Story: On the home computer, I saw the WeChat that my husband did not exit. I was about to divorce for two months.

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Founding all year round, he was pecked by the eagle.

In fact, I have long thought that my husband would be derailed. I think maybe it is in her fifties. I have a good job and a little idle. I want to find stimuli. After all, I never dare to overestimate humanity.

But I didn’t expect it to be so fast, it really drifted.


My husband was derailed on the day when our children were flowing.

I was about two months of pregnancy that day. I was anxious to use my computer. As soon as I entered the study, I found that my husband’s WeChat was actually ascended. He should have not had time to retreat. Just now he hurriedly told me, "The studio is something," he hurried out.

I hesitated for a moment, Yu Tao’s mobile phone, I have never looked secretly. We said that they wanted to trust each other, but Yu Tao became more and more indifferent. I think the answer may be in his WeChat.

There is a WeChat on it, "Brother, if you don’t come, I will show you," and a picture of a bottle of sleeping pills.

Yu Tao’s remarks were "dear."

So my eyes, but in my expectations, during this time Yu Tao’s coldness of me, I actually perceived, but I comforted myself, and the relationship between husband and wife will naturally change after the child.

But I didn’t want to think in this direction. My movement was faster than my brain. I turned upwards, ambiguous, nauseous.

Yu Tao in the chat history is a tortured image. He said, "I’m really painful, I have no feelings between me, but she is pregnant with my child, but you believe me, it is an accident.If she can’t be interested in her, she is not like you is a good woman. "

Obviously men’s scum also wants women to carry a pot. I conceived his child and became his pain?

That woman said, "Brother, you have to be responsible for me."

Yu Tao replied, "Of course, I will definitely be responsible for you, and you can’t wrong you. There are not many good girls like you."

It’s a pair of dogs and women. Yu Tao is really shameless and is responsible for her?She is a good girl?what about me?What is in his eyes?

The news of yesterday morning, "Brother, show you the clothes I bought newly bought, are you looking good?" The next few photos sent by the woman.My appearance of her appearance, Yu Tao, said, "Little bad guy, I know seduce me."

No wonder it came back so late last night. It turned out that the little lover went.

I was about to look at it again. I found that WeChat was withdrawn from Yu Tao. When I saw these chat records, I couldn’t control my emotions. I cried and suddenly felt my stomach hurt. I went to the toilet and found that I saw it red. I suddenly panicked., I hit 120.

On the way to the hospital, I felt that the child was peeled out of my body a little bit, so the doctor said to me, "Sorry, we tried their best, the child did not keep it."I can’t help crying, this is my second time I haven’t kept my child.

A year ago, I fell off my first child and Yu Tao because I fell. Today, I actually sent my second child because of emotional fluctuations.

When Yu Tao came in, he held me comfortably. "Wife, it’s okay, we are still young, we will have our own children, and we blame me. I should be with you."

Yu Tao asked me twinkling again, "Wife, how did you get it?"

I knew he was guilty. I held back my hate and only cried. "I went to the toilet, the ground was too slippery, and it fell."

I felt that Yu Tao was relieved.

I hit Yu Tao with my fist hate, Yu Tao could only bear it. At this moment, I hated Yu Tao.

As I cried, while thinking, Yu Tao said that there was a word. We were young, but what he didn’t know was that we would not have children anymore, and I wanted to let this pair of dogs and women go to hell.


My name is Zhou Min, a emotional counselor who is committed to helping thousands of women and solving emotional problems.

I came into contact with this business, or because of my husband, because I was young, I talked about love with the team leader of my newly -enrolled company. It was not until his girlfriend of his hometown came, and I knew that I had been being primary.

At that time, the girl splashed and rolled, and the team leader pushed all the responsibilities on me, saying that he seduced him, and the company watched our farce on hundreds of people. No one listened to my explanation.At that time, the team leader was attentive to me every day, but no one listened.

People are only interested in what they want to hear. In that farce, I was to climb up to be a primary three -hearted woman, and the world only loves sympathy, so I became the only clown in the whole scene.

The people in the company pointed at me, and the leader fired me with a problem with my personal style. The key I did not understand me. They said that I blame me to know people and lost their faces. I started to make a big deal.With his hair, Cheng Su Chengsu had a nightmare, and when he was quiet at night, he looked downstairs and always wanted to jump deeply. Is that I can get rid of it?I always ask myself like this.

I felt that I was sick, and my parents felt that they were afraid of being too shameful and found me a private psychological clinic two hundred kilometers away from my house.At that time, my psychologist was my husband-Yu Tao. I felt that he was a light in my life.

