Story: The Lord of Diaoman County was forced to marry, and the next day, he brought a little Jiaofu who had Gai Xipa.

"I, I want to borrow your body and give birth to a child"

I was forced to get married by my mother

After I picked up Fu Heng on the road, I followed the trend. "Invited" He is to be my wife

But my seemingly weak and unable to take care of myself

Why is light work better than me?IntersectionIntersection


Johor is still martial arts. The woman is respectful. Lu Jia, the master of Jiacheng County, is a good martial arts. Although she is young, but because of the deep accomplishment of martial arts, she is almost a leader in her peers.

But even if it was Lu Jia’s famous voice, he couldn’t escape the family’s marriage.

Lu Jia had a urination and had a martial arts head and practicing boxing. It was a love in her heart. She was full of love. There was no trace of gap for the love of the men and women.

"Jiajia, a lot of young people who are old in your mother -in -law, are all good men who are raised in the deep girlfriends, and do not show up on weekdays …"

Lu Jia’s ears were about to start a cocoon. She picked up a long gun, stabbed a sharp gun flower in the air, and closed behind her back.

"Oh, mother, I will go to the battlefield in the future, with my husband and child, I can’t help worrying …"

"Mother knows that your ambitions are on the battlefield, but our Lu family can’t reach you!"

Lu Jia turned his eyes in his heart, but his mouth was perfunctory: "OK, before going to the battlefield, I will definitely find you a sophisticated son -in -law with a good skin and a good leg, a good spirit, and a good spirit, leaving your old Lu family.Gen seedlings. "

"Oh, what is the meaning of leaving the seedlings?

Lu Jia turned over his white horse, patted his horse back, galloped, and stayed with his mother Lu Yangkong ate a lot of gray.

"soy Mujer!"


The owner of the Lu family was anxious to hug her granddaughter.

But in any case, she did not expect that during the day, she just told her daughter -in -law to match this matter. In the afternoon, the sun fell into the mountains.There was also a thin tall and tall man behind the horse’s back.

"Mother, my son -in -law, I have found it for you, and do n’t have to trouble to do happy events. We have already worshiped the hall outside. I entered the cave today today. In the next month, I will let this grandchildren’ s good letter. "

Lu Jia took a very boldly patted behind his lower body and looked like a weak small tree seedlings: "This guy has a good waist, your granddaughter is about to include him."

As soon as Lu Jia was shot, the man started coughing.

The owner of the Lu family was in place and watched the groom who could not take care of himself. It was a little doubtful. Whether the man’s fragile body could hold his daughter’s toss.

"I am in a hurry to hug my granddaughter, but you can’t get a man if you just pull a man."

"It’s not casual, I’m looking for it." I saw Lu Jia turn over and dismissed, raised his hand to support the thin and slim man to dismount: "Come, I help you."

"Mother, don’t be unsatisfactory, let’s look at the appearance of my new husband."

To put it, the red hijab was opened by Lu Jia, and the hijab revealed a handsome and beautiful beauty face. This person’s face was like a peach blossom, a perfect face like jade, and there was no exquisite place.The peak masterpiece is not an exaggeration.

The man gently headed his head, and his manners were very elegant.The whole audience saw this person’s appearance, and there was no one who didn’t rub his eyes: this person was also handsome.

The owner of the Lu family was a little worried: "Girl, this … is a red apricot appearance."

Lu Jia held his new husband’s hand: "With these appearances, my child, if she followed her father, must be a beautiful girl. By then, I will teach her to play a big knife …"

The owner of the Lu family was shocked by the heroic gas field of his daughter, a little speechless.

"It’s just a husband, just you like it."

"Husbands? Not a husband, it’s Zhengfu."

"What?!" Lu Jia didn’t calm down: "Lu Jia, you are noisy again!"

"I was in a hurry to go to the battlefield. Where can I have time to be here in the golden house, a good husband is enough, and I still go to seven or eight? Let them play the bridge in the back house to keep the widow!"

The owner of the Lu family said for a while. From a young age, her girlfriend had an idea. Now her daughter is a martial arts and loyalty to the country. She can only be a mother, and she can only follow the child’s mind: "So, what do you think, what will happen?","

Lu Jia pulled Fu Heng’s hand, shook back into the house, and looked back at no one to follow, pulled his new husband into the room, closed the door, and relieved.

