Story: Husbands marry me and my sister -in -law at the same time.

After two days of death, Gao Yan took me to the princess.

The people underneath thought that I was jealous, and she couldn’t tolerate her sister and killed her secretly.

However, the fact is that in this residence like a living coffin, only my sister and I depended on each other.

In the summer, the burning was not reduced.

The East Courtyard of the Wangfu, Quanfu was gathered in the courtyard to watch a penalty, and the person who was punished was the princess Meng Qingyao who was not long in Zhengfu.

Under the scorching sun, the heavy board fell on Meng Qingyao’s waist and hips, so that the slaves who were called on the crowd could not help but look down, and dare not look straight.Looking at it, I couldn’t help but leave my eyes.

Meng Qingyao was sweating and suffering her face on the long case. She grasped the corner of the case tightly, gritted her teeth and endured the pain, and let the board fall on the body.If you do n’t admit your mistakes, you do n’t make a pain, and you can hold his teeth solemnly.

In the cool place in front of her, the four maids shaken the fan. When the emperor, the emperor, the regent Wang Gaozhang was sitting on the couch with a indifferent expression, and was holding her pregnancy.Embarrassment and shame.

Suddenly, she looked up at the front of her head, and she had a murderous intention in her eyes. It was a kind of eyes that wanted to make the enemy a thousand swords.Drinking: "But the executioner did not eat enough? The princess did not know how to repent, refused to admit wrong, and gave it to the king more!"


When the servant was panicked, he started to get heavier. The moment the board fell on his body, his bones were about to break.

However, Meng Qingyao still couldn’t bear it without a word, and did not confess his mistakes until he was fainted, not awakened, and was woken up by cold water.

She knew that Gao Yan was extremely disgusted with her. She wanted to take the opportunity to humiliate her. In front of the people’s faces, she asked her to sweep the floor with a face, and she had no decent at all. With the Meng family behind her, her face had been hanging again.The reason for the reason is that it is not important at all. What is important is that she is not good at it. The Meng family is uneasy.

However, this time, the reason for the punishment was: she was jealous, no mother -in -law, and she could not tolerate the gesture of the house, and she was pregnant, which caused Jin Furong to slide the tire.

This is really too much to raise her. In order to protect herself, she is too late to hide and become transparent. How can she provoke him?Especially pet.

She didn’t know how much Gao Yan hated her, but knew how much Gao Yan hated her father and the cabinet to support Meng Chaoa. She really wanted to dream of her father Qiandao Wanzhang to relieve hatred.

Five years ago, in order to humiliate her father and the entire Meng family, Gao Xun intimidated to seduce his family and asked to marry her.Near her marriage, she destroyed her reputation, and asked her sister Meng Bier to be a dowry.Before this, on the day of the wedding, he suddenly became a wife and concubine. His sister was his wife, and the sister -in -law was Teng Ying.The face is lost.

The husband married me and my sister at the same time.

A month ago, the sister -in -law was unwilling to be dislocated and framed. In order to be innocent, her son who was more than two years old took care of her and died on her own. Moreover, she was pregnant for more than three months in her belly, but in the endNo, a roll of the seat directly, and the mountain outside the city was buried casually.After that, the funeral she had secretly arranged, asking the Taoist to do it.

After two days of death, Gao Yan took her to correct her as the princess, and the night before the sister’s dying, she slept with her one night.Jealous, he can’t tolerate his sister -in -law, secretly killed the former princess.

However, the fact is not. In this mansion that has no hope, like a living coffin, she and sister -in -law are dependent on each other and have a good relationship. The fundamental reason is that Gao Yan’s heart is distorted, hate their sisters into bones, and do not treat them as people at all.Essence

And all of these, the most fundamental reason is that more than ten years ago, Gao Yan’s mother -in -law, the mother of Zhuang, participated in the fight against power. Their father Meng Chaoyi participated in the actions of safeguarding the imperial power and defeating the rebels.Zhuang Fei’s mother was tragically, and Zhuang Fei was given to death.Therefore, Gao Yan has always hated that the Emperor’s Words led by the Meng Chao, and felt that they had killed his mother -in -law and grandfather’s family.


After Meng Qingyao was awakened by cold water, Gao Yan sneered in front of her, choked her chin to raise her head, gritted her teeth and sneered, "Do you hate the king? I can’t wait to kill the king?"

"Oh!" Meng Qingyao suddenly abandoned the cultivation of everyone’s ladies, directly like a vixen, and scolded him, "Poor and abominable people must not die, beware of the thunderbolt!"

As a daughter of the Meng family, she has a double appearance, always intelligent and proud, different from Meng Bier’s humbleness, humiliating her, stepping her face into the dust, and seeing her itchy teeth, but it makesGao Yan’s heart was more happy and satisfied, so he wiped his saliva on his face without laughing, and ordered: "


After getting the order by the criminal servant, she began to execute again. The heavy board fell on Meng Qingyao’s waist and hips again, causing her to grit her teeth and carry it hard.

"If you are willing to bow your head and admit your mistakes, you will apologize to Furong, and this king can open the Internet. How can you forgive you?" Gao Yan stood aside and seduced.

"A crown beast, a teaching workshop official, do you want me to bow your head? Dreaming! If you are capable, you will kill me today, and I will not let you go!"

Meng Qingyao endured the pain and cursed fiercely.The face of the two people was extremely ugly, especially the pet Jin Furong. She was a woman who was not a cheap family member. Even if she was graceful in the Henan Palace, she was just a positionless servant, evenThe concubine was not considered, so it was really poked at the pain point, and he could only endure it.

