Story: In March of pregnancy, I suddenly had a small property, and I did n’t intend to hear my husband and nanny conversation. I decisively divorced

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After abortion, I accidentally found that Sister Zhang was actually killed my baby!

My husband and my mother -in -law are still a group with her!

The three of them had long been able to calculate me through, and set up a shocking scam.

I have always been obsessed with it, thinking that I met the most intimate husband and the most unsatisfactory mother -in -law.


Hao Hao loved to stare at my stomach. He was the child of my nanny Zhang, and occasionally came.

"Hao Hao, what are you looking at?"

He came over and touched my stomach, raised his naive face and asked, "Auntie, do I want to know whether it is a younger brother or a younger sister?"

Children always love these strange issues.

Regarding the gender of the child, my mother -in -law asked the doctor when I was four -dimensional. I was quite angry at the time and thought that she was a male light and a girl. She asked me not to think too much, just to prepare suitable clothes for Sun Sun.

The doctor of the delivery was a relative of Zhang, and he cleverly gave the answer.

Then, I prepared a lot of pink clothes to wait for my little princess to be born.

At a hot noon, I felt dry mouth and my chest sighed, so I planned to go to the kitchen downstairs to drink some orange juice.

When I walked in the middle of the stairs, a hurried footsteps came from behind me. I instinctively covered my stomach and dodged. Haohao wiped my belly like the boulder rolling on the cliff and rushed downstairs.The hair in my ears blows up.

He stopped, and a pair of black and white eyes stared at me, a little embarrassed to say, "Aunt, I’m sorry, I can’t stop it."

I covered my chest and felt like my heart was about to pop out.

Take a deep breath, I shook my head and squeezed a smile on him and said, "Go out and play, be careful in the future."

He bit his lips, looked at me again, nodded and ran out.

I was planning to continue downstairs. My stomach came with a dramatic pain. When the stocks were hot, the blood of the blockbuster spread on the ground. I paralyzed the ground along the wall and yelled, "Mom! Sister Zhang!"

The two of them hurried, and they were frightened when they saw me, and they quickly dialed 120.

There are more and more blood flowing from the lower body, and my stomach is getting more and more painful. I held my mother -in -law’s hand tightly and cried and said, "Mom, you must keep your child! Must!"

After speaking, I fainted.


God knows how much I want this child!

Once, everyone who knew me knew that I was a Dink.

I do n’t love children. On the contrary, I love children very much. I want a child than anyone else, but I have lost my power to be a mother.

When I was young, I was abducted. The poor gangsters and the police disputes stabbed my lower abdomen. The doctor said that it hurt the uterus and had little possibility of breeding.

It is precisely because of this that my several periods of love were blown, and I simply announced that I was the Dink tribe, so as not to waste my feelings.

Until he met Li Bin, he knew my situation and said he didn’t care. My mother -in -law also pulled me at the time and said it was okay. In the new era, how did the young couple appropriate?

Li Bin and mother -in -law are really good to me, but I can see that they really like children. Every time Hao Hao comes, they are so happy.

Especially her mother -in -law, always holding Hao Hao’s "Biao Biao", and a bite of "good grandson" is particularly kind.

So in these years, I have been secretly treating, seeking medical treatment, piercing acupuncture, and even experiencing some surgery. I have endured how difficult it is, and finally I have children, so we must keep it.

But God just doesn’t care about me!

As soon as the hemp medicine was just over, my eyes could not be opened, but my mind was sober.

I opened my ears and listened carefully to the sound of the surroundings. I hope to hear the baby’s crying sound.

At the same time, I also feel particularly confused. I am particularly careful about this child and take the fetal medicine. How can the baby get it?

In the faintness, the voice of my mother -in -law and sister Zhang came, because it was too low, I probably only heard the words "grandson", "property", and "medicine".

Later, Li Bin made a "boo" sound, and he actually said that it was finished.

I was shocked, what did he be afraid of what I heard?


After I was completely awake, I saw my parents coming.

I couldn’t hold it anymore, and the tears fell big and wept.

Li Bin hurriedly wiped me with a paper towel, and wiped it and said that the child may have no fate with us. We are still as good as Ding Ke.

He didn’t care about the child, he just cared about me.

He said this many times, but is he really from the heart?

I feel that he is more like to show my parents.

After finding a reason, he and my mother -in -law were out, and I chatted with my dad.

I said through my baby’s affairs that I have n’t been lucky recently. It seems that Li Bin’s business is not good. Has his company lost money?

The two companies managed by Li Bin were given by my dad, and had their own person in finance, and the profit and loss status was a matter of making a phone call.

They mentioned the property. If Li Bin doesn’t want to let me he hear and the property -related, the account will definitely do hands and feet.