"I’m so tired."

Fu Heng sat quietly on the bed, a pair of beautiful peach eyes, and silently watched Lu Jia, who walked in the room.

"Don’t worry, I won’t treat you at a loss." She glanced at her belly: "I saw you pitifully, forced to marry, I thought it was to save you on water and fire, but the yin was wrong.If you have a identity, you will give me you. Since you are my person, I am naturally good to you. "

Fu Heng seems to be a dumb, can’t speak, from meeting to marriage, and then he has been taken home by him, he has never opened his mouth.

Lu Jia provoked Fu Heng’s chin, but only felt that this person was more handsome and moving. His beautiful man with a face tolerated his expression was silent, but he had a different kind of charm.

The thin white neck and the stroke figure, Lu Jia’s fingers stayed at Fu Heng’s neckline, eased his belt.

"I, I want to borrow your body and give birth to a child."

Lu Jia smiled and blinked with round grapes, which was very frank.

She has a natural body fragrance, like a bright red lotus.

The man’s eyes flickered slightly, and the woman raised the corner of the lips: "Follow me, for you, only earning no money, men and women in love with me, but the process of breeding offspring, I want to go to the battlefield, I want to go to the battlefield, I want to go to the battlefield.There is my destination there. When I give birth to the child, you will take care of her at home. In the future, Jinshan Yinshan in our family will splash the sky and wealth, and you will have half of you. You will from me, okay? "

Lu Jia is wearing a bright red robe tonight, and the towering crown of the towering and loot is now blowing. The green silk is soft like the soft clouds in the sky, Fu Heng’s throat knot rolling, and the woman’s lips are gently on his throat.A kiss and numbness, Lu Jiaping practiced martial arts in the next day, always going straight, never bent around.

Now that I have taken a husband and daughter -in -law, it is also adhering to the ordinary and concise style.

Generally men, where can they be able to take over the capture of the woman like Lu Jia like this, she kissed gently from his eyebrows, earlobe, neck and neck, and the men’s atmosphere gradually heavier.Essence

The woman didn’t seem to like this position, frowned slightly, and soon found the opportunity on it.

The woman painted a small circle on the man’s chest. The numbness made Fu Heng’s body trembling: "Fu Heng, you have to work harder …"


Lu Jia was very satisfied with this new husband.

This satisfaction is not just equivalent to the physical strength of the two on the bed.

Of course, Lu Jiashi did not expect that this guy didn’t look at a few meat, but in the bed, he was fiercely like a tiger. In the middle of the night, her bones were hit by this guy.If you can’t get up, this guy is full of energy. He has prepared breakfast for her, holds the book scroll in the courtyard, waiting for her to eat.

She mainly likes this guy to speak. She wants to come and dislike people who are annoying.

Lu Jia took a deep breath and thought that the road to preparing for pregnancy was long and arduous. Only by completing the production responsibility, her mother could let her go to the front line to fight. She was on the right waistboard and poured a whole bowl of supplements from the servant.

"Early, Fu Heng."

Fu Heng raised his head and removed his gaze from his hands.Lu Jia was a little bit distracted. Speaking of which, this guy’s manner, how does it look like a man from an ordinary family, this is a noble aura, it seems to be raised by Jinyi jade food.The noble son.

However, she also heard that Yuefu will also specifically cultivate some men and women with dual appearance and art. They are the top currencies for the exchanges of the nobles to exchange resources. Such people are the best.Like a peacock raised in the golden cage, every 翎 feather is the perfect and delicately trimmed by people.

"Do you like the book?" Lu Jia glanced at the scroll in his hand: "This is the third volume of the five volumes of the soldiers, also known as the roll, which is said,"Okay, but I show weakness, pretending that I can’t do it. I think I have great wisdom. I want to come to Yang Yang and not be good at hiding my mind. Therefore, if you feel that you can do this, it can be closer to the study of the military law."

Lu Jia picked up the fritters and dipped it with spicy tofu brain.

"Why, do you not like to eat?" Lu Jia asked: "Don’t you like spicy? Strange, we are strange, our Roujia Guo people, even if you drink soy milk, you have to put it with spicy people inside."

Fu Heng ate a bowl of beancurd and put some white sugar inside.

Sweet bean flower?

Lu Jia couldn’t help laughing: "Your stomach mouth is not like my Roujia people, but it looks like the appetite of the southern people next door."