And the prince and the regent king, as Gao Yan, who storage of cheap women, can naturally be unable to hang up. Even if you like it again, even at the beginning to use to humiliate Meng’s sisters, they indicate that they are not even as good as officials.However, it also seems that he has no distinction between nor inferiority. Everyone will bring it in the house and get down, so that he has become a joke and talk, just like he is now despising and poking the backbone.

So he couldn’t help but anger the warning: "Believe or not, this king also makes you an official trick? Including your Meng family’s family members!"

Meng Qingyao suddenly seemed to be stepping on the cat with a middle tail. For a while, she didn’t dare to be angry again. It is not necessary to be humiliated by her own suffering.She is really unbearable and dare not make danger. After all, Gao Yanxin is ruthless, and she really does the same.

However, in the end, she thought again and again, and still had to do the opposite, pretending to be ashamed, very calm and ironic: "So good, it is better than being the princess of the Henan, instead of being humiliated and dying.And alive, maybe you can still be fortunate to be the pet of which minister, live a few years of happiness. "

As soon as Gao Yan heard it, he was so angry that Meng Qingyao was outstanding, but he just wanted to humiliate her to degrade her, dismissed her from spirit, let her change from her wife, and never touched her.Even if she touched her sister -in -law, let her sister give birth to her children and did not touch her to make her a joke. However, five years have passed, and she still has not been destroyed and succumbed.He couldn’t, but made him a joke.

The next moment, he was gloomy and fooled away, and the Ji Ji saw this, and hurriedly followed him to comfort and please.Jin Furong was so angry that she was so angry that she leaped directly to Meng Qingyao, so that she was full of her body, and she was even more embarrassed. Then she scolded and left in anger.

With the end of the penalty, the tight nervous nerves were relaxed. Meng Qingyao directly fainted, and then she was lifted into the house with tears with a personal maid.

And her back and hips were all congested and bruised. Looking at the people, she didn’t know if she hurt her bones and how long it would take to stay.

Shortly after the night, she began to have a high fever, sweating, even if she took medicine and drank the medicine soup, she did not work immediately, until the middle of the night, and then fell asleep.

When I slept until the evening of the next day, when Meng Qingyao was weak and woke up, she suddenly saw Mu Liangqiu standing next to Gongzhong Yuqiu, and was very shocked.

When the Emperor Chao Emperor was 10 years old, the queen mother was her cousin, and she and her sister were the family members of the regent, and she would enter the harem from time to time, so she recognized Mu Liangqiu and knew that Mu Liangqiu was a royal chef.I smiled and asked, "Mu Shangshi, how can you come here?"

"The queen mother learned that Princess Yu had discomfort, and she specifically ordered me to take care of her mother’s diet. I have boiled the medicated soup, as well as the medicinal bath water that can promote blood circulation and relieve pain.Bubbles? "Mu Liangqiu is not humble and holds in front of him, and said concisely.

"Let’s use meals first, I am hungry." Meng Qingyao’s face remembered happily. However, as soon as he left, the whole waist and hip pain couldn’t make his strength., Painful to make her speak directly, "Ah oh …"

"Miss, is it okay? Is it very painful?" The removing girl Mei Er hurriedly took her hands to help.

Meng Qingyao could not help but feel deeply, gritting his teeth and tolerating his pain: "Don’t hurt, help me get up."

"Yes, be careful, take your time."

With the help of Mei Er, Mu Liangqiu took his hand to help, Meng Qingyao frowned and gritted his pain to stand up from the couch, and then sat down carefully on the cushion at the table at the table, and then rinsing his mouth to wash his face to eat.

When she was silent and full of her head, her head became more and more sober, and she suddenly asked: "Where is the child now? Can you cry?"

劼 劼, full name Gao Yan, is the only child left by Princess Yu Bier, a former Yu Bier, who is almost three years old. From the blood of the blood, he is Meng Qingyao’s nephew. Ethically, he is the step of Meng Qingyao.But in Meng Qingyao’s heart, she only recognized that she was her nephew, and she did not recognize others.

At this moment, she was awake, and suddenly she just wanted to make a way for herself and her nephew, and also made a good end for the Meng family.A good ending is that Gao Yan died as soon as possible, and she could control the entire Henan Palace.

"The grandmother is playing in the courtyard." Mei Er said respectfully.

"Hmm!" Meng Qingyao thought about it, and said, "Go to the bath water, I want to bathe and change clothes."

"But do you want to take a medicine directly?" Mei Er asked.

"Directly soak the medicine bath."


Mei Er turned directly out and instructed her to prepare for the medicine.

Mu Liangqiu didn’t say much about anything. He directly reminded the subordinates how to mix the cold medicine bath water, and cannot directly use well water to cool down. Moreover, the water temperature should not be too hot or too cool.

Meng Qingyao looked at the back of Mu Liangqiu’s departure, and his eyes were complicated and concerned, but he didn’t dare to ask more about it. He only felt that the queen mother suddenly sent her. What must be?So be careful.


The medicine bath came out for half an hour, and the night had come. Meng Qingyao felt that his body was much easier and the pain was not so strong.

She sat on the pad on the couch, hugged Gao Yan who had bathed after dinner, suddenly retreated all the maids, and asked Meier to go to the door to look at the wind.Wangfu, what is the purpose? "

Mu Liangqiu held his hands in front of him, stood on the right side of Meng Qingyao, hesitated for a moment, and smiled rigorously: "It is to come to take care of the mother’s diet."