My dad’s face became a bit ugly: "I don’t know if I don’t lose or lose. Now the people in the Finance Department are arranged by Li Bin.The account estimation can only be found on the bright noodles. "

"What? How could this be?"

I almost sat up in shock, there was another pain in my lower body, and cold sweats appeared on their forehead when they boarded.

My dad quickly helped me lie down and let me raise my body.

I ca n’t calm down for a long time. Li Bin squeezed my dad’s people out of himself, and there must be ghosts in my heart!

He doesn’t want to check this account, I want to check it!

Just use some means.


I first asked my girlfriend to get an unknown phone card, and then settled on the reserve where I usually only play games.

Then get a hacker contact information through a code farmer.

Finally, the two companies’ names, business license numbers, and payment of some deposits were issued in accordance with the requirements of the other party’s requirements.

The hacking was really efficient. In less than two hours, I received the accounts of the two companies.

I swept it carefully and found that the company’s profitable money mainly went to two directions:

Part of the money is frequently traded with several companies. I have checked these companies. The legal person is a powerful assistant around Li Bin;

And the other part of the money was actually under a account called "Zhang Ying".

Sister Zhang’s name is Zhang Ying!

The relationship between Li Bin and Sister Zhang is by no means simple!


In order to clarify the facts, I trusted people to go to Li Bin’s hometown to check his old and Sister Zhang.

My family is doing architectural business. People with three teachings and nine streams have contact. It is not difficult to have it.

The news quickly passed back, probably the meaning:

Sister Zhang and Li Bin are a bamboo horse, and Li Bin’s university is provided by Sister Zhang.

But later, Li Bin and I got married. Sister Zhang returned to the village with her stomach, saying that her husband was a foreigner. On the mine, the villagers had never seen her husband.

Hao Hao has been helping my mother -in -law since birth. She said that her husband Zhang’s husband was not with her, and it was not easy for her to pull her child.

"Poor gangsters, and Li Bin’s village has almost pathological paranoia for Chuizong’s succession. It is close to that you are afraid of impure purposes." What my dad once said suddenly began to rotate in my mind.

Thinking of Hao Hao, my mother -in -law’s performance, I almost wanted to understand that Li Bin should be the "husband" on Sister Zhang’s mine!Hao Hao is her and Li Bin!

In this way, many things are explained.

No matter whether he gave Sister Zhang or Sister Zhang harmed me abortion, there were sufficient reasons!

Li Bin and I got married just to get my home property!

I did n’t expect that I did n’t expect it. If it was a boy, I was all from the Li family after the family property, so my mother -in -law cared for the child’s gender.

Sister Zhang is afraid that she will always be a small three. She will face her sex with her relatives, and it is likely to do my hands and feet in my diet.

She was introduced by my mother -in -law as soon as I was pregnant, and was responsible for my diet.

Otherwise, how can I abortion unexpectedly?

This family is really good!

If I didn’t hear their dialogue unexpectedly, it was estimated that the dead was confused.

It’s terrible!

They wrapped me with the kindness on the surface, but they actually sent a knife on me!

No wonder every time Hao Hao came, Li Bin spent money and played with him.

At that time, I also felt that Li Bin was handsome and kind, and I really chose the right person. I had to support him without brain.

Now think about it, I can also be more comfortable to feed the dog for the little cub. I was crazy and bought it for his son.

That day he rushed down and deliberately, he wanted to kill my child!

Qiu Lanxin, Qiu Lanxin, you are really a worldly unjust!

You also feel that you encounter true love and the most unsatisfactory mother -in -law in the world.

Yes, there is a honest nanny!

The three of them have long designed me, I am the pig in the "killing pig plate"!


For more than 20 days in the hospital, I pondered a lot and decided to fight back.

As soon as I arrived home, I saw that Zhang was holding the hot soup with the pot, and said with a smile to me.

Li Bin praised her virtuous. I sneered in my heart, but she said that she was attentive and took the initiative to pick up soup.

When she handed it to me, I didn’t catch it intentionally, and quickly hid beside it. The whole pot of soup was completely smashed on her feet.Hardi hugged his feet.

Li Bin and her mother -in -law rushed up to check. I stood aside and said innocently: "Sister Zhang, you don’t say to look at it, wait, I will take you medicine."

Turn out alcohol and scald, I squatted in front of her, Li Bin gently took off her slippers. Unexpectedly, his elbows touched my arm suddenly, and a whole bottle of alcohol was spilled on Sister Zhang’s feet.Essence

"Ah!" Sister Zhang’s sharp cry rang throughout the room, and it hurts.

Li Bin immediately looked at me, pushed me aside, and said angrily, "Qiu Lanxin, you are so furious, even a medicine will not go up!"

