Still struggling with pregnancy?A new inventory of cosmetics during pregnancy, these pregnant mothers closed their eyes closed

Please!When you are tangled, other hot moms are on the way to become beautiful.

As a person who is pregnant for more than half of the time, I can be the ultimate exquisite!

During pregnancy, I insist on working on my makeup to 37W.No existence at all!

My point of view: You can make up during pregnancy!But at the same time, we must abide by the following principles

① Simple makeup

② Before using makeup, use the ingredients to query software to see if there are pregnant women with caution or disabled products

③ There is no need to replace the special makeup of pregnant women, as long as the ingredients are safe (many are IQ taxes, as long as babies and pregnant women can be doubled!)

Although it is a hooligan to put aside the dosage and component, what mothers should avoid during pregnancy should be avoided as much as possible!

④ Forbidden semi -permanent project

Not much nonsense, just take a look at the new pregnancy cosmetics to see if you are using it.

——L base makeup series-

Winona sunscreen

Sun protection during pregnancy is really important!Originally, the impact of progesterone was prone to dull spots, and no longer did sunscreen work.

The texture is close to the water shape, which is a bit like a modified solution when reading, but it is not so heavy.After wiping it now, it is still very moisturizing, and it can be completely absorbed by shooting twice.When you just get on your face, you will feel very oily, but after the film formation is absorbed, it is very convincing.

However, it is a bit fake, especially the sister of yellow skin, which is more obvious after applying."Flower makeup" is relatively powerful, especially with a mask during the epidemic. It is too obvious. Every time you take off the mask, it is white.

Nenfu air cushion

Nenfu is a German professional pregnancy/baby skin care brand. With "professional, safe, effective" as the core brand concept, the ingredients are safe and gentle, 0 fragrance 0 preservatives 0 pregnant women with caution with composition.

To tell the truth, I did n’t feel the air cushion before, but after the pregnancy of the “spicy hand destroying flowers”, I realized a reactor cushion incense ~

For the first time, I tried a completely fragrant cosmetics. It was really surprised. The nose of the pregnant woman was really scared. If it was a sister who was pregnant and sick, I fell in love with it immediately after using it.

Hydrum and skin -friendly are unexpected, adding 80%of the essence of hydraulic.With vegetable oils such as cypress oil and olive fruit oil in North America, maintaining a certain degree of moisturizing, it is not easy to worry about card powder.

What is most directly reflected is that my pore rough star does not have to worry about card powder at all, and even a day with makeup, the skin has a sense of vision that looks more and more beautiful.(It is a bit like DW, but it should be lighter and lighter)

The main 4 countries imported patents high -purity and low -active folic acid, which has a very good skin care and moisturizing effect. After applying makeup, it is completely a pseudo -pseudo -nude makeup.Instant tenderness during pregnancy, haha (~  ̄ ▽  ̄) ~

Estee Lauder foundation

Oil skin mother!The well -known persistence, can be called "paint"!

After applying makeup all day, there will be no dullness all day long, and the skin is well blended with the skin. Not only does it control oil, but also a good concealer. Do a good job of moisturizing before applying makeup.Dry!

The texture is not clear, but the ductility is very good.Shake it before, then use the wet puff to light it.I gave a pressing pump head, and the amount of a pump was basically once (the pump head should be cleaned, otherwise it is easy to block)

——Loot makeup spray–

Nalith sunscreen spray

A sunscreen spray that was brought by Naza, I usually put a bottle in the bag when I went out, and it was much more convenient than the sunscreen.

The new generation of spray that comprehensively upgraded also emphasized the anti -oxygen protection effect. With white tea extract and chrysanthemum tail cupae essence, it can effectively play a layer of anti -pollution.It is like a layer of protective membrane spreads on the body, blocking the ultraviolet rays, and it is not sticky at all ~

PS: But because of chemical sunscreen, Nalith will only use to spray arms and legs, and I don’t dare to spray face.

——The makeup series –

Nars concealer

Universal concealer, occasionally the stomach of the middle and late pregnancy becomes larger, can’t sleep on the bed, and I will use it to rescue the insomnia with dark circles.

Nars honey powder

Really, I have 4 iron skin!

When it is opened, the powder cake is pressed very solid, and the powder is dense and solid. For the first time, you need to rub it with your hands, otherwise you will not be brushed out.

When I got up at noon lunch, I often glowed on my face, and the whole person was swollen after pregnancy. When I woke up, it was terrible.With this powder, my face was matte all day long, and it was very very oil -controlled. It was slippery and comfortable after rubbing.

The effect of covering the pores is really good, like grinding the layer of skin, and there are slight reflective particles under the flash.Softening in one second, fixed makeup+highlights, it is not him.

Make up fou event loose powder

Another iron skin, the king of loose powder, the finest powder in the powder in the powder!

There is really no sense of makeup on the face. It is easy to sweep out. I usually don’t feel it, but after pregnancy, I really can’t stand the cosmetics with heavy makeup. It is like a thick film covering the face, which is particularly afraid of dull.

It will smell a very light taste, which belongs to the kind of smell that is easy to accept.A big pot, because pregnancy does not have that energy, nor is it to make up every day, so it can be used for a long time.

mac highlight

Enter the packaging consequences and buy the formation!It’s almost blowing, the upper face is very natural, just like the gloss of the skin out of the skin. Naturally, it is not obtrusive.~

PS: If you have too much or the base makeup is not good, you may have a little pores, so it is better to stack a small amount multiple times.

3CE blush

It is still gentle. Looking at a small box, I use very little during pregnancy, mainly using lipstick as blush, which is very convenient.

S21 Single Portable Breast Pump -Blissful Green