to do with hormones. Although they are ugly, they can also eat with confidence.

Is the strawberry head too big?

wrong!The size of strawberries is determined by various factors such as varieties, cultivation technology.Even if the swelling agent is used, there will be no safety problems. The swelling agent is a plant growth regulator, which can make strawberries fully promote the fruit. However, it only plays a plant and it usually has no effect on the human body.

Strawberries are so sweet because they injected a sweetener?

wrong!The possibility is very small. Strawberries are very delicate. The picking strawberries that are taken down may start rotten after a while.

After washing the strawberries, the color was faded, indicating that the dyeing was dyed?

wrong!Strawberries are rich in anthocyanins. This natural pigment is melted into the water, and the water will naturally change color.Moreover, strawberries are not suitable for dyeing. After soaking the chromosome, it is easier to rot than fresh strawberries.

Look!Strawberries are not as bad as us "know". On the contrary, we recommend that you give your children more.

Because strawberry not only has a sweet taste, the child loves it, but also is rich in vitamin C. According to the comparison analysis of professionals, the vitamin C contained in a strawberry is more than a lemon.The required vitamin C is basically reaching the standard.

In addition, strawberries are also rich in anthocyanins, potassium, polyphenols, flavonoids and other substances. They are rich in nutrition!

How to choose strawberries correctly

Make your child’s entrance more secure

Teach you 3 tricks to choose strawberries:

At first glance: The bigger the strawberry is, the more delicious, but the flavor of the big strawberry is light.It is larger than the quail egg, the strawberry buttons are fresh and green, the surface is shiny, there are small fluff, and the bright red is exposed in the bright red. It is not damaged and rotten. The taste is just right.

Two touch: Strawberries should choose red but not soft, and have eight mature hardness.

Three news: Good strawberries will have a fragrance, more mature, and have a strong sweetness.

In addition, you can choose the taste that suits you according to the variety.

Strawberries are not the same as other fruits. There is no "skin" protection outside, and it grows on the ground. It is still necessary to wash it before eating.

But the strawberry is too fragile, and it is easy to rub it too hard. How to clean it is the most suitable?

The Polish National Research Institute has done a test. After 5 minutes of tap water was washed, strawberries have been removed from about 70%of pesticide residues.

If you buy strawberries regularly, you are too lazy to clean and soak, and you can eat it with water directly with water.

I really don’t worry, or worry about the safety of the child’s entry, the little tricks recommended by CCTV, the girls can use it!

First, rinse with flowing water for a few minutes, and remove part of the soil and other pollutants on the surface of the strawberry.

Secondly, soak it with light saline or soda for a few minutes and rinse with water.

Finally, put the washed strawberries in the refrigerator and refrigerate, the flavor and taste will be better.


Notice!Do not use detergent to wash strawberries, which may cause secondary pollution to strawberries.

In addition, it is recommended that you go to the pipe after washing the strawberries, because if the strawberry is removed after the strawberries are soaked in the water or sulfur, the residual pesticides will enter the fruit as the water enters the fruit, causing more serious pollution.

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