He just came out of business at the time. I was his first patient. It was what he told me that it was not me, but those who were unknown.

I told him about my distress. He patiently listened to all my dissatisfaction and grievances. He helped me to resolve all the sadness, and let me vent my dissatisfaction with those people.The place to release himself was that he rescued me step by step.

Because he liked psychology, and in order to study well, I specially took a graduate student. Our mentor said that I am talented, and I was almost obsessed with the psychology of researching people.It’s right.

Just because Yu Tao invited me to join his studio, during the graduate student, I had no contact with Yu Tao. I had feelings for him because of gratitude, and I felt that he should have a good opinion of me, so I want to fight for the two of usEssence

Later, because of my joining, the business of Yu Tao’s psychological counseling studio was booming, and he said that I was his lucky goddess.

Later, the water arrived in the canal, and the two of us entered the palace of marriage. Then because of abortion the year before, I was idle at home. From the emergence of the media, I saw many posts on the major platforms asking for help.Memories, so I opened my self -media account to share emotional knowledge with the help of what I learned.

Gradually, it was a little famous.

Major platforms are looking for me to cooperate and reproduced my article. There are girls to ask for help. There are more than 100 private messages every day. I also opened paid. In just one year, my income was quite considerable, so I used this as the master.Industry.

Yu Tao’s daily entertainment is increasing, and he doesn’t care about my job, so he actually said to help me propaganda in the early days. After I refused, I didn’t know what my account was.


Later, I thought about everything, thanks to his account, so he thought I was just a little trouble, and he had to rely on his alms.

It is no exaggeration to say that Yu Tao Studio has today’s achievements and 80 % of my credit. He has always maintained that proud state. He believes that as long as he has strong ability, he can have a good achievement, so he disdains to go.Pulling business, so Yu Tao’s studio nearly closed during my studies.

After I joined, I began to pull Yu Tao to various commercial bureaus to help him pull the relationship, and the psychological studio gradually entered the right track.

Then I found someone to help him propagate. We are a model couple that everyone is envied.

But he was not grateful at all. In the chat history, he looked down on me. He complained to save me and gave me a home. I should be grateful to Dade. He may forget what he said that I was him.The lucky goddess, he also forgot his wolf.

He even forgot how long I didn’t want to have money with him.

This happened to give me a chance. He looked down on me, but he had to establish a man’s image outside, so I actually knew that he would not divorce me easily.

But I don’t want to bury my life, I want to give me an explanation over the years.

Due to some customers, I took some business to find out the business of Primary Three and persuade Xiao San’er, because not all women want to divorce after the husband derails. Some people want to give marriage a chance, so they derive such a business.Essence

I will never look at the people who choose such a low choice, everyone’s marriage, such as drinking water, knowing warmth, so I fully respect.

Because of these businesses, I have a long -term partner -Rolly.I am responsible for the early communication. He is responsible for the later period. He has a private detective center. He is the leader of the industry. He has industry confidentiality mechanisms. We are very worry -free cooperation.

But I did not expect that one day I needed to check my husband’s primary three. It is estimated that Yu Tao would not think of me to check him. After all, in his eyes, I was already a fool who was disconnected from society.

I went to Relly’s detective to ask him. When he saw my husband’s information, he frowned and asked me, "Are you okay?"

I signaled him that I was okay, and then he didn’t ask much about it. This was why I believe in him. The reason will not be thoroughly investigated and tapped the client’s privacy.

Relly is not covered. In just one week, the information and photos I want are in front of me.

The target of Yu Tao’s derailment is the front desk of his cooperative company. Yin Lu, who has just graduated less than a year, is 23 years old, and is young.

The girl in the photo is tied with a tall ponytail, the upper body is wearing a navel dress, and the bottom is paired with jeans, and the collagen is covered with the camera.

This is a picture of the avatar on Yin Lu ’s social platform. No wonder Yu Taochun’ s heart is rippling. Such a young and beautiful girl is the child he likes. I always know that Yu Tao likes to be pure and good -looking girl.He and a new intern with the studio were ambiguous, and I caught the present shape. He just heard that the little girl was complimented.

From then on, he recorded my fingerprint.

At that time, I thought it was just a dream lover when I was young. He also said that he would only love me in the future. Otherwise, he would make him a fame.

I watched the two people holding their hands in and out of various places, and the satisfaction of Yu Tao’s face was unobstructed.

Relly helped me take the videos and photos of two people, and I saw the photos sneered.