She was uncertain whether Meng Qingyao and Gao Yan were full of anger and still chanted their husbands and wives, so they refused to disclose the real purpose of the queen mother to assign her.

Even if she was in the backyard of the palace, Meng Qingyao knew that the queen mother was actually very afraid of Gao Yan, who was in the regent of the regent, and had already planned to seize power with some ministers to prevent Gao Yan from usurping the throne and prepare for the future of the emperor.So she said directly: "Don’t worry, I have resentment with the regent king, and there is no love with him. Now I just want to find a way for herself and her children.What is the idea of the queen mother, but it is okay. "

Mu Liangqiu, who had been in danger in the palace for a few years, was still unhappy. He was cautious and asked, "If you want the regent that the regent to have no intention of government, will the mother help?"

She is unwilling to do such a thing that has no grievances and hate but to live human life. However, the queen queen’s high weight and alone harem, ordered her to do so, to take the life silently, for the sake of herself.In order not to have a coup and disturbance with her family, she can only do it.

When Meng Qingyao heard it, he was not surprised. He directly recruited Mu Liangqiu and said closer to her ear: "It is okay to take his life, as long as you are not disaster and me and the Meng family, can you have a way?"

"There is a method, but I need to be discussed from a long way. I must stay first."

As soon as Mu Liangqiu finished speaking, Meier’s voice came suddenly, "Butler, but do you find a lady in my house?"

"His Royal Highness wants to see Mu Shangshi, and I will come to summon it, can she be inside?" The voice of the steward came directly.

Mu Liangqiu couldn’t be surprised. After looking at Meng Qingyao, he turned directly and walked directly.

It didn’t take long after that, she was led by the housekeeper of the palace by the housekeeper of the palace. When she saw Gao Yan’s legs, she sat on the couch casually, and then said: "The little girl has seen His Royal Highness Yu, and His Royal Highness His Royal Highness WanfuJin’an. "

Because I have seen it many times in the palace, I have also tasted her superb cooking skills many times.Said: "Why do you send you to the real purpose? When you come truthly, these gold belongs to you."

Mu Liangqiu is not stupid. He knows that he has only one head on his neck, so he said calmly: "The prince of the prince of Yu has discomfort, and she has not been pregnant for many years.Come and take care of Princess Yu’s mother -in -law for a while, so that Princess Yu’s mother -in -law eats well and sleeps well soon. "

Gao Yan’s very handsome eyebrows, I don’t believe it at all. I can’t help but sneer: "Women have pregnancy or not, focusing on intercourse, when can I conceive through diet?"

"The farm farm is important, the seed is important, the fertile land is naturally more important, good species and good land, naturally can be harvested.Help the effect of pregnancy. "

"Hehehe …" Listening to the metaphor, Gao Yan couldn’t help but felt that Mu Liangqiu was really a wizard and interesting, so he made trouble and asked, "If the woman is inadequate, there is no pregnancy, and the diet will be"

"Hezhi returned to the palace to recover, and told the queen mother to worry about not worrying." Mu Liangqiu continued to flicker.

However, Gao Yan is a human essence, not a fool, and he will not believe it easily. If he knows what you can’t ask, he said, "The king has not eaten dinner, and you immediately go to the kitchen to make a few dishes for the king."

Mu Liangqiu knew early that Gao Xun was restrained, and his means was spicy. The prince who had never been favored to achieve the regent king of more than 10,000 people under the same way.: "The little woman refuses, please do it in the government in the government."


When everyone was surprised, Gao Yan thought that Mu Liangqiu thought he was not qualified and did not match the meals she made, so he couldn’t help but ask.

"Because His Royal Highness has suspicion of the little woman, she will worry about the little girl poisoning in the diet. She will not eat it and will cause food waste. Therefore, the little girl does not cook a diet for His Royal Highness, so as not to waste food. Please do it by others."

When I heard the reason, it seemed to be seen through, and Gao Yan suddenly helplessly, and then ordered, "You can do it first, there are special drugs in the house, and Wang Wang forgive you dare not poison, go!"

He suddenly felt that Mu Liangqiu was very interesting, and it was not easy.


The purpose was achieved, and a little trust was won. Mu Liangqiu left directly and left, and transferred to the kitchen to give Gao Yan for dinner.

"And stay in the house, but keep close attention."

After Mu Liangqiu walked away, Gao Yan’s expression was cold, and he ordered to tell the housekeeper directly.

"Yes, it will be careful not to be in trouble, and there will be no mess." The butler Wei said directly.

After that, when the meals were done, one soup was sanxian, the plate was exquisite, and the color and fragrance were all. After the servant tried to poison, Gao Yan was relieved and tasteful. There was no scruple, and occasionally admired it.


At noon the next day, the East Courtyard of Wangfu, Meng Qingyao and Xier were having lunch. Mu Liangqiu stood aside and was favored by the background of the Ji Ji in the house to infer the preferences and weaknesses of Gao Yan.Make a targeted manner.

Suddenly, Jin Furong was supported by the maid with four or five months, and the pregnant belly that had been slightly rolled in was helped by the maid.Look at you, can you have a better body? "

As soon as Meng Qingyao saw her, she remembered her sister’s grievances, a dead body, and her sister and her punishment and flesh.This woman revenge and hate.However, she couldn’t do this. Her dogs had to look at the owner. They couldn’t get innocent. With the lives of other people, she could only grit her teeth and hold chopsticks tightly.

