Stone Lion Anorectal Physician: Itching of the perianal itching is unsatisfactory, which may be suffering from these diseases

"The weather is hot, the butt is itchy …" The action of scratching the buttocks unconsciously is indecent.Experts from Anorectal Surgery at Shishi Modern Hospital pointed out that many times scratching ass is not a habit, it is likely to be because the anal itching (that is, itching of the anal skin).

Experts introduced that most of the patients with perianal itching are mostly the elderly, which is characterized by itching and long duration. Especially in the night or humid environment, itching is even more, which seriously affects the patient’s normal life.When itching is severe, the anal skin will also have scratches, blood scabs, pigmentation, moss -like hardening and even secondary infection due to scratching.Itching of perianal itching is not difficult to cure. Patients are the key to find out the cause, clarify the diagnosis, and treat the treatment.Therefore, patients must seek medical treatment in time after discovering the condition, and cooperate with doctors for local and whole body examination.

1. Parasitic diseases such as molten insects, tapeworms, vaginal trichomonas, pubic lice, scabies.

2. Anal rectal diseases such as anal fissure, anal fistula, hemorrhoids, anal sinusitis, anal papillitis, rectal prolapse, anal incontinence, etc., increased the secretions in the anus, and the humidity stimulates the skin to cause itching.

3. Anal skin diseases such as anal eczema, neurodermatitis, ringworm, various warts, sexually transmitted diseases, sweat adenitis, etc. The feces are attached to the anus fixture, which stimulates the skin and cause itching.

4. Endocrine diseases such as diabetic patients with increased sugar content, stimulating itching caused by nerve peripherals.

5. Allergic reaction Edible foods, such as chili, mustard, spices, wine, or specific protein foods, and some drugs can also cause itching of anal itching due to allergies.

6. Liver and kidney disease.Patients with primary bile liver cirrhosis or biliary obstruction, due to the increased blood and skin gall salt content, stimulate the nerve peripheral itching; anal itching can also occur in the later period of nephropathy.

7. Environmental factors.Anal itching has a lot to do with the environment. Because of the skin of the anus, different seasons will cause different anus secretions, which will have itching symptoms.

8. Psychological factors.Neurasthenia, pheasant disease, excessive tension, excitement, excitement, etc. cause neurological disorders, and can also induce or cause itching, which can generalize the whole body or anus and perineum area.

1. We should keep the anus dry and clean. After each stool, it is best to use water to wash the anus.And wash the anus as much as possible every night.Washing the perianal should be used for warm water.Generally, soap cannot be used, especially soap with strong alkali.Towels, washbasins, etc. for cleaning should be dedicated to avoid cross -infection.

2. The panties should be used to choose a loose and loose material, and they should be washed and sterilized in the sun.Itching persons don’t wear tight and excessive pants.

3. Don’t sit for a long time, especially those wearing jeans should pay attention.It is recommended to stand up for one or two hours to stand up and pat the butt to relax.

4. Eat more fruits and fruits, do not eat or eat less irritating foods, such as pepper, strong tea, coffee, high wine, etc.People with allergies should eat less foods that cause allergies, such as fish, shrimp, etc., to avoid chemicals that cause allergies.

5. Actively treat diseases that can cause itching in the anus, such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and abnormal liver function.

6. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, maintain a happy mood, prevent excessive nervousness and anxiety, do not scratch the anus, and wipe the anus without hard work.(Community Party Branch: Hu Zhengyong, the Department of Medical and Nursing Combination)

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