Luoli also helped me record a audio in the rental house next to Yin Lu. I didn’t want to listen anymore, a pair of scum men and women.


I have never been a person who is waiting to die. Since my depression, I want to understand one thing. Everyone still depends on myself. No one will stand by myself forever. Unless I am strong enough, others dare not hurt me anymore.I will not give Yu Tao the second time to hurt me.

Relie found someone on the road to hit Yin Lu’s mobile phone, then took it to Relly to repair it, and took the opportunity to implant the virus to monitor her mobile phone at any time.

At this point of view, I found that Yin Lu is not easy. She has a group, which is a girl in it. The pictures sent every day are brand -name bags, brand tables. I studied carefully. It turned out to be a small three group.

I do n’t know about this. When the study was frightened, it turned out that they were all three or even the four and five. They also had group announcements: there were only primary three, there were no motionless corners.

Worlds, full of wonders.

In order to enter the enemy, I spent 20,000 to enter the group fee and entered this group called "good girlfriends".

I know that Yu Tao will not easily admit his mistake. I want to divorce. Maybe my parents can’t pass. Although our relationship has eased in recent years, they always feel that I am married to Yu Tao.

Since that’s something, let me know more clearly that my parents have seen their face more important than anything, and Yu Tao must not be willing to divide the money he thinks is half, so I have to give upHe took the initiative to divorce.

At home computers, I saw WeChat that my husband did not exit.

Relly also helped me a message in the past few days. Yin Lu had a boyfriend before, and he was divided into his hands with Yu Tao.

Thinking of her chat with Yu Tao, I even more lamented Yin Lu’s good means. Yu Tao, a fool, thought that he had encountered Bao, but he really deserved that sentence. The man was so dedicated and always liked to be young.

I started to send some daily videos consciously in the group, intentionally or unintentionally revealed the logo of luxury goods, so that people in the group thought that I and they were all the way. After all, I would not enter this group without asking.

Then I sent some of my feelings. I said that my current husband and his ex -wife have no feelings, but outsiders feel that they are model couples, so they are delayed without divorce, but in the end, I still succeed.Tanabata gift, a Chanel green bag, this is the imitation version I bought, it is said that there are more than 140,000 genuine products.

I successfully attracted Yin Lu’s attention. After a few days, she took the initiative to add me WeChat.

Call it up, "Good sister."

I sneered in my heart. If I had such a sister, I guess that I would be angry.

But at the beginning, I didn’t return, I couldn’t take the initiative too much, I had to have a sense of mystery, and the credibility was high.


After a day, I returned to Yin Lu’s WeChat. "Sorry, my husband took me to shop yesterday. I didn’t bring this phone."

It is estimated that Yin Lu also saw the circle of friends I deliberately showed her, and I had a lot of ugliness, so that she would believe that she can also believe that she is not as good as her, but it is worse than her. People like Yin Lu who want to get it will be jealous.

Sure enough, she began to pretend to listen to my news calmly, but she couldn’t deceive people in the tone.

I was modest first, and then told her, "I look at your photos, it looks very small, you call my sister, then I will call you the sister of Chestnia." Chelk was her net name.

I have to say that Yin Ludao is still shallow. One night, she explained the process of her and Yu Tao.

Anyway, she was scolded by the leader. It was Yu Tao who spoke for righteousness and saved the beauty. Since then, she has a deep relationship with him, but there is already a wife at home in the house.

She told me, "Sister, really, my brother said that he and his wife were in discord. He was a particularly good person who was afraid of the divorce affecting his wife’s illness. I really like him, and my brother likes me too","

I looked at Yin Lu’s text, and they were all sick. They were obviously a pair of dog men and women shamelessly sneaky, but she was shaped into real love, and she was really standing again.

I went back to her, "According to you, do you encounter true love? What did he buy for you?"

She returned to me a shy expression. "Almost both of us dating in the hotel, but he gave me a few bags, which is also very expensive."

I asked her to send it to me. They were all famous brands, but they were all basic models.

I pretended to her with a long -term focus, "Sister chestnut, although I talked less with you, but I felt very fate, so I also said to you. If a man loves you, it depends on him to give up.If you are willing to spend money for you, the more he invested, the more you will be inseparable from you. This is called the cost of sinking. At the beginning, I asked my husband to send me a 60,000 yuan bag.A lot of money, so I don’t want to let me leave. You have to have confidence to make men think you are worth it. "

If you want to know that if you are not logical, you will thank Yin Lu for my gratitude, "Thank you sister, I know how to do it."

