Still worried that eating too much is exceeding the standard.This pregnant mother’s recipe is worth collecting!

When the mother’s little fairy, when I was pregnant, the whole family was most concerned about the little obedient in the belly, and the food of you!

In the morning, the nutritional breakfast made by my mother must be eaten!

At noon, meat+vegetables should be planed two bowls of rice!

In the evening, the old man’s caring chicken soup should be drunk!

In the middle of the night, the most afraid of "stupid" husband asked: "Are you hungry? Or should we take a little takeaway?"

Pregnant mothers have not only eaten like this, but also the blood sugar has also been up -oh, she accidentally suffered a gestational diabetes!

The doctor told: "Don’t eat too much, control the weight! Eat less sweet …"

On the other side, the family said: Don’t listen to them … it’s so little to eat!There is a mouth in the belly!

Everyone expresses various opinions in their ears, so that the pregnant mothers are very entangled -it is necessary to exceed the standard, it is not long to eat less baby, so what should I do?Intersection

Today, let’s talk to the pregnant mothers, so eat it like this!

1. Doctors are most afraid of these two pregnant mothers

Whether it is a obstetrician or a doctor of our clinical nutrition, the two most virtual fire mothers who have suffered gestational diabetes:

Obviously, the sugar sieved hasn’t been there for several times. The blood glucose is so high that it is high.

Always comfort yourself: It’s okay, just give birth to a child!

This is also another extreme-

When I heard the doctor saying, "Eat too much, eat less", people do n’t eat it directly. Eat a few small tomatoes every day, eat a few mouthfuls of corn, what kind of meat, rice, noodles, do n’t touch it!

Hey, the doctor calls you to restrict, not like this!The "raw materials" that are excessively needed for growth and development of diet are all incompatible. How can the future flowers of our motherland grow up healthily?Intersection

Therefore, the pregnant mothers with these two mentality are unswerving!

Second, the health of pregnant women

Official version: expectant mothers need to control the total energy of daily intake, but to avoid excessive energy restrictions; although the intake of staple foods is to be controlled, the daily carbohydrates are not less than 150g.Edible sucrose and other refined sugar; carbohydrate foods can give priority to choosing low blood glucose index foods, and take a reasonable daily dietary fiber 25-30g.

Human version: For pregnant mothers with high blood sugar, you should "eat less" rice, such as rice, noodles, steamed buns, hair cakes, pancakes, etc.;This refers to the weight of raw rice, not the kind of cooked!Everything you eat should be restricted, even if milk can not be replaced with yogurt, because the general original yogurt can add a lot of sugar!Try not to eat sucrose of sugar as much as white sugar.The low blood glucose index food (maybe many people don’t understand, saying that popular points are foods with slower blood sugar) can be eaten, especially the category rich in dietary fiber!For example, oatmeal, buckwheat noodles such as dietary fiber, and rough grains such as buckwheat noodles and green leafy vegetables.

Third, the rice is not enough to eat "nutrition"?

The answer is announced first, so you can’t do so!Let’s look at why not ↓↓↓

There are indeed many institutions and hospitals that have similar nutrition products. They are different from ordinary food but also different from drugs, as well as some medical use foods.

As mentioned above, the dietary fiber intake of pregnant mothers should be 25-30g/day, but looking at this picture, you know that you want to consume enough dietary fiber through daily diet. Generally speaking, it is unlikely!

The following is the three recipes for our doctors to provide pregnant mothers in the morning, middle and evening, and are very healthy and nutritious.

PS: If it is "Mother of Sugar", you may have to pick up the Immigration to ask Dr. Ha. Based on your situation, the doctor will adjust the recipe!

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3

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