Fu Heng’s body pause was slightly paused, and then he poured a jar of peppers in his bowl. Lu Jia saw a tragedy of a strong man’s wrist.Fu Heng was stubborn on his body.

"Can’t eat, don’t force it."

Fu Heng seemed to be unable to hear this sentence. Under Lu Jia’s interest, he swallowed a whole bowl of spicy bean flower.

Then, ran all day.

In this way, Lu Jia got up from the bed the next day, and her body seemed to be scattered.

I really want to cry without tears.

Xiao Jiaofu, who seemed to be weak and could not take care of himself for a day, had a yellowish face during the day. As a result, at night, he lived and lived. Lu Jia, who was still tortured, was difficult to get out of bed.

Lu Jia sighed silently at the unresponsive belly.

The road to asking for the son is far from being easy to imagine.


Since she was with Fu Heng, Lu Jia slept very deeply every night.

She looked at her glowing herself in the mirror, and said that the bed exercise really made herself more nourishing the skin than usual in the morning exercise.

However, I slept too much.

One day she clearly remembered that Fu Heng was wearing a willow -leaf dormitory embroidered on it, but in two days, the lines of his cuffs turned into lotus leaf, which was strange.

She is a martial arts person. Even if she is tired, she will not even notice that she wakes up her husband to change her clothes one night.

Lu Jia looked at a refreshing look, and Fu Heng, who had breakfast with himself, was calm, but Lu Jia drew his eyebrows, and his eyebrows flashed in his eyebrows.

So, that night, Lu Jia was exhausted as an excuse, lying on the bed.

"I’m tired today, let’s go to bed early."

Fu Heng was surprised, but did not speak, just nodded silently, stretched his arms, and motioned to Lu Jia on his arm.

Lu Jia likes Fu Heng’s body temperature very much. The man’s body is like a hot stove. She usually sticks to Fu Heng, and she can always fall asleep quickly.

Today, Lu Jia looked into the sleep. In fact, he was in the inside, but he wanted to see what the man did after he was asleep.

Lu Jia is close to Fu Heng’s body. He has a faint aroma and has a special smell. It is not like the fragrance or incense of the girls purchased by the girls on weekdays. The taste is still … It is really good.

Sleep until dawn.

Lu Jiaqi almost stunned the bed.

When your own self -control is beside Fu Heng, he is weak like there is no bottom line.

That fragrance is definitely a problem.

For a few days in a row, Lu Jiadu refused to have the same bed with Fu Heng. In order to avoid being fascinated by his taste every day, she even added a horizontal collapse in the room in order to see what the man was.What medicine is sold in the gourd.

Fu Hengqi pretended to be calm first, but it seemed a little angry when he was determined to sleep with himself.

Lu Jia sighed when he heard that he seemed to be weak, and then he stood up silently, lifted Lu Jia’s quilt, drilled in, and put Lu Jiahuan on his chest.

"I’m tired today."

She doesn’t know how many excuses have been used.

But today Fu Heng obviously had a little temper. Lu Jiaben wanted to break free, but this guy was amazing.

In the usual way, he even put the flowers in two steps and put down the shower, sitting down and resting. He surrounded Lu Jia today, and he didn’t break away for a while.

If you hold it, you can hold it.

Lu Jia took the mental brain camphor pill today. This pill is a medicine that stimulates human energy in order to make the soldiers rush overnight., But Lu Jia still wants to use this thing to test it.

The Roujia State and the South State worship women in the maternal society. The southern country is respected by men. Women in the south are just a subsidiary of men. The two countries have fought for many years, and border defense fights for many years.

Lu Jia heard that in Beijing and China mixed into many fine works from the southern country. Most of them are handsome men. In fact, not only the South Kingdom, the Roujia country will also cultivate a soft and moving woman.

After marriage, Lu Jia also found someone to touch Fu Heng’s bottom details, but his life was really not doubtful. Now he wants to come, it is too innocent.

Lu Jia didn’t know how long it has passed.

In the middle of the night, the dogs outside stopped the dog barking, and the whole world fell into a comfortable tranquility.

Fu Heng got up, and he was very light, like some strange steps.

Walking three shallows and deeper, as if special training makes his traces lighter, but the center of gravity will also be more stable. Lu Jia’s heart is cold.The pot is average.

