Still forcing women to "Shang Ring"?It is not convenient, and the physical damage is also great.

Even in the 21st century today, we are still talking about how to contracept about contraception.

While talking about the backwardness of Chinese education in my country, we have to revisit the topic of contraception, so whether you are an old driver or a small fresh meat, you can support my ears.

When it comes to contraception, I have to mention a historical product of contraception, that is, "Shang Ring".

When the family planning policy is implemented, whether you are in the countryside or in the city, as long as you have a child, in order to respond to the national call, you have to go to the "Shang Ring".

What is Shekuan?The Sheung Wan is to place the in -the -palace breds (IUD) to increase the difficulty of sperm through the vagina and reduce the possibility of sperm to make eggs fertilize. It may also prevent the fertilized eggs from being planted into the uterine wall.

The in -the -palace breds are divided into two generations: the first generation of the in -the -palace biocarrings, also known as an inert palace internal bareer, have metal stainless steel spring or single ring, double ring or twist shape, as well as plastic or plastic metal hybrid products; the second generation; the second generationThe in -palaces are also known as an active internal in -palace. It slowly releases copper, anti -inflammatory hemostatic or progesterone, and has the lack of activity in the first generation, which further improves the contraceptive effect.

This contraceptive method is safe, effective, economical, long -term.Once and for all, if you want a child, you can take it out again.

However, the disadvantages of Sheung Wan are also particularly obvious.

"Shang Ring" sounds a bit similar to the use of cotton bars, but the two are very different.

"Shang Ring" requires three days in advance to ban sex; surgery is required for local anesthesia; physical labor is prohibited 7 days after surgery.Compared with the "upper ring", the risk of "taking the ring" is even greater. The risk of replacement includes:

1. Uterine perforation: If the surgical operator’s technology is not skilled, the size and location of the uterus are not checked before surgery, or the use of the equipment is too strong, it may cause penetration of the uterine wall.

2. Infection: Before taking the ring, it suffers from vaginitis, severe cervicitis or pelvic inflammatory disease, or the equipment is not completely disinfected. It is easy to cause infection when taking the ring.

3. Uterine perforation combined with visceral injury: After the perforation of the uterus, if the operator fails to discover it in time, it will continue to use the uterine perforation site repeatedly, which may hurt the intestine or large omentum.

4. Bleeding: When taking the ring, especially when taking the ring in the case of narrowing of the uterine cavity, it may damage the endometrium or uterine muscle layer, causing bleeding.

I have really seen the pain of people around me when taking the ring. Although the unit taking the ring is a regular hospital like a county hospital, it is still inflamed after taking the ring.The product of history should be replaced by new products.

The second contraceptive measure that should be abandoned is safe contraception and in vitro ejaculation.

I won’t talk about the method of safety during the safety period, because this is not a good thing. Under such a large life pressure, the girl’s holiday time is basically not allowed, let alone calculate the safety period, so this thingThe child is basically metaphysics, don’t believe it.

And "in vitro ejaculation" is a lie that men use to coax women. They seem to be too confident in their control ability, not to mention whether they can really control it.The advance forces set off for a long time.

Men’s genitals will secrete a little prostate fluid before ejaculation, which is used to lubricate urethra and better create conditions for ejaculation, but even in this point of this point, there are thousands of spermHolding it up, it is better to believe in science and believe that men will make you stupid, and believe in science will make you smart.

Let’s talk about contraceptives. We often say that contraceptives refer to oral contraceptives.

Oral contraceptives are divided into short -term contraceptives and emergency contraceptives.

Many people talk about changes in medicine, and when they mention contraceptives, they are afraid of seeing the tigers who eat people.What really has a greater impact on women is emergency contraceptive pills. This contraceptive pill usually adopts emergency contraceptive measures within 72 hours after other contraceptive measures fail. This contraceptive pill is earlier.Essence

Large doses of progesterone can easily cause endocrine disorders in women, and the menstrual cycle changes.

In contrast, conventional contraceptives are not so terrible. Conventional short -acting oral control pills are a contraceptive method that can be used for a long time. Under the correct use, one day and each physiological cycle are continuously taken for 21 days.It can maintain a reliable contraceptive effect and easily stay away from the trouble of pregnancy outside the plan.

So if women who do not want children in the short term can adopt this method of contraception. Remember not to miss it.

Finally, everyone is the most familiar way of contraception, condom contraception.As for its advantages, there is no need to say.

Constitution can not only take effective contraception, but also prevent AIDS.

Different types of condoms can also increase the interest of sexual life.As for some people say that condoms will be broken, as long as they go to regular stores, the probability of this situation should also be extremely low.

Therefore, the disadvantage of condoms may be a bit expensive, but a box of condoms are much cheaper than an emergency contraceptive.

The premise of love is on the basis of respecting the two sides. If you refuse to use a condom for the other person for a moment, you may not really want to respect each other. This relationship really needs to consider it.

I hope that all men and women can use scientific methods to contracence. They do not believe in those big words and empty words.Scientific contraception and respecting yourself are also awe of life.

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