Story: Six months pregnant, my mother -in -law dreamed of three men: Let’s give birth to your life

Many years ago, there was a Shi Po Village. She had a son, and the boss was not small to marry a daughter -in -law.

After saying that the daughter -in -law passed the door, Shi Grando hoped to hold his grandson every day, and even dreaming of dreaming of big fat boys.But if you do n’t do anything, the day has passed day by day, and the daughter -in -law ’s belly is not drumming.

Six years later, Shi Grando was really anxious, but her son -in -law asked medical medicine everywhere. In the end, the silver spent a lot of money and owed foreign debt, but the daughter -in -law could not be pregnant.

Watching the peers in the village hugged her grandson, Shi Po was really envious. When she thought that her grandson was hopeless in this life, her daughter -in -law was pregnant, which could be happy to the family.

From then on, Shi Shipo turned around his daughter -in -law every day, and he was afraid of accidental.Under the careful care of Shi Shi’s daily care, everything went smoothly, and the daughter -in -law’s belly was bigger every day.

After six months, the daughter -in -law’s belly was as big as she was, and she was very difficult to walk. To this end, she was inseparable from her daughter -in -law and took care of it.

At noon that day, her daughter -in -law took a nap, and she leaned on the bed to rest. Who knew that she had fallen asleep, and then she fell asleep, and then she had a terrible dream.

In the dream, there were three little boy who was lying outside the window and said to her with a smile: "The three of us came to be your grandson, and reached your house to come to your life! Hee hip -hap …"

The three men laughed while talking, and then disappeared.Shen Fu was awakened, looking out of the black paint window, thinking about the strange dream just now, she only felt a cold back.

Speaking of Shi Shi’s dream, she often felt uneasy and always muttered, for fear that this dream would come true.But often the more you are afraid of, you will get more.On the day of her daughter -in -law, she really gave birth to three male babies.

If you say these three men, fat is very cute, and the family likes it.But the sadness was that the three fat baby would not drink milk, but later discovered that the three of them had no tongue.

The child couldn’t swallow without his tongue. Shi Grando looked at the three cute grandchildren and was hungry by hungry. She was really terrible.

In the following days, Shi Po went all around to ask Langzhong to heal the grandson.After all helplessness, I tried to do my best to feed the child to drink milk little by little. It was really painstaking, how difficult it was.

Originally, Shi Grando’s family should be sympathetic when she encountered such a thing, but the villagers pointed at Shi Grando in the back, saying that she should be retribution.

Twenty years ago, Shi Grando’s husband died of illness, and then she pulled her young son alone.

There is a man selling tofu in the village, named Li Dakui. This Li Dakui not only does the tofu well, but also looks handsome, and he is honest. The reputation in the village has always been very good.

Shi Po stayed at a young age. After a long time, she would inevitably feel lonely. After buying Li Dakui’s tofu several times, she secretly fell in love with Li Dakui.

But this Li Dakui is a man with a family. The relationship with his wife has always been very good. The couple have a son and live a happy life.So in order to get the beloved man, Shi Po tried his best to provoke the feelings between Li Dakui and his wife.

Over or two, Shi A Po finally won the favor and trust of Li Dakui with her three -inch tongue, and the relationship between the two went closer and closer.Then, after the Grandma, Li Dakui and his wife’s feelings are naturally worse and worse, and more and more quarrels.

One old man in Tiancun fainted in the cropland. After Li Dakui’s wife found out, he lifted the old man and sent him to the medical hall.It was originally a great good deed, but Grandma Shi was distorted the facts, and maliciously discredited Li Dakui’s wife, saying that she and this old man in the cropland had done something that was wounded …

In the end, Li Dakui listened to Shi Grandma’s words and fought against his wife.The wife was aggrieved, and then she committed suicide in order to prove her innocence.

After his wife died, Li Dakui and Shi Po went closer, and the two often secretly spent the night together.But who knows that when the two are beautifully planned to reorganize the family and become a couple, they happened.

That night, Li Dakui drank too much, and fell asleep. He forgot that the stove room was still on fire. As a result, a fire occurred in the middle of the night.

In this fire, all the houses were burned and the house became ruined. Li Dakui’s face was burned, almost destroyed, and his three -year -old son lost his life.

Once so happy and happy, the family was destroyed. Li Dakui had nothing, like a funeral dog.After that, he found Shi Shi, who thought Shi Grando would sympathize with him, he would take him, and he became married.

What was unexpected was that Shi Po at this time was like a person. Without the previous enthusiasm, he pulled him out of his face, and scolded him as an ugly monster, a poor egg …

In this way, Li Dakui was hit and heartbroken. He hung in front of Shi Shi’s house that night!

Twenty years have passed, and even Grandma Shi was almost forgotten.Over the years, the villagers have seen Shi Grandma who has lived well, and everyone no longer believes that there are any retribution.

Until now, after the three grandsons of Shi Po were born, the villagers believed that the sentence: good and evil have a report, not not reporting, it is time not to arrive!It’s just that the sin made by Shi Shi, retribution on the grandson, apparently, this should be more painful for her!

Later, although the Shi Mao’s family carefully took care of the three babies, the three babies had not survived for a hundred days, and they died one after another.Lost three baby grandsons, Shi Grandma was hit, and she was like a knife cut, so she couldn’t afford it.

On this night, she was sick and she had a dream. In the dream, her three grandsons came to the bed and said with a smile: "We don’t want to be your grandson.who!"

Speaking, the three men’s dolls changed, and they turned into Li Dakui and his wife and children!At this moment, I only heard that Grandma screamed, and then swallowed …

Being a person must be corrected, you must not do things that hurt people and self -interest, and you cannot hurt others for your own interests or desires, or you can regret it when the retribution comes!

(The story is over)

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