Kim Furong was petted and settled directly to the case table. Opposite Meng Qingyao, the orchid fingers directly grabbed the braised meat on the plate on the table at the table.Which criminal can suffer from the suffering of this flesh? Right? His Royal Highness is actually towards the sister. Why should my sister come to the His Royal Highness? "

Seeing her solemn and arrogant face, she also sat with her lady and sat at the face of face. Meier suddenly didn’t hit a place, but as soon as she arrived, she suddenly thought that her lady was not favored by favored.In case she was anxious again, and sued the king of Yu, the king of Yu was not distinguished from the blue and red soap, and the lady was eventually punished.

Seeing that no one answered, Meng Qingyao, who had always been proud of her, still disdain her. Jin Furong took care of the soup and looked at Mu Liangqiu and said, "You are Mu Shangshi?Let me make a few more dishes, I want to have lunch with my sister. "

Mu Liangqiu stood upright, and he didn’t move his face indifferently. He disdaindly said: "You are a cheap place to wait, not even the concubine, why do you sit flat with the princess?

"You …" Jin Furong, who was not angry, suddenly became angry and fell down the spoon heavily, so he was speechless.

"You don’t distinguish from inferiority, can you know how many princess Yu is? What are the female officers in the palace? You can have a grade level?The official trick is not as good as the woman in the good family. However, the princess mother has the right to sell you to the house. Don’t know how to do it. Now, your only reliance is only a bit of color and the fetus in the belly.It ’s a boy, maybe you can still be expensive and get rid of the cheap.

The so -called seven inches of snakes and snakes, Mu Liangqiu’s attacks are all in the weakness of Jin hibiscus.This made Jin Furong’s dumbness and was speechless, and his face was green, and Meng Qingyao and Mei Er directly laughed and said nothing.

Mu Liangqiu pretended a good intention, and reminded: "Remind you kindly, the princess mother is unwell, and her diet is mixed with promoting blood circulation and blood stasis. Pregnant women should not eat more.Don’t blame it to my head. "

As soon as Jin Furong heard it, his face was frightened, and the flower was out of color. He still thought that since Meng Qingyao and the Er were eating, it must be no poison.Get up, hurry to leave, find a place to vomit.

The child in her belly is the guarantee of her wealth, but she cannot be lost at all.The king of Yu was suspicious, and she was uncertain. She was not sure that she could still be pregnant after she was sure, so she had to be careful and careful.

"Mu Shangshi, you are really amazing!" After watching Jin Furong’s air, Meier was glad to sigh.

Meng Qingyao laughed without saying a word, and after the servant retired directly, he asked Mu Liangqiu to ask: "I have a hatred with this servant, and for the future, I want to let it disappear together with the fetus in the abdomen, and the name is right.Do you have a good way? "

Mu Liangqiu thought for a while, and said directly: "There are laws, such as Zizhuang difficulty, none survive."

As soon as Meng Qingyao heard it, if he saw hope, he immediately shined with his eyes and asked: "How can we do it?"

Mu Liangqiu thought for a while, and said, "First of all, the mother -in -law should take the responsibility of the princess, in charge of the affairs in the government, and improve the monthly silver of each house Ji Ji, and send more supplements, especially the pregnant Ji Ji.Send more, so this will not cause doubt. I can make some appetizers, and the purpose can be achieved naturally. "

Meng Qingyao understood it, and nodded with thoughts and agreed.

Mu Liangqiu then said, "Also, to let the king of Yu and Ji Ji Ji bed couch, you must let the Ji Ji have a lot of money at hand, dress up the flowers, and have a special person to teach Ji Ji’s house to sleep in the house, so that the king of Yu King is obsessed with it., So on.

"It’s so difficult to achieve, Gao Yan is not a stupid generation." Meng Qingyao said with concerns.

"To let him die, you must be mad first, starting from the diet, it must not be done." Mu Liangqiu said very confidently.

Meng Qingyao chose to believe it, and then began to think about how to use the princess to control the large and small affairs of the entire Wangfu, so that it is convenient to implement the beauty of the diet to achieve their own goals.


In the evening, Gao Yan was busy returning from the palace to the house, went directly to the East Court to visit Meng Qingyao, and left for dinner together to make Mu Liangqiu make a few more dishes.

Meng Qingyao began to have a calculation in his heart. He did not give his face nor a face nor shook his face to him. He appeared a bit more relaxed than before, and he was not arrogant and disdainful.

When Gao Yan took the initiative to show her vegetables, she did not directly dislike the dishes as before, but she picked off the vegetables and threw it on the table.Some, so that you can grow up quickly and protect yourself. "

"Hmm!" He chewed the food and nodded happily.

"You are so educating children like this?" Gao Yan asked a little unhappy.

"Otherwise, how to raise it? Could it be that your His Royal His Royal His Royal Highness? Pets his wife, and even those who are pregnant with your wife can force death, and you can also expect to treat the sister -in -law? If you can’t make a living by yourself, can you still live?" Meng QingyaoWith a light face, he asked one after another, and his attitude did not change from 180 degrees, which made Gao Yan no doubt.

However, he was so angry that he was so angry that he was so angry that he couldn’t help but inspire everyone, and he cried and rushed into Meng Qingyao’s arms to seek asylum.

Meng Qingyao hugged the child and asked calmly and asked, "What? Isn’t you going to kill me again? Do you want to kill your wife again?"