"Just now you accidentally touched me, why blame me?"

I was right, he turned his eyes, pulled the gauze away, and said to Sister Zhang, "Come, I’ll wrap you first!"

"Lan Xin, no … no more!"

Sister Zhang’s body shook, moved her feet, and looked at Li Bin and her mother -in -law for help.

Li Bin softly comforted her a few words and pulled the gauze in my hand: "Forget it, I’m still here!"

I got up, and I was too lazy to look at them and turned into the bedroom.

Sister Zhang groaned because of pain, and I listened to a smile on my face.

What is this pain!

Compared with the pain in my heart, it is insignificant!

It has just begun, and you will receive it in the future.

But the next second, I couldn’t laugh anymore. I saw the small clothes, small shoes, and tender pink pink on the bedside table with the tender pink.

I couldn’t help it anymore, tears fell down.

No matter how hard I work, I did not bring my baby to this world after all.

I bought him so many gadgets, and he left me without seeing it.

baby!Mom is so sad!

Li Bin is there. I didn’t want to cry, but I couldn’t hold it when I saw things about my baby.

The more I cried, the more fierce, from silent crying to the number of signs, venting the pain in my heart.

Li Bin opened the door, glanced at me, and closed the door again.

He also lost his child, but he was not sad!

He didn’t care about the life and death of the baby at all!

I hate him with a hard time!

Baby, you can rest assured that one of our mothers can not run.


Because I missed my baby too much, I couldn’t sleep at all at night.

"Lan Xin? Lan Xin?"

About the middle of the night, Li Bin suddenly called me.

In my heart, I was full of grievances, deliberately pretending to sleep, and then heard the soft "squeak" sound, and the bedroom door opened a seam.

I was a little curious, got up lightly, slipped into the door and looked out of the door, and instantly clenched my fist. The nails were embedded in the tender meat of the palm and bite my mouth.

On the balcony, Li Bin hugged Sister Zhang, with a strong face.

It seems that everything I guess is really right!


Surgeon prostitute!

Actually flirting under my eyelids!

I scolded in hatred, and I couldn’t wait to rush to tear the pair of dogs and women. The baby was still cold. As a father, Li Bin and other women Qingqing me, he did not treat the baby as his own child!

I bite my lips and told myself to bear it. Now I can’t tear them up at all. I don’t say anything. The worst is derailment and divorce. It is too cheap to be!

Retreating to the bed, I hammered Li Bin’s pillow, as if it was his head.

I don’t know how long, Li Bin came in again. He looked at me deliberately, quietly went to bed, and slowly lay down, making a relaxed breath!

snort!Be guilty!

After a while, a slight snoring came next to me, but he slept steadily!


Li Bin said vaguely.

Also British, it’s so tired, not afraid of diabetes!

The anger rushed all the way to my Tian Ling Gaier. I picked up the Mark pen on the bed and focused on the black dot at the palm of my palm. I slapped Li Bin’s face, and my hands were numb.

"What are you doing?"

Li Bin was sleepy and asked me angrily.

"Husband, there are mosquitoes, I’m afraid he will bite you."

After that, I spread out my palms and let him see. The dark light and Li Bin’s myopia were blinded. He cursed me "Neurotorphic" and lay down and slept again. It is estimated that his brain was buzzing.

I slept a little bit in the middle of the night.


The next day I got up early, first pinched a few Li Bin’s hair from the pillow, and went to the bed in another room to search for it. Haohao was often played here.

I put the collected hair in two plastic bags.

When I had breakfast, I said that I wanted to go back to my mother’s house to disperse, and Li Bin, who was slightly swollen, was the first to support. My mother -in -law said that it was good and completely relaxed.

Sister Zhang, who was standing aside, didn’t say anything, but the sweeping speed was a lot faster. It is estimated that her heart has begun to be ecstatic.

Li Bin quickly sent me back to her mother’s house. As soon as he left, I told my dad what he knew.

My dad had to go to the kitchen to pick up a kitchen knife and find Li Bin, a family, and I told my mother to stop it.

I let him not be excited. This bad person is not worth setting in his old man, everything is discussed from a long way.

My dad asked me how to deal with it, and forcibly divorced them and told them that it was okay. The money at home was enough for me, and I could ask the best lawyer.

I shook my head, Li Bin is now at least derailed in marriage, and Hao Hao’s identity has not been confirmed.

I can take it out by my evidence at hand, and I am also implicated by them, so it is not cost -effective!

I want them to repay them ten times!I have a plan …

After listening to my dad, I patted my shoulder and said that this was his wise daughter, not as stupid as it was.

When I was in love with Li Bin, my dad said that I was stupid. He strongly opposed it, but it was invalid.