Really stupid!

After about a week, Yin Lu went to me on WeChat, "Sister, you see, my new package."

The picture is a new chain bag from Xiaoxiang’s family. It is about 60,000. Yin Lu is OK, so that Yu Tao, a person who is so digging, is also considered as a book.

I compliment Yin Lu, "Sister chestnut, you are really amazing."

This week, I was not idle and ran two times to prepare to implement the next plan.

Yin Lu continued to tell me her troubles. She said, "I want my brother to divorce, but my brother is kind and rest assured that his wife."

Yu Tao, a hypocritical gentleman, had such a poor excuse he thought of.

I have to let Yin Lu increase the horsepower, and I don’t want to continue with Yu Tao.

I said to Yin Lu, "Sister chestnut, do you know how I am? I am pregnant with my husband’s child. His ex -wife cannot have children, so I will become my husband’s wife. In fact, you don’t have to feel sorry for his wife.After all, true love is priceless, but you also say that your brother is kind, so you can try this method.

Yin Lu passed for a while before returning to me. "Sister, I’m still so young, is it too adventurous?"

There is still a little brain. I have to add a dose of fierce food. I said, "This is indeed very risky, but men eat this set. Didn’t you say that your brother’s wife has just missed?I have a child, do you say your brother will divorce? "

After a while, Yin Lu returned to me, "Thank you sister, think about it."

I didn’t continue to return, because I knew that Yin Lu had listened to it, unless she changed her goal, otherwise she would do it.

After all, my Zhuyu is in front of her life, how could she not be motivated.

The bait had been thrown out, and she waited for her to hook it.


In less than two months, I saw Yin Lu’s circle of friends. It was a slightly rolling belly photo. The text: The doctor said that there is a small baby in it.

Yin Lu acts very fast.No wonder Yu Tao returned to getting late for a while. It turned out to be with the little lover.

I went to congratulations to Yin Lu, Yin Lu was happy to laugh, and every word revealed joy. She said, "Sister, you are right, love him, you should give him a child. My brother is particularly good to me during this time.","

I complimented two more words and advised her to quickly fight the iron and let them divorce.

Yu Tao’s psychology is not difficult to guess. Although it is not wealthy, it is also a small achievement, and a child is successful.

But people like him are not equipped with children.

I just wanted to get divorce quickly. After all, Yu Tao’s retribution was already on the road, but Yu Tao thought that I would not divorce easily, and actually moved to me.

I still knew that he saw his chat record with Yin Lu. Yin Lu asked him, "Brother, will the woman disagree with you?"

Yu Tao Ran said, "If she would be in pain and divorce, if she had a moth and wanted to divide my money, I would let her be depressed again."

This is a man I used to be redeemed. He actually sent me to hell again in order not to let me divide money.

Since he ignored his affection, don’t blame me to be polite.


The next night I asked Yu Tao. He originally wanted to accompany the customer. I asked him again and again. He agreed. I asked him to accompany me to the playground when I had depression.

Yu Tao watched me playing the project we had played, and I looked a little bit nostalgic.

Then I took him to the restaurant when he proposed, and I booked the original private room.

The movement in Yu Tao’s eyes is that I have won the treasure, and I must fight for the rights I should have.

We are silent and don’t speak. I interrupt this atmosphere, "Husband, let’s divorce."

Yu Tao looked at me in shock. He didn’t expect me to mention first, "What do you say?"

I looked at Yu Tao fixedly, "I said, let’s divorce, so many years, I know you have been under pressure, you have done enough for me, I don’t want to drag you anymore."

I took out the prepared divorce agreement. Yu Tao estimated that I would never expect that I would have such awareness and watch the agreement on the spot.

As I sneered in my heart, while continuing my performance, I began to sobbing in a low voice. "I know your mother wants to see your own children before dying, but I can’t fulfill the wish of the elderly. While you are still young, you will be young, you will be again, you will be again, you will be again, you will be again, you will be again, you will be again, you will be young, you will be young, you will be young, and you will be young.Find one. "

Yu Tao’s eyes flashed by the eyes I said. I guess I remembered the pain of my miscarriage twice, but what he thought had nothing to do with me. I continued to cry and say, "Husband, I do n’t want anything except the house. You do n’t want anything. You do n’t want anything.My studio is your hard work. I know. This is the last time I called your husband. In the future, let’s settle each other. "

After that, I got up and left, Yu Tao grabbed me, pretending to be pain, "As long as you think about it, except for the house, I will give you 300,000 again. The divorced woman is not easy. Besides, you have been disconnected from the society for several years."