Gao Yan suddenly looked at her, then picked up the chopsticks, and continued to eat in silence. He didn’t get up and left in anger like before.

He suddenly felt vaguely that Meng Qingyao’s attitude changed, his eyes were not so indifferent and arrogant, and the relationship between them had a mildness. Therefore, he did not choose to leave angrily and let everything return to the origin.

Seeing the purpose, Meng Qingyao did not continue to say anything, so as not to seem anxious to achieve success, but it was clumsy.

"Isn’t the queen queen looking forward to your childhood birthday as soon as possible? You don’t want to?"

After eating silently for a long time, Gao Yan suddenly meant the long -term temptation.

"Huh!" Meng Qingyao couldn’t help but sneer. "A famous, no real, no power, but just a princess of the house behind the palace, or the daughter of the enemy, can be removed at any time, what is the difference between or not?"Sigh, "It’s just a person who has increased his life!"

I don’t know why, every word she could poke into Gao Yan’s heart, which made him shock, and it hurts, but he didn’t say anything.

After a meal, he didn’t stay too much, and returned to the main house directly.

In the main house, shortly after he sat down, the housekeeper Wei was reporting to the government for a day. Jin Furong had grievances, tears in his eyes to sue, and told Mu Liangqiu to add oil to her number and vinegar.It was intentionally to harm her, so that Gao Yan must be the master for her.

However, Gao Yan, who was tired for a day and was annoying, directly blame: "If Mushang’s food harms you, it will remind you that there are blood circulation and blood stasis in your diet? You eat the diet of the injured. You can eat it casually.In the future, you run to the East Court less, and do less to provoke the princess.

"His Royal Highness, his body …" Jin Furong screamed immediately when he saw that he was wrong.

However, this time, Gao Yan didn’t get used to her, and he directly ordered: "Go!"

Jin Furong was a woman of the official family and was waiting in the Fangfang Division. She was very good at inspecting words and guessing people’s mood.

After her walking away, Gao Yan asked Wei Guan, "What is the abnormality of Mu Shangshi?"

"In the early days, in addition to leaving the house to purchase some unusual non -toxic medicinal materials and some ingredients, most of the time she was busy in the kitchen. Other chefs studied cooking from her. She did not refuse.There is nothing unusual in the Eastern Court. "The steward of the manager reported it truthfully.

Listening to the report, plus the background and experience of Mu Liangqiu have been sent to investigate Mu Liangqiu. It is very clean. Just a good family woman and the palace royal chef. There is nothing suspicious.Then, let’s go first. "


The steward of Wei Wei retired directly, leaving Gao Gao alone.

A few days later, Meng Qingyao’s complexion became better, and her body recovered similarly. Then she set off a banquet in the Eastern Court to invite Gao Yanzhong Ji to come and chat to improve the indifferent relationship in the past and become a chess piece that can be available.

Everyone witnessed all kinds of food snacks carefully installed, and after taste, after taste, they couldn’t help but praise Mu Liangqiu’s cooking technology.

Jin Furong held his pregnant belly but deliberately asked Mu Liangqiu, "Is this diet, is pregnant?"

According to the position, she was in the middle and was ranked behind the concubine, but as soon as her words came out, she caused "public anger" and became the target of the hostile eyes of everyone. She successfully became the focus of the audience, which was uncomfortable.

"This time, no blood circulation medicinal materials are not mixed. Pregnant women can eat. If you don’t worry, you can refuse to eat." Mu Liangqiu stood aside, very calm.

Seeing the focus, the limelight crossed the concubine, Jin Furong proudly picked up the snacks and tasted it. He saw that the other Ji Ji was full of disgust and uncomfortable, but he had a scruple and it was not easy to say anything.

However, after a moment, she couldn’t get up, because Meng Qingyao secretly invited the old man who came to the Fangshi Division, and the Wangfu son and the Ji Ji should be stained as the princes and scattered leaves of the palace, so that the old man was at the banquet.The preaching of the sleeping technique can make the Ji Ji win the love of King Yu.

Among the Ji Ji, especially the two side concubines, they are the ladies of the high officials of Guimen’s family. They are disdainful and shameful to learn these. At first, they were very repulsive, but gradually, they also did not lose.In other Ji Ji, he listened forward and learned one or two.

I heard that the old -fashioned knowledge was rich, and the head was the Tao, and the Ji Ji was very serious and concentrated, and Jin Furong was not angry. Meng Qingyao looked at Mu Liangqiu with a smile without saying a word.The son is clear for his friends, but it can be used by himself.


In the evening, Gao Yan was busy returning to the palace from the palace. After hearing it, he rushed into the Eastern Court in anger and asked Meng Qingyao, "Meng Qingyao, what do you want to do?

Meng Qingyao was sitting on the couch with her table with sex, and there was no dignified manner that the princess should have, and she could not stand up to salute.I am pregnant? I still think that the Wangfu son is thin? Now what I do is thinking for His Royal Highness and Wangfu, to benefit His Royal Highness, let the Ji Ji be stained by the rain and dew.Satisfaction? In this case, it is okay to abolish me this immediately. "

The sentence is reasonable, there is almost no loopholes, and Gao Yan heard that he was speechless, depressed and astonished. For the woman in front of him, there was no way to add a little way, but he hoped that she could be jealous.Only disdain and pride.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Meng Qingyao also said: "If His Royal Highness His Royal Highness has no objection, he will give me the power of the main mother in the house, and let me take care of the houses.And the son of Ji Ji can be raised in my name, there is the name of the puppet, what? Is it generous and the master of the main mother? "

Gao Yan was so angry that he was smoky and asked fiercely, "Don’t you want to be Princess Yu? And why do you want to do it now?"