I was covered by love at the time, and I felt that Li Bin was poor.

My dad said that Li Bin couldn’t match me, and he was with me absolutely.

I think his old man is forces.

Later, my dad was afraid that our lives were hard, and it was softened, and the two companies under his men were managed to manage him.

Now I want to understand, my dad who hurts me is everywhere.

And Li Bin, his appetite is not just two companies, but to make all the property of the Qiu family change his surname Li.


After simply packing, my dad took me to the appraisal center, and I handed two hair.

One is Li Bin and the other is vast.

This is the first step.

As for the second step, it was a sharp knife that was finally stabbed into their hearts!

After returning home, I opened the laptop I carried and clicking a software.

This is the highlight!

I quietly installed a miniature camera at home and came from my friends to seek convenience for obtaining some evidence. After all, it was too troublesome to candid at home.

In the video, Sister Zhang cried, Li Bin coaxed, coaxing the two of them and hugging them, hugging and hugging the bed.

I saved it expressionlessly, and I planned to send them back as a gift in the future.


For more than ten days in my mother’s house, my girlfriend was afraid that I would lose my child to suffer depression and often ask me to go out.

I went shopping with my girlfriend, dinner, and played this city.

The day before returning home, when we passed a shopping mall, I actually saw Sister Zhang!

She stuffed a few money for a man, and the man didn’t know what to say.

Isn’t this man Li Wang, Li Bin’s distant relative?

I was impressed by him because when I was married, he asked me several red envelopes for various reasons.

Of course, more importantly, he looks good and is particularly picky among a group of men.

Why does Sister Zhang give Li Wang money, and what is the relationship between them?

I don’t think it’s right!

I still wanted to take a closer look, but I found that neither of them disappeared.

I hurriedly pulled my girlfriend to rush to their position, and did not find the shadow of Zhang and Li Wang. Am I really dazzling?


On the day I went home, I called Li Bin to pick me up, saying that there was good news to tell him.

Li Bin said busy and let me come back.

He is really busy, busy with Sister Zhang!

I stared at the computer to hold back the nausea, but my voice was sweet and greasy: "Make a lot of money!"

Li Bin immediately said, "Wife, you give me half an hour."

After about forty minutes, I went home.

I took out a few big bills to hand it to Sister Zhang and told her to make a few more dishes at noon.

Li Bin’s eyes were bright, knowing that I must have "good things" to tell him.

Of course it is a good thing, so it’s so good that he regrets it!

On the dining table, Li Bin and I said that "the King of Real Estate" Chen planned to invest in the place of Nanshan. The news has not been released, but there are already some people in the real estate industry and construction industry.President Chen’s eyes are very good. Some of the people who do it are tens of millions of people, and 99 % are a business that makes money.

Li Bin immediately said that he wanted to vote.

When I said it was 10 million, Li Bin was silent again.

Although he had two companies given by my dad, after all, it was a small company. It was okay to take out three or four million, but the company immediately took out 10 million, and the company could not turn around immediately.

Looking at him frowning, I deliberately said, "Husband, I wanted to help you, but the money at home was put into another big project by my dad.Woolen cloth!"

The word "loan" seemed to open his two pulses. He immediately said that he also wanted to loan, and comforted himself to say that he was wealthy and dangerous.

The news I brought by me made Li Bin too happy. He explored my quilt at night. I pushed him away and said that his body was uncomfortable, and he turned around.

After a while, Li Bin secretly slipped out of bed again. I naturally knew what he went to do!

I took the opportunity to take Li Bin’s mobile phone, entered the password, and immediately opened his WeChat.

When I was in love, Li Bin gave me the phone password to me, but I never looked at his mobile phone.

The WeChat page and I expected are so clean. There is no other content except for work.

I directly opened his transfer record, quickly retrieved the data screenshots of the data after the marriage, and sent it to myself.

After doing these, I eliminated the traces of use and put the phone back in place.


Soon, Li Bin took out more than 6 million again and made up the money in his hand, a total of more than 10 million, and a brain invested in President Chen’s project.

I heard that President Chen praised his young people with courage. My dad also said on the phone that he had his head and vision, and it was right to marry his daughter to him.

I hit the iron while I was hot, and flattered that he was the best husband in the world. Following him, I could count the money when I was fine in the future.

There was a fluttering expression on his face, and he was so hard to die.

My mother -in -law praised his son’s future with his head, saying that I could marry her as a solution to her last life. Maybe in her heart, I am now a high climbing.

After all, this project is successful, and the strength of his family can crush my family. No one chews behind him to say that he has a soft meal by his wife.

My mouth is inherent: "Yes, yes," but I bite the fangs and sneered. Now how high you stand, how miserable it will be, let you be proud for a few days.