Fu Heng took off his bedding gently, and took out a package from the bed, so Lu Jia didn’t expect that he returned again and kissed lightly on Lu Jia’s forehead.

Then gently opened the window and rolled out.

Lu Jia sat up, not only because of the anger of betrayal, but also being deceived, and the slight sadness that was ignored by Lu Jia.

"Don’t be soft -hearted." Lu Jia cursed himself.

The moment Fu Heng kissed her eyebrows just now, a big idea appeared in her mind, making her awake at this time.

Even if it is a moment of betrayal of the motherland, it is a shame for Lu Jia.

She didn’t want to admit that she had a moment of hesitation.

She just thought about it just now that if Fu Heng really works, do she have any way to keep his life.

Lu Jia sighed, put on a black cloak, and followed Fu Heng’s jumping window.

She followed Fu Heng from a distance.

I did not expect that I could only hold the book scroll to read the book, copy the scriptures, and even the husband who had to rest for the bucket. At this time, the light work was so good, and the leaves were moved by the leaves, like a flexible swallow.

I saw that he took a piece of paper from his arms, and Fu Heng looked at the paper.

In the arms back, I moved straight to the brothel in the black market.

"what the hell."

This guy is a detailed work. Lu Jia hates his teeth itching. He hugged her to sleep in the middle of the night, and went to Jasmi Fang to hold other girls in the middle of the night?

Lu Jia bite the rear groove tooth giggle.


Lu Jia was quietly posted by the window, quietly like a fire -fired tiger in the night.

"Fu Heng, if you eat it outside, your aunt does not have to wait for you to sell the enemy to sell the country, and give you the Fa -rectification tonight." She thought angrily, and the fist was tighter.

Lu Jia did not realize that they had just vaccinated the relationship between childhood and had a song with him, but they also went to the front line to complete their dreams as soon as possible.

Now that he will be confused, he can’t wait to take a big stick to fight the enchanting women who are twisted inside.

In the Jasmine Square at night, the men were holding the coquettish women, and they laughed and played in the sounds of crickets and silk. Lu Jia only felt that they looked dirty these people.

Fu Heng’s voices walked into Jasmine Fang. When the women saw this person’s extraordinary spirit, they stretched their smiles with a smile.

Lu Jia’s fist is harder.

Fu Heng’s disgusting step back a few steps back. If he really dares to hold the woman’s waist, she has not mentioned the little fairy, and Lu Jia’s expression was slightly relaxed: "Count your kid to follow the husband."

I saw Fu Heng silently moved to a man not far from the stage in the song and dance.

He took a folding fan from his waist, and he was quite romantic. He was born with handsomeness, and a man threw him out of olives. Fu Heng strolled to one of them.Smile, like an old friend narrate the old.

Fu Heng has such a friend?Who is he?But soon, it happened.

At first, the scarred face man looked at the beautiful man who approached step by step, and he was a little lost for a while.

The next moment, Fu Heng’s paper fan was thrown, and the sharp blade pierced out of the fan bone. Lu Jia peeped at the window. I only felt that the iron fan was familiar.The scarred man, dozens of people around him besieged it. He was not beside Fu Heng’s semi -score.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of people’s throat blood splashed, the iron fan said that it was cutting iron like mud, not to mention the fragile neck of the human.

Lu Jia remembered that on the rivers and lakes, there was a killer named Iron Fan scholar. She hired money and spent money to buy it. From the undefeated, the reputation was quite well -known in the industry.

Lu Jia couldn’t help covering her mouth.

Ah, it’s speechless.

The husband who usually looks hard at home at home, he has to buy and sell the murderer at night.

This guy, even dressed as a pig to eat a tiger all day long.

There is a killer, what should I do?

Between Lu Jia, the dispute inside had calmed down, fearing that she was discovered by Fu Heng, who was leaving the room. She first stepped back and slipped back to the room.

When Fu Heng came back, it was already the middle of the night. His hair was still slightly moist, and the faint fragrance on his body became clearer. He always washed the bloody smell of his body in advance.’Lu Jia was in his arms, and his jaw arrived on Lu Jia’s hair. He opened his eyes slightly and saw his wife’s eyelashes trembling slightly.

Fu Heng’s eyes were a little nervous, and he said, "Don’t pretend to sleep, you have the fat powder of Furong Tower."

Lu Jia knew he couldn’t hide it and made it simply.