"I don’t want to, but in order to grow up in order to grow up, I will become a son in the future. I have to think that I must still be able to stabilize this princess." Meng Qingyao said calmly and said calmly.

"Huh!" Gao Yan couldn’t help scoffing his nose, feeling that he could never really get the woman in front of him. She was a flower of kaolin. Even if it was forcibly occupied, it didn’t make sense, it just made herself feel pitiful.

After that, he didn’t say anything again, he left angrily, worshiping him, looking up at him, and he would not be against him, and he would be docile, and he had a balanced thinking in order to get the balance in his heart.

Half a month later, a group of winter defense satin was sent in the palace. Meng Qingyao was directly distributed to each house Ji Ji for clothes.The Rouge gouache was sent to each house Ji Ji, which made the Ji Ji feel more affectionate about her. Without the mind, she would only care about how to get Gao Yan’s favor and go to their room.

In addition, slowly, the diet of the master in the palace is basically the responsibility of Mu Liangqiu. Other chefs get her to teach the cooking skills without having to do too much and be discerned by the owner.She was also responsible for her, so that she had the opportunity to mix some aphrodisiac curetic materials, so that Gao Yan became more and more refreshing, and the demand for that aspect became greater, so as to go to Ji Ji’s room.

This makes Jin Furong feel more and more crisis, but there is no solution, you can only scold in his own courtyard, but also overeating, plus the diet that Mu Liangqiu gave her is targeted., Make her appetite with great appetite, can’t restrain her pouting, and always wants to eat food.

One night, Meng Qingyao came out of the screen and came out of the screen. Suddenly, I saw Gao Yan sitting in the bedroom. It seemed to drink alcohol and was a little drunk, which made her very shocked.The maid went out and closed the door.

The next moment, Gao Yan stood up directly and walked towards her, reached out and pulled her belt, hugged her waist, and kissed her lips, so that she instinctively began to earn and earn it.He pushed him, and saw that he couldn’t push it, and was poured on the couch. She ripped her obscene clothes in a hurry, causing her to be in a hurry.Look at her.

Meng Qingyao didn’t stop there. He pushed him away directly, got up and fucking the vase and smashed into Gao’s head. At the same time as the vase was broken instantly, the top of the top of the high head flowed down quickly, making him can’t help but can’t helpDizziness turned, and then anger couldn’t scream, "Do you hate the king so much?"

Meng Qingyao’s mood was complicated, and he was angry, and he yelled directly: "Yes! I can’t wait to kill you by myself! You destroy my reputation and destroy my life, let me be humiliated into a joke, kill my sister, let my mother miss my motherDo you still remember the tragic situation of hanging on my sister? She died with hate with your flesh and flesh. You do n’t even have a funeral. You have been able to kill you for funeral!"

Ken’s head looked down for her, why did something go so? "

Meng Qingyao’s tears flowed down the cheeks, and the mood couldn’t help but even more excited and looked a little embarrassed, "I really haven’t asked me? The more I ask, the more you blame you, how do you ask me?A beast, a beast, and destroying his wife, only the servant Jin Furong is full of eyes.

Gao Yan was shocked and stunned, and he was speechless. He guilty turned and turned around, and opened the door and left.


Mei Er and other maids quickly rushed in. For a while, she didn’t know what to say, so she hurriedly sorted out Meng Qingyao’s clothes and began to clean up the vase fragments on the ground.

Meng Qingyao slowly calmed down, and she had a lingering, weak, and turned to sit on the couch. After a long time, the more she thought about it, she was afraid that she would abandon and get innocent.So, hurriedly said, "Meier, you go to find Mu Shangshi, I have to find her."


As soon as Meier heard it, he hurriedly turned and left, and he was going to call Mu Liangqiu.


Soon, Mu Liangqiu hurriedly arrived with Meier. Meng Qingyao hurriedly sent the maid and briefly described the original committee of the matter.Is it good? "She held Mu Liangqiu’s hand closely," In case he is about to abolish or give me death tomorrow, and snatch the child away, wouldn’t it be abandoned before? How can this be good? "

"Mother’s panic, that’s not that’s the matter. It is not easy for the prince to abandon the princess. It also needs to be recorded in the book of the clan.

"Why don’t I go to the hoe and ask for a crime immediately?" Meng Qingyao asked anxiously.

"No, it is best to see the change in quietness today.

Meng Qingyao is thinking about it, and it seems more calm and rational.

Mu Liangqiu was very calm and thought, and said directly: "In a few days, it will be Mid -Autumn Festival. At that time, you will have a reunion meal.After that, sincere move. "

"Well, uh!" Meng Qingyao suddenly understood, and soon thought of the method of response, and said happily, "I know how to do it, thank you!"

Seeing Meng Qingyao’s hot and joyful eyes, Mu Liangqiu hurriedly said, "Don’t thank you, should."

After a few days of the Cold War, various speculations of the house in the palace were privately discussed in private, but after nothing had something to do with each other, it finally reached the day of the Mid -Autumn Festival.

When eating reunion dinner in the evening, the wife and concubine gathered together. Gao Yan sat with a sorrowful face and sat on the main position. He was not surprised that Jin Furong was recruited to sit next to him, so that Meng Qingyao, who was around with her, had no chance., Can only be treated by cold faces, sitting on the side seat.