The news of investing is naturally true. Li Bin is such a savvy person. The false news cannot lie to him, but this news is also a cup of poison I feed Li Bin. I want to make him fell as well as and never get up!

I was thinking about waiting patiently, but life is just to be disgusting!

Sister Zhang began to be lazy. I said her a few words, and she immediately showed me her face, as if she was the hostess of the house.

And from time to time she laughed at me:

"No child, what a perfect woman!"

"There is a fart with money, and it is not easy to live."

I heard this that I wanted to go up and pump her two big mouths. In her feelings, in her eyes, women do not have baby, and everything is in vain.

Now that Li Bin is not very good, her tail is up to the sky. It is a bit of a success to ask Li Bin. She can ride on my head to shit and fart.

I asked her to get out, and my mother -in -law came out of the bedroom and said that she was not good at her body and could not do without the care of Zhang.

"If you want her to wait, take her home and wait! Less less at home!"

I rolled my eyes at them.

My mother -in -law was also anxious, and began to yell at me: "Qiu Lanxin, what do you mean! Do you want to bomb my old lady away? Xiao Zhang and I have tried their best to serve you from your pregnancy. You are still disliked."

My mother -in -law said that I used to use people before, and I couldn’t use it.

Li Bin also came out.

Three to one, I can’t hold it!

Of course, this is not the most angry that makes me more angry.


Since Li Bin’s investment, Hao Hao has obviously got more at home.

That little Bi Zi seemed to be instructed by Sister Zhang, and deliberately added to me.

Every time I came, I wouldn’t accidentally break my limited edition lipstick, or I bleed the little Canglan perfume I just bought, and I hated my teeth itching.

As long as my face changes, Li Bin will always maintain him: "He is still a child, don’t see it with him."

I warned myself to tolerate, and insisted on the day of the start of the General Chen of Chen. At that time, the new hatred and old hate was calculated together, so that they had no way to go.

But again and again, when Hao Hao was holding my fantasy meteor again, when the flour was as flour in the sky, the anger in my heart couldn’t stop.he.

"You child is over!"

He stunned, and seemed to be scared by me, motionless.

Seeing that Li Bin came over, his body fell down, his nose and tears came down, his hands and feet climbed with me with the ground, and buried his face on the Chanel skirt I bought.

The mottled and sticky nose was disgusting, I spit out overnight meals!

"Aunt, I’m wrong, don’t get off my mother, please! Please!"

He showed how pitiful and pitiful, and I seemed to be the vicious stepmother of the ice and snow princess, and deliberately harmed him.

My mother -in -law wiped his tears in distress: "He is still a child, what is Lanxin, what do you and the child."

Look, there must be a son with his mother, and the mothers say the same.

Li Bin is attached to his mother, blame me who does not put cosmetics well, so I have to let the children see it, stingy!

Besides, I have so many cosmetics, and it will be broken and buy again.

This is not the case without 20 years of cerebral thrombosis. I have put cosmetics and hidden and tall. Is it possible to lock it to the safe?

I lost my mind and yelled at Li Bin: "The child does not care now, and some people say that he has a father and no father!"

This sentence touched Li Bin’s pain, and he seemed to be stepped on his tail, pulling his throat and scolding my lunatic.

"Qiu Lanxin, you can’t give birth to the psychological pervert of the child!" Li Bin threw this sentence and walked away with Haohao.

What does it mean to have a child? Why do n’t you have a little bit in your heart?

Hao Hao was very proud. He squeezed his eyes at me behind Li Bin and spit his eyes. He also touched a lipstick from his sleeves and broke it fiercely. I couldn’t wait to twist his head!

Who gives him the courage to be so good at my house!

What is even more angry is that I heard that my mother -in -law and sister Zhang said that I was "mental illness" everywhere. I couldn’t get used to the children of others.Take the child away from me, for fear that I caught their children to clean up.

It’s a group of people who have no brains!


A knife on the head of the "forbearance", I have a deep understanding during this time.

Just as I felt that I was about to get angry with myocardial infarction, the appraisal center’s phone directly pushed me into the abyss.

The result came out!

Two portions of the samples are not consistent!

Hao Hao is not Li Bin’s son. Is it wrong that I have inferred it before?

Is my child really abortion unexpectedly?

Is Zhang Ying another person?Just the same name as Zhang?

Even if he was alone, did Li Bin give Zhang Sister Zhang just to repay the kindness?

Did I go revenge the wrong person?

No, what is the between Li Bin and Sister Zhang?

Just plum twice?Unforgettable old love?Is it difficult to ban itself?

So why did Li Bin replace the company’s finances with his own person?

Numerous problems in my mind made me feel embarrassed. I was poured down a pot of ice water as if I was poured down.