"I don’t know, you’re not dumb."

Fu Heng supported his forehead and looked at Lu Jia: "I just don’t like to talk, it does not mean that I can’t speak, but you always think that I am dumb, so I always get along with me."

"The smart killers who have always been free and welcomed, and they are not eager to count, and are willing to be in my four -party courtyard. Do you think of me so much?" Lu Jia simply showed a showdown.

"I seriously be your husband, do you think I am playing with you?" Fu Heng made a slightly cold look: "I am never bound, now at your home, wait for you to go home, and give you to you in the morning to worship you in the morning.Dinner, warm the bed at night, do you think I have no half -hearted? "

"Lu Jia, I am very good at meritorious. Besides your ability, even if you keep me, it is not my opponent." Fu Heng frowned, Lu Jia looked at Fu Heng’s true look, in his anger’s lookAmong them, some guilty conscience.

"I thought you were an ordinary man. If you know that you are not an ordinary good man, you are a killer, I will …"

Fu Heng narrowed his eyes in danger: "What are you?"

Lu Jia swallowed his mouth and cough, and she has always been out of rate: "I will not find someone who licks your blood like you as my child’s father."

"It’s late." Fu Hengda waved his hand and took Lu Jia in his arms in his arms: "On that day, I was planning to dress up as a husband to get life. I met you.My husband, neither obtained my consent, took me on the white horse, so that I lost the opportunity to kill, and lost three times the commission of the employer. "

"Now you say you have to have a child with me, sing with me, and now know my identity, and hate my tip of the knife to lick the blood. Is this going to change?" Fu Heng was forced.

"Some beautiful men are. If you have enough play, I will take a book with a piece of paper.

"If I don’t want to?" Fu Heng raised his brow, pressed Lu Jia under her, leaving a deep red mark on her neck and shoulders: "You are my person, if you dare to find other menIf one, I will kill one, come two, and I will kill one pair. "

"Lu Jia, isn’t I beautiful enough?" The eyes of his pair of peach blossoms were a little aggrieved: "Under the world, there can be a few men who are more beautiful than me. Didn’t you want a beautiful child? Our children must definitelyCute and smart, if you are a daughter, you will be beautiful than me. "

To be honest … what Fu Heng said, it was really right.

The world is indeed more beautiful than him.

"Lu Jia, I don’t have a joke. If you don’t like it, I am not murdered. I wash my hands and cook soup, and accompany the bed in the nest at night, I am willing."

A big man, like a grieving cat, buried his head in Lu Jia’s shoulder nest.

Lu Jia’s heart was almost worn by Lu Jia.

"Okay, okay, if I withdraw me, as long as you don’t do any killing people, I will … I still let you be my child’s father,"


When Lu Jia had a pregnancy news from Fu Heng’s ears, he was grinding his wife.

His guy, who had not blinked in the past, became his wife’s grinding stone. Lu Jia was holding the apple with a smile: "I hate the knife most, but the knife is the most important thing to practice the knife."

Lu Jia is indeed not an ordinary woman. If an ordinary woman knows that her pillow is a killer, she will not be able to sleep.

But since knowing that Fu Heng is a killer, a top killer, her goal has changed from actively participating in the army to the front line to the killer husband who is going to defeat himself.

She is a martial arts. When she meets a teacher who is deeper than herself, she dreams of waking up.

Fu Heng will also tell him his assassination story before going to bed.

Because of this, after knowing that Lu Jia had a pregnancy, Fu Heng was pleased to be deeply contemplated. Lu Jia, who was apple, saw his husband’s husband: "What do you think?"

In the evening, after Fu Hengsha took out the sage book and started recitation, Lu Jia frowned: "Last time we did not say that you made a wooden needle with willow branches and assassinated the bandit of the Waka village? I stillListen. "

Fu Heng shook his head: "From today, quit the fishy fishy."

Obviously, Lu Jia understood as something else. She caught Fu Heng’s neck, her cheeks were beautiful and bright: "Qi Xun, that’s not …"

Fu Heng’s throat knot was slightly moved, and the positive color said: "Don’t make trouble."

Fu Heng entered the role of his father, obviously earlier than Lu Jia’s intention. Lu Jia’s huge emotional fluctuations during pregnancy, and only people like Fu Heng can support it.