But after a moment, before the official opening, she could cover up her real emotions, let go of her proud gesture, give her face in front of Ji Ji, and apologize to toasts by herself: "His Royal Highness Yu, the first few daysThe Japanese minister was inconvenient and irritable. The following criminals lost their hands and beat His Royal Highness and committed cynical. Chen Xun apologized to His Royal Highness in front of the crowd, and he was sorry for three cups. "

Gao Yan looked at her coldly, knowing that she was just doing it, not sincere and honest. What she said when she was angry was true.With the noodles of the Ji Ji, he still chose to leave her face, but just smiled and summoned her: "劼, come, come, come to the father and king."

When Meng Qingyao knew it, the matter was over, so she urged her to pass, "劼, go, go to the father and king."

直接 地 was sitting directly and walking directly to Gao Yan, letting him hold his arms and sit on his knees.

But Jin Furong smiled at his face, but his heart was very uncomfortable and disgusted.

After that, the banquet ended smoothly. Gao Yan went to Tao’s concubine room and did not go to the Jin Furong room.

More than three months later, the subtle relationship between Meng Qingyao and Gao Yan eased.In the early morning of Chen Lian, when Gao Yan got up and changed his clothes to the early dynasty, he suddenly turned his head and turned rapidly, causing him to faint on the couch and not wake up.

Seeing this, Chen Lianfei hurriedly asked someone to invite the doctor, and sent someone to report the situation to the princess Meng Qingyao.

When Meng Qingyao got the news, she was a little happy in her heart, but on the surface, she was still worried about anxious. Then she rushed to see what the specific situation was, and sent someone to call it.Go to Muliangqiu.

In the end, the diagnosis given by the doctor is that the indulgence of indulgence will hurt the root of the vitality, which will cause insufficient qi and blood.

After listening to Chen Lianfei, he blamed his head and stood aside, and dared not say anything.

Meng Qingyao didn’t mean to blame half the sentence. He directly asked the doctor to apply the needle to prescribe the medicine, so that people quickly grab the medicine and give Gao Yan.

Mu Liangqiu looked at the medicine name of the prescription, and suddenly thought of restraining medicinal materials that were not effective or paired with poisonous wounds.

"What should I do at the moment? After diagnosis and treatment of the doctor, he can recover as soon as possible, and he will be more cautious.

After returning to the Eastern Court, after Ping retreated, Meng Qingyao hurriedly asked quietly.

"Mother’s panic, as long as the king of Yu can enter the soup, he can’t heal. If you don’t have to do everything in everything, so as not to be fast." Mu Liangqiu said calmly and calmly, and then resigned directly. "I go first and go first.Make a morning dinner for the mother and leave. "

As soon as Meng Qingyao heard it, he felt at ease and went to break breakfast with her.


Gao Yan was in a coma for half a day. After drinking soup, he woke up soon, and then returned to his own bedroom to recuperate.

In the palace, when the queen queen got the news, she immediately ordered the people to send a large supplementary item, and secretly wanted Gao Xun to be directly unpredictable. From then on, he was unable to be unwilling to politics, let the power beside him, and returned to the hands of a party behind the emperor.

More than half a month later, Gao Yan’s physical condition still did not recover as early as the beginning, and it seemed a little weak, but Jin Furong had reached the days of the pimple.

She died on her couch, and she was hard to live, but she couldn’t give birth to a day and night. Under the doctors of the doctor, she finally gave birth to her son, but the child had no breath, but the child had no breath.Has been gathered in the mother.

After Zizhuang was difficult to give birth, Jin Furong was very weak, and he was deeply hit at once. He lost his child and relied on. He suddenly fainted, and then hemorrhagic occurred. He had been flowing more than long.

When she learned that her mother and child died, Gao Yan just shocked and felt incredible. He didn’t seem to have much sadness and pain, and his mind was still very sober. He soon pointed his spear head to Meng Qingyao.Otherwise, the mother and child will not die.

"What did you do to the mother and son of Furong?

As soon as he entered the door, Gao Yan was angry and asked Meng Qingyao.

Meng Qingyao was sitting on the couch. She had learned that the ins and outs of the dragon stood calmly. After a while of silence, she asked calmly: "His Royal His Royal Highness thought I could do it?His Royal Highness can take people’s lives as soon as you open your lips. If you want to abolish my princess or take my life, it is okay to say that you must plant the stolen and framed me? "

Gao Yan had no evidence, everything was just guessed. After being questioned one after another, he was angry and angrily said: "

"Huh!" Meng Qingyao couldn’t help but sneer, and then said, "If Bier lives to this day, the child in her belly should also be born, and she should also be a brother.When you come back and ask for life, this is called cause and effect. You help you to abuse.

After Gao Yan couldn’t help but shocked, he asked, "Are you revenge for Bier?"

Meng Qingyao was full of anger, but he did not lose his mind and lost his mind. He said coldly: "If I have that capable, regardless of the younger child, can you still stand here regardless of the old age of Meng’s family?"

Gao Yan suddenly had nothing to say, and left his sleeves directly, causing Meng Qingyao to be able to breathe in Panasonic. He was really afraid that he was faint, and he ordered her to suffer from flesh.

After simply handling the funeral to Jin Furong’s mother and child, Gao Yan began to investigate the cause of death and asked all the maids who served Jin Furong. There was usually any suspiciousness. In addition to getting in recent months, Jin Furong appetite has a good appetite and has been eating.There is also a strong temper, and the news of the maid is often scolded and scolded, and nothing has been investigated.