What’s going on with all this?

The sound of "Ding Ding Ding" pulled me back to reality, and the hacker actually sent me an email!

The theme of the email is: "Pay me double the money last time, this time the news is absolutely worth it!"

The content of the email is a person’s photo. I clicked the face of the man and found that the person was actually Li Wang!


In a chaotic state, their brains are easy to be short -circuited.

I didn’t think about it, so I quickly played the full paragraph.

After playing, scold yourself stupid.

Fortunately, the hacker was honest, and I immediately sent several weChat screenshots to me.

After I read it, I started laughing.

Li Bin, Li Bin, you claim to be clever, with a green grassland on your head, but you do n’t know how to raise your son for others!

Sister Zhang couldn’t bear the loneliness at all, and Li Wang was secretly Chen Cang. Haohao was actually his son.

Li Wang’s face, Sister Zhang really couldn’t hold it.

After all, young blood at that time, do n’t have a forever, as long as you have it!

However, Li Wang is also bastard. He uses this as a threat. From time to time, he asked Zhang for some money, otherwise he would clear things with Li Bin.

Sister Zhang was afraid that he would influence that he would become Mrs. Kuo in the future and became his mobile withdrawal machine.

The scene of the mall was displayed in my mind that day, which was right!

It seems that I am not dazzling, but God gave me a pair of wisdom.

Let me see these people clearly!clear and direct!Really cut!

And in this dialogue, Sister Zhang also said that she gave me medicine, but the cursing medicine could not work because she didn’t take me away.

This woman is really fucking, even Li Wang said, "The most poisonous woman’s heart!"

It seems that I didn’t infer the wrong!A little regretted, if it was not hot soup in the pot that day, it was sulfate.

Since things have developed like this, the plan must be changed.

I have to add a fire, and a few dogs are bite the dog’s mouth.


Because the quarrel and Li Bin were caught in the Cold War, no one ignored anyone.

I often make excuses not to go home, and he is too lazy to care about me.

I endure disgusting, save some of the videos, and edit the most classic clips.

And sent an email to the hacker that on the morning of August 20, we also cooperated, and I would pay the deposit on the morning.

At the same time, I asked my dad to find a few buildings and let them find Li Wang’s trace.

This group of people is the hooligan of the ground, and give some money to do anything.

After finding Li Wang in a casino, Lou Ba quietly followed him under my teachings.

They cried Li Wang’s cry in a forced alley, and I wanted to add money to them not far away.

After ten minutes, a building smashed a stack of money on Li Wang’s face, and then picked his hair and spit his sputum on his face.Want your dog life! "

The muscles on Li Wang’s face were pumped, and his eyes were full of resentment. Finally, he gritted his teeth and yelled out two words: "Zhang Ying!", And then he was poured by a punch again.

Hahaha, it’s halfway!

What he wants is his brain that won’t turn around.

On the third day he was hospitalized, I found him, bought fruits, and paid medical expenses. He also replaced him for a single ward.

He said in doubt that Li Bin daughter -in -law, what do you come to do, but he did not expect him to recognize me.

I closed the door and threw him the parent -child identification report, and said with no expression, "I know the things you and Zhang Ying, let’s talk about a deal!"

Ten minutes later, I transferred 50,000 yuan to Li Wang, and he promised my request happily.

I laughed and pushed out the door from the ward.

I know that this trick must be done. He just wants money, and I give him money. After all, a gambler has no bottom line when he sees money.

He determined that the person who hit him was hired by Sister Zhang. The two were touched by tearing her face, and it was almost impossible to get money from Sister Zhang, and it was better to cooperate with me.

He helped me, and he could easily punish the woman who bullyed him by the way. Why not?


For Hao Hao’s little cub, I think he is still a child, and I must not let him go!

With fucking!

When he came again, I packed his things tightly. He couldn’t do it, so he made the family messy.

During this period, I deliberately opened Li Bin’s notebook. When he saw this, he poured the drink in his hand directly on the computer. The computer flashed the spark and completely black.

I immediately stunned Li Bin’s attention. Li Bin saw the situation, his eyes were red instantly, rubbing his hair hard, like a lion with anger!

The company’s data stored in his notebook. If it is destroyed, the loss is not a little bit.

Hao Hao was frightened at the sight of Li Bin, and I said that I deliberately spilled the drink on the computer.

I was not angry, I put a little bit of drinks on my computer and put it in my mouth, and said to him a little annoyed, "This strawberry juice is really hard to drink!"

"Non -nonsense, I splashed with a mang …"

After that, Li Bin was fiercely at his buttocks, and some hated iron and said, "I also learn to lie down!"

Hao Hao began to tear his throat and cried. I walked to Li Bin and persuaded: "He is still a child, don’t care about him, your husband, you disappear."