I watched him signed with tears, and when I got out of the restaurant, I put away the sadness. Hum, Yu Tao, you do n’t know anything, so enjoy this last happiness.

The next day, Yu Tao moved away and gave me 300,000. Yu Tao, the grievances between me and you were calculated.

I have been spending money to ask Relie to help me hire people to monitor Yin Lu. I want to wait until my child is not born. I laughed at it, but waited for another opportunity.

Yu Tao and I divorced three months. When the child was about five months, the person who monitored Yin Lu said that Yin Lu was beaten.

When Tao was rushing, he was seeing Yin Lu’s ex -boyfriend holding Yin Lu, and he and Yin Lu’s ex -boyfriend played.

I deliberately attracted Yin Lu’s ex -boyfriend to find Yin Lu, and Yu Tao also held a little notification. After all, there were more people who were lively.

Yin Lu’s child did not keep it. It is said that he was still a boy. Yu Tao jumped like a thunder in the hospital and pointed at Yin Lu scolding "You bitch, with uneasiness with pregnancy, seduce the man everywhere."

Yin Lu’s ex -boyfriend can’t stand it, "Put your mouth clean, and I have nothing to do with Lulu."

Yu Tao’s eyes were glaring, "It’s so kind, saying nothing."

Yin Lu’s ex -boyfriend left angrily, and Yin Lu only cried.

Indeed, what can she do if she doesn’t cry. I later learned that the girl Yin Lu was not easy to imagine. She heard that her ex -boyfriend had a new girlfriend and actually died her ex -boyfriend.His boyfriend is not a fuel -saving lamp. He actually talked with Yin Lu’s ambiguity on WeChat, and was known by the current.

The girl was angry, and found Yin Lu. The two had a mouthful of people. Yin Lu was arrogant and gave the girl two slap. The girl was angry but pushed her down.

At the same time, an article "Psychological Counselor and Primary Three’s ex -boyfriend played a big hand", which was painted and vividly described the history of Yu Tao’s family, as well as the gentleman on the surface, but the back of the ground was dirty.The psychologist actually manually used the feet to women during the psychological counseling process, pointing out that he had an appearance on the surface, but his words were filthy, and he did not respect women.

The photos of his and Xiao San, with Xiao San’s ex -boyfriend, and the words in the hospital, the pictures are available.

Yu Tao was angry. Although he did not name Dao’s surname, he was not exposed to Tao’s face, but everyone who knew it knew that he was talking about him, which was equal to Tao. The situation was no longer controlled.Black, for fear of getting related to him.

Moreover, he can only eat Huang Lian dumb. He knows that those who are familiar with the matter broke the news, but how did he explain his relationship with Yin Lu? He did derailed. He did fight with Yin Lu’s ex -boyfriend.He said, so there was no explanation.

The post was anonymous, and the water army I hired. I did not focus on the news of Yin Lu. It was seen in the face of her children. After all, the child was innocent.

Soon, Yu Tao’s studio was facing closure. After all, who would believe that a psychological counselor who had a problem with a character?I looked for someone secretly. How could I make people in the studio that I have spent my efforts?

Yin Lu came out of a Mercedes -Benz from the hospital. In the hospital, she hooked up with a husband of a woman. I reported that small three group, but I couldn’t sentence it.Xiao Xiao made those who wanted to get rid of it.

I also heard that the girl was actively compensated, and she did not know about Yin Lu’s pregnancy. In addition, Yin Lu was also a wrong party, so the girl lost 30,000 yuan in private mediation.

I don’t have the slightest feeling of Yin Lu. This girl has a heart that wants to get nothing.She will be planted in this uneasy heart sooner or later.

Yu Tao couldn’t stay here, and went to other cities. This was later told me that I was busy reopening the studio at the time. I want to develop online and offline business together.

Yu Tao may naively think that changing the city and looking for a woman who did not know about it to have a child, but he didn’t know that he would not have his own child in his life.

I went to the hospital to check carefully and talked about Yu Tao’s situation. The doctor said that 80 % of the people may be that your husband’s body has a problem, which is also called weak sperm.

I don’t sympathize with Yu Tao at all. If it weren’t for me early, he would not take care of our love.

And I don’t worry about Yu Tao’s return to find me. He is embarrassed to come back and say that even if I came back, I saw that I was opening this studio, and I thought about it.After that, I couldn’t find a loophole, after all, I was just a pitiful person who was deceived.(Original title: "Mantis Catcher")

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