When Lu Jia was four months pregnant, he ate and vomited and vomited. Even when he rinsed his mouth, he accidentally moved his tongue, or ate a bit of irritating food.Not good, I ca n’t eat it during the day, and the whole person fell into a irritable circle.

In April, Lu Jia didn’t know where to hear some rumors, saying that if there is a loved ones who love each other in this life, Yue Lao will have a mole on the right hand of that person. Lu Jia raises Fu Heng.Hands, those hands are clear and clean.

Because Fu Heng had no mole in his right hand, he gave birth to a weather.

So Fu Heng manually click a mole on his right hand every day.

Due to the gloomy weather, Lu Jia was eaten outside with Fu Heng, and she looked up because of the dark clouds covering the moon. When she returned, she cried all the way.But the feeling of grievances made her tears can’t stop anyway: "Today … No …. Moon …"

Fu Heng wiped his wife with tears in his hands and watched his wife carefully: "Don’t ….. I’ll discuss with it?"

In a word, Lu Jia broke his tears.

Lu Jia is in the middle of pregnancy. As the child becomes bigger every day, she always wants to take over, but no matter what, as long as she gets up, Fu Heng will get up and help her put on the shoes that can not be worn because of the swelling of the feet.He will also comfort: "It’s just edema …"

Lu Jia often feels like a big cow with a big belly. She is uncomfortable when she is big. She is reversed every night and is difficult to sleep. Fu Heng carefully presses her sore waist and her eyes are blew up.Let Lu Jia sleep well.

On the day of the production, Fu Heng invited Hua Po early, and went to pick up the palace to take the doctor who came to the house to get home. After receiving it, he felt unstable, so he found several of his goddesses from the rivers and lakes.

Most of the divine doctors travel around, each of which is the holy hand to treat and save people. Today, any medical sanctuary, medical man, and medical fairy gather together. What they know is to give birth to Fu Heng’s wife., Bloody and rainy …..

Who dares to give him a scholar, who dare not give it, if he does not follow, he must not click his head off.

When Lu Jia produced, the doctor stared inside, and Fu Heng stood straight outside, looking very calm.

Zhang Jiazhu just wanted to say that his son -in -law could really be angry. He just wanted to approach. He only listened to Fu Heng’s friend to the divine doctor aside: "I am a little panicked and give me two stitches.": "You kid also have today."

With Lu Jia safely settled down the noble daughter, these divine doctors were considered to put their hanging hearts into their belly.

If there is any unexpected, according to Fu Heng’s madness, it is not allowed to even click a few of them.

However, no one expected that from the cold -hearted rivers and lakes, now for a woman, the pommel of the saddle can only be said that the fate is set.


For three months, Lu Jia was going to join the front line.

Fu Heng has always been standing on Lu Jia.

The couple went straight to the front line, and took away their baby by the way.

"My baby, you have to see the blood."

The owner of the Lu family lined up seven waves overnight, and was born by Lu Jia and Fu Heng. The old lady Lu was helpless: "Okay, young people, go with you."

After Lu Shaojun’s remembrance, the toy in his hand was a real knife and a gun.

On the grassland, we hunting deer today, catching wild boars tomorrow, riding a little red horse, and rushing around in the mountains in the day of the forest. The favorite weapon is the big knife.The barracks were wrestling with the boys, and the mother said that their daughter of the Lu family could only win.

Fu Heng was very helpless about this daughter of this mixed -world demon.

I don’t want to make her a lot of achievements in martial arts.fear.

Moreover, her little girl, the mother’s fineness and mildness, did not learn, have a strong desire to win, fight and fight, and nicknamed Xiaobe.

Fu Heng Lu Jia is like this baby girl, and she loves it like a bead.

Knowing a rainy night, the little girl lost her trace on the rainy night, which scared their husband and wife. After a few days, they retreated from the mountains of the beasts in the mountains of the beast.With his own loot -the Prince Yulong of the South Kingdom, Prince Yulong returned by victory.

Lay a solid foundation for the reaching the Century Alliance for Roujia and the South State.

"I don’t know who this child follows." Lu Jia was helpless.

Fu Heng kissed his wife’s forehead: "I look at you."

"I think Shaojun has a little loneliness." Fu Heng laughed: "She said, she lacks a younger brother."

Long night long,

The light core wants to ignite.(Original title: "My Weak’s Little Jiaofu"))

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