He snorted, put down Hao Hao, picked up his computer to repair, and roared at Zhang Sister Zhang when he was leaving: "No matter how to control the child!".

Sister Zhang was so frightened that she couldn’t speak, her face was not very good, and she hurriedly pushed his son out.

Wherever this goes, she will suffer.

After all, his son made a mess at home, and wasn’t it packed by her mother?

Sister Zhang packed up for almost four hours that day before it was finished. I sat on the sofa, while watching her seeds, watching her packing, and by the way, she was the chief commander, and she made the hair to the extreme.

The news of my mother -in -law was stored in a big discount on a shopping mall that day, and no one supported her.

She doesn’t want to roll, after all, she is still waiting to be the hostess of the house.

Sure enough, this little cub came to the rules a lot next time, and her mother -in -law and Li Bin boasted that he was sensible.

"Sister Zhang taught well!"

I came deliberately such a sentence, her face was dark.


Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, finally looking forward to the opening of the General Chen project.

The four of us were with their fingers a few days. They wanted to fly Huang Tengda in one fell swoop, and I was more anxious than them. I wanted to watch them fall from the cloud to the mud and fell a dog to eat shit.

On that day, Sister Zhang also wore a flower branch, wore a red cheongsam, and looked at the predestination.

When Li Bin and I left, Sister Zhang smiled flushed, as if Li Bin had entered the world’s rich list, and then opened Cadillac to marry her.

The project ribbon -cutting ceremony is set at the best hotel. Almost all people in the city are there, and many big brothers related to the construction industry have gathered.

Li Bin and I walked around with wine glasses to talk about laughter between the crowd.

Before cutting the ribbon, in order to play a role in propaganda, Mr. Chen will put some of the partners on the large screen to display it in the form of a video to show his strength.

I got the broadcast list. Twenty minutes later, I sent an email with a preparation machine to wait for the good show.

When the video was displayed, everyone’s eyes focused on the big screen, and soon it was Li Bin’s turn. Everyone praised his young and promising, and several big guys said that they would take the initiative to cooperate with him. Li Bin reached the highest time in his life.

He was really happy!

The picture suddenly blue screen. Everyone was shocked, and a video was directly broadcast. The hidden parts and faces of the characters seemed to add close -ups, which was extremely clear.

This is what I am particularly edited.

The sigh burst instantly, and then everyone’s eyes were concentrated on Li Bin. After all, he was the male protagonist inside.

Li Bin was also unbelievable. He lowered his head and wanted to slip, but was stopped by my dad with a few people and asked him loudly.He couldn’t answer, and my dad’s fist greeted him directly on his face, knocked him down, and everyone couldn’t stop.

There was a chaos on the scene, and I couldn’t cross it too much. I immediately played the body, covering her face with both hands and crying.Divorce!

People who are optimistic about the show are around the layers, and some men also take the opportunity to make up their feet on Li Bin’s ass. Li Bin found a wolf and slipped away while chaotic, and the farce came to an end.

I sat home in my dad’s car. On the way, I sent a WeChat again and turned 10,000 to tell the other party to set off.

It’s not over yet. For me, the good show opened.


I can’t wait to turn on the software, watching the joyful Zhang and mother -in -law on the screen, saying that it will make you cry for a while!

Ten minutes later, Li Bin entered the house with a gloomy face. His mother -in -law and Zhang saw that his nose was swollen, and quickly greeted him.

Li Binhuo had nowhere to send, pushing Sister Zhang on the sofa, holding her neck, scolding Sister Zhang "bitch!", Her anger was almost self -ignited.

Sister Zhang asked Li Bin pine, and her mother -in -law stopped Li Bin and asked him what happened.

Li Bin suddenly, like the leaky ball, squatted on the ground, grabbed his hair and said, "It’s over! It’s over!"

The mother -in -law and Zhang’s face were aggressive and looked at each other. A fierce man suddenly broke into the house, pulled up Zhang Sister, blushed, and squeezed her shoulders crazy.

That strength can shake the brain shock.

"You said, where did you get Lao Tzu’s son, where is he?"

Li Wang’s explosive acting skills, I silently gave him a praise in my heart.

Sister Zhang’s red and swollen face became frightened: "What your son, what are you talking about, what crazy here?"

"Hao Hao, Hao Hao is the son of Lao Tzu, don’t want to lie to Lao Tzu !!"

After speaking, Li Wang took out a parent -child identification from his pocket and threw it on the ground. The results of the appraisal made me lament that the hacker did not bully.

"In the……"

Sister Zhang hadn’t finished saying, and the mother -in -law on the side knew that she came over and scolded the sentence "Ling Woman!", Rushed over to pull Sister Zhang’s hair and slapped it.

