Spicy dumplings, spicy moon cakes, spicy rice dumplings … How much can I eat spicy in this small town of Jiangnan?

Call away from the smoke and rain

Cross the reckless jungle

Upside down

Listen to the story of Yijiang’s source

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Take you to Qixi Town, Kaihua County, Luzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Start a "treasure hunt" journey

Find hot experience

Go to Jiangnan Town

Luzhou is an out -of -the -box Jiangnan Water Village

But here

Pepper is actually the protagonist

Whether it is dumplings, buns, eggs,

Bakery, rice dumplings …

All spicy

When you come to Luzhou, you can’t miss it

It’s "three heads and one palm" –

Duck head, rabbit head, fish head, duck palm

These four dishes

It is also best reflected the essence of the local spicy taste

Among them, the most famous is the Luzhou duck head

The characteristic is to eat while it is hot

Hot and spicy taste and lohousness inspire

The more hot, the more hot, the more fragrant it is

Being in Jiangnan Town

But every day is hot life

Ask Qu, how can it be so clear?

Visiting the source of the living water

Heada Township is located in the largest river in Zhejiang Province

Near the source of the Qiantang River

It is the ancient fish farming inheritance village

Has passed down from the late Ming and early Qing dynasties

Hundreds of years of fish pond

People here do not support poultry and livestock


Our travel visitor Shu Dong

Follow the villager Wang Grandpa Wang

Seeing the local fish king pond

Weighing 31 pounds

32 -year -old fish king

The water from the source of the Qiantang River is sweet and sweet

It is also the secret recipe for stewed waterfish in He Tianxiang

Taste a sip of clean water fish

The meat is firm and the taste is delicious

People born here according to the water

Life life, taste, like fish, water

Walk into the wonderful nature

Discover the forest and water source

Follow the footsteps of the visitor Shu Dong

We came to Qianjiangyuan -Bailhan Zu National Park candidate area

It is the production and life of human living and human production in my country

The recent national park candidate area

It is named after Jiangyuan

National Park candidate area

Naturally, you can find the source of the Qiantang River

Sliding the trunk after the rain drops to the branches and leaves of the rainwater

From the epidermis into the soil, then flowing to the small ditch

Gather a little bit

Is the source of water sources

Plants intercept rainwater and cultivate water sources

Water further nourishes the entire mountain forest

It can be said in Qianjiangyuan

The forest and water source is

Combined with each other, depending on the table

Walk into the forest

Then I came to the source of the water

Water source and forest

Created Qianjiangyuan

Good ecosystem

Provide habitat for various rare animals

Qian Jiangyuan "Three Treasures"

Flower frog, white 鹇 and black sugar

Live in streams, forests and mountains respectively

Waiting for your search

Entering this wonderful nature

Encounter beauty and cha of

Feel the harmony between man and nature

I don’t know, the mountains and rivers are really wonderful

CCTV-1 Today’s 18:00 "Zhengda Variety Show"

We see it!

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