In addition, in addition to adding the monthly silver of each house Ji Ji, Meng Qingyao sent some supplements, rouge gouache, and cloth jewelry from time to time, and did not go in and out of the courtyard of each house. There was no suspicious place.

In the end, he doubted Mu Liangqiu, but after some investigation, she had no suspiciousness to buy ingredients and cooking medicinal materials occasionally in the kitchen.The most important thing is that she and Jin Furong have no resentment and will not kill people. Unless it is a killing for others, who will the Lord behind?

Queen Mother?Not too possible!

Meng Qingyao?Most likely!

Other jealous Ji Ji?It’s likely!

Who will it be?

More than two months later, in the spring of the following year, Gao Yan hadn’t confirmed who the Lord behind him, and suddenly fainted again, and it was brain bleeding.Why is the diet made by Mu Liangqiu?

When he woke up again, he directly asked Meng Qingyao if she was the main ambassador behind him.

Meng Qingyao stood in front of the couch very indifferently and looked down at him. He neither admitted nor denying it. Without the last moment, she dared not to relax at all, so as not to kill others.


A few days later, Gao Yan, who had been recuperating in the couch, seemed to return to the light, suddenly called Meng Qingyao, and reached out to her, trying to let her sit on the couch.But she was silently rejected, but said indifferently: "What are you going to explain? But it is okay, I will do it all by life."

"Have you ever liked the king?" Gao Yan’s eyes were complicated, with loss, and suddenly asked strange words.

"I never liked it at all, and only resentful to you." Meng Qingyao stood in front of the couch, looking down at him very indifferently, and said coldly, as if he had no patience, he urged him to die quickly.

"Huh!" Gao Yan sneered with helplessness, "But king has always liked you, and never tolerated her. Have you ever saved the king’s life, do you remember?"

"In this case, why should I destroy my reputation and destroy my life? Has my sister? Two above the court is targeted at my father and brother?" Meng Qingyao couldn’t help but have a soft heart and choked.

More than ten years ago, she did save Gao Yan. On that day, she entered the palace with her mother and aunt to visit the cousin who had just become a prince.The heat stroke was almost collapsed.

She couldn’t bear it. She grabbed the well water that was about to wipe the ground in the hands of the eunuch, drizzled directly on him, and wet the handkerchief on his head. In the face of the accusations of the eunuch, she also argued:The punishment is to kneel, but there is no order that you cannot drink water wet. Be sure to kneel and die here, but the punishment is to take his life?

The eunuch’s chief could not answer. She also dragged Gao Yan to kneeling under the shadow under the eaves. She also said that kneeling on the ground was not a disobedience.And stuffed the eunuch’s head of some silver, let him open one eye and close one eye, it can give the water the best, but don’t get out of life. In case the emperor is blamed, he is not good at it.Good life is not guaranteed.

After that, he was okay, and a few years later, she started to be unlucky.

"Like you is true, resent your father is also true, what should this king do something for his mother and concubine …"

Before Gao Yan’s sincere words, Meng Qingyao was annoyed and interrupted: "But my father is a minister, and he is just doing a courtier. What you should hate most is your father!Your father is ruthless, and you are ruthless, but you are really inherited! "

After speaking, Meng Qingyao turned and turned away, and did not want to stay, so as not to stay, so as not to sympathize with him, so that he would be softened and gave up revenge.

"Qingyao, Qingyao, Qingyao …"

Gao Yan was very anxious and helpless, but Meng Qingyao didn’t return his head. He never ignored him, and took office for his own death and suffered the crime he committed.

Back to the East Court, Meng Qingyao was sorrowful to speak with him to look at Mu Liangqiu.

Mu Liangqiu seemed to see her mind, and said directly: "When it is not at the time of heart, otherwise, the mother -in -law will definitely not end."

"I know I know."

Meng Qingyao’s hands could not help but tremble, bowed their heads, and responded again and again.

In the early morning of the next day, suddenly a servant hurried to report and report: "Mother, His Royal Highness His Highness!"

Meng Qingyao listened in his ears, and he suddenly woke up from the couch, and his heart was mixed in his heart.After loosening, unbuttoning, the feeling of being free to get the new life made her feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Gao Yan walked in his sleep, with regrets, guilt, self -blame, and seeking. After walking his 26 years of life, he was poor, sad and abominable, and his only wish before his death was:Repeatedly in the Emperor’s royal family, you must clean up and meet Meng Qingyao.

In the palace, when the queen queen got the news, she immediately ordered the funeral of the ancestors’ palace.

And Meng Qingyao is still Princess Yu. After waiting for Gao Yan’s crown ceremony, she has become a new king of Yu. Meng Qingyao became the prince of Yu. During the period, all food and land unchanged.In the hands of others, I was so daring all day.

Regarding the Ji Ji left by Gao Yan, whoever wants to get out of the house, she directly gives a resettlement fee so that they leave them as dowry without blocking.

After three months of relief, after three months, the queen mother suddenly sent someone to pass on the purpose, and Mu Liangqiu immediately returned to the palace to be a difference.

There was no way, and could not resist the purpose, Mu Liangqiu had to pack his luggage and return to the palace.

Meng Qingyao sent her to leave, and she was grateful and reluctant in her eyes, but there was no banquet in the world, so she could only put her away and returned to the palace, and returned to their own track and life.(Original title: "Rebirth of the Princess of Food and Killing")

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