Sister Zhang did not show weakness. She scratched her mother -in -law with a big face, blood spiny, similar to the disfigurement.

The two women rolled together and made eighteen martial arts such as digging, biting, 掐, scratching.

Sister Zhang’s cheongsam was torn, scattered!

My mother -in -law’s hood was dragged off, and the scalp was bright!

Li Bin watched the old lady and joined the team. After all, which man was sent to a bright green hat, he couldn’t say without eruption.

I watched the video and heard the sound of "Papapa", and it felt really miserable. Her eyes were full of eyes, "Continue."

Li Wang was very conscious, scolded a few words, pushed Li Bin a few times, and left.

The video was chaotic, and finally the police that neighbors heard the quarrel, everything ended.

There seemed to be a 120 voice, and Sister Zhang and my mother -in -law were lifted out.


One day later, I received a notice from the Public Security Bureau that Li Bin was officially arrested.

He had committed a big deal, and made Sister Zhang a plant man, and he had been squatting for a few years for malicious injuries.

The doctor at the hospital said that Zhang was supported by oxygen pipes. If she was pulled out, it would not be long. This was what she should suffer. She hurt my child and had a life.

Seeing me, Li Bin begged me to save him with tears, and said that it was Sister Zhang’s shame to seduce him, and he made mistakes. What he liked most was me.

Until now, he doesn’t know how to repent.

I put the divorce agreement and a stack of materials in front of him. He looked at it, and then said it was not, not like this.

In March of pregnancy, I suddenly had a small birth, and I did n’t intend to hear my husband and nanny talk. I decisively divorced

The content of the material is the account of the two companies he managed, and his WeChat transfer record, which can fully prove that he transferred the common property in his marriage without permission and derailed in the marriage.

With the help of my lawyer, he had to go out of the house, including the money he gave Zhang, and he had to recover it to me.

He himself has more than 3 million loans to repay, and he has enough to eat for a few more years.

"Li Bin, people are watching the sky, you just reflect in it!"

I stared at his eyes, and then covered my lower abdomen: "Atonement for what you did before!"

My dad deliberately explained it, so that the elder brother in the tail "took care of" him.

I heard that my mother -in -law had a heart attack because of excessive anger that day, and the situation was serious. I lived in the ICU, and the hope of rescue was slim.

Even if it can improve, I went out of the hospital, because it was a co -criminal, I had to stay in the prison for several years.

Out of the Public Security Bureau, I found that the sun was exceptionally good.

twenty one

However, it seems that the matter is not over. The video of the broadcast that day was still stared at by the police. The police have been involved in the investigation.

My dad was a little worried. After all, the source of the video was me, and I couldn’t run if I found it.

I didn’t think it was later. I heard that the IP of the hacker was foreign, and it was difficult to obtain evidence. The investigation could not be proceeded.

Afterwards, my code farmer friend said that he was afraid of provoking things. What he found me was a foreign hacker. He really thanked him for his timidity and carefulness and unintentionally helped me.

I just breathed a sigh of relief. After two days, three more policemen took a search certificate to go to the door, because Li Bin said that the camera can be inferred through the shooting situation. For my security, check the home again.

My heart mentioned again, scolding Li Bin is not something, all of which, and I want to drag me into the water.

The three policemen searched in my house for more than 20 minutes, but left empty -handed.

It turned out that my dad had removed the micro camera and handled it, and he was afraid that I would spread it in the future.

The video of Li Bin and Sister Zhang was the entire network that day. Although it was deleted a lot, the broadcast volume was amazing.

My negative comments in the community disappeared instantly, and they became Li Bin and Sister Zhang. They were codenamed "dog men" in others’ mouths, and one codenamed "cheap woman".

This time, their faces were completely lost, and they didn’t know if they could be a good person after they came out.

By the way, there is also the little cub that Haohao. It is said that he was later returned to Li Wang. Li Wang was a gambler.

I later saw the little cub once, dragging two glittering nose, dirty and smelly, begging on the street, Li Wang monitored not far away.

My mother -in -law had an attack, and she was 110. It was the last time to help him. He was still a child.

On the day of the judgment, I went to a cemetery in the western suburbs. There were no photos on the tombstone, no name, only five words: "Son of Qiu Lan’s heart".

At first I commissioned my friends and the hospital to ask my baby out, bought a small coffin, and buried him here.

Judging from the photos of friends, he has taken shape, so a small person, a friend said he was a boy.

It is cremated, the ashes are not as big as the fist, so small.

I put down the flowers and toy cars, took out the lighter to burn the judgment, touched the small tombstone, and slid the cheek quietly: "Baby, mother finally avenged you …" (Original title: Ferry"Dink"))

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