Speak "liposuction" at one time, and do your homework for half a year!(Down)

As the saying goes: a white cover is ugly, one fat destroys everything!I don’t look good at whatever I want to wear, so that I can’t be happy.Don’t lose weight, you don’t know how beautiful you are!And Zhang Yuqi, in weight loss, is by no means a female classmate without a story.The youth is invincible in "Sister Lang", and the personality and body are as hot as the body.It’s true to yourself.When she first debuted, her style was like this.Although not fat, it has nothing to do with sexy.

In recent years, with the continuous development of medical technology, liposuction is generally a safe, reliable and mature project. For friends who accumulate more local fat, choose reliable hospitals, experienced doctors with rich experience, and postoperative effects.It is guaranteed.

But not everyone can absorb liposuction, for example, the following situation:

1. Emphasis on important organs such as heart, liver and kidney, and other abnormalities, so that you cannot tolerate surgery

2. Those with abnormal coagulation function

3. Those with severe skin and less subcutaneous fat

4. Anesthesia allergic

5. Local skin infection and severe scar constitution

6. Cold or fever

7. Women’s pregnancy or menstrual period

If there is the above situation, you cannot perform liposuction surgery!

Therefore, doctors will conduct more comprehensive physical examinations and medical history inquiries on beauty seekers before surgery, and comprehensively evaluate the functions of important organs of the whole body.

What preparations and examinations do you need to do before liposuction surgery?

Fat pumping has matured, but it is still an artificial trauma surgery. The health status of the subject determines the safety of this operation to a large extent.Therefore, some necessary preparations and inspections need to be done before surgery:

1. Fully inform the history of diseases and surgery in the past.

2. Blood routine, biochemical, and electrocardiography must be performed before surgery.

3. Those with severe scars should inform the doctor.

4. Patients with long -term anticoagulant drugs, vascular dilation and hormone drugs: 1 or 2 weeks before surgery may need to be discontinued.

5. Ren the vacation in advance: rest on the day of the surgery, and it is recommended to rest on the first and second day after the operation.

6. Avoid smoking and drinking 1 week before and after surgery.

7. Do not wear metal items on the day of surgery, do not wear contact lenses, and do not make up.

8. Do not ride and drive home on the day of the operation. The postoperative surgery site is not very fast.

9. Sleeping the day before the operation. It is recommended to accompany relatives and friends on the same day.

10. Psychological preparation: First of all, you should realize that liposuction surgery is a relatively small trauma and less complications. To eliminate tension before surgery, so as not to increase the chance of complications due to mental tension. You must understand the surgery from the doctor.What issues should be paid attention to after surgery.

How to cooperate with the surgeon before liposuction surgery?

1. Before liposuction, we should communicate with the surgical doctor, a preliminary understanding of liposuction, and fully trust the surgeon physician;

2. Reach consensus on the selection of incisions during the operation, the amount of suction, and the goal that may be achieved after surgery;

3. Do not conceal the relevant history of the relevant medical history.fat.

4. Do not make excessive requirements before surgery, do not mistakenly think that the more the amount of fat suction, the better.

How long does it take for liposuction?

The time of liposuction surgery must be depends on the number of surgery sites, generally about 2-4 hours.

How much can liposuction surgery be drawn at a time?What is the more better?

Again again, liposuction is not equal to weight loss, not counting kilograms, nor is it drawn. The focus is on "curve curved beauty sculptures" and "keep healthy fat and maintain the skin smooth touch".EssenceFor example, if the thigh fat is dry, it is prone to unevenness

The most important thing for surgery is safety. The greater liposuction, the higher the risk of liposuction. Excessive liposuction will cause excessive bleeding. After the surgery, the dizziness is dizzy.Excessive liposuction also increases risk of fat embolism and postoperative infection.

Therefore, the number of liposuction each time has a certain limit. Generally, 6-8%of the weight of the weight is generally drawn at a time, which means that a person weighs 50 kg, up to about 3000-4000 ml. If you want the part of the liposure sculpture,If there are more, it is estimated that the number of milliliters to be drawn exceeds this upper limit, so "dividing multiple liposuction surgery" is a more recommended safety practice.

What is the process of revealing liposuction surgery?

First, formulate liposuction surgery schemes, select the location of the incision, and the liposuction site for pre -surgery line.

Secondly, it is necessary to choose bureau anesthesia or general anesthesia. If it is a general anesthesia, anesthesia first, and then the patient will not know the whole process; if the bureau is disinfected first, laid a sterile towel after disinfection.Swelling fluid.The role of swelling fluid is that the first one is to play a more likely to absorb fat, and the second one also plays a role.

Then, according to the liposuction site, we evenly dwarf the swelling fluid on the liposuction site, and open a small incision of 0.5-1 centimeters according to the liposuction site.Pump back and forth with the liposuction, and finally get the appropriate thickness of the subcutaneous tissue.

In the end, some incisions are not sewn. If some incisions are longer, suture and press and bandage. This is the entire process of liposuction and liposuction.

What are the risks of liposuction surgery?

Liposuction surgery has become a common beauty surgery, and surgery can be performed safely under carefulness.But it does not mean that there is no risk of liposuction surgery … If the sterile environment of the institution does not meet the standards, the doctor’s operation is irregular, and the technical is irregular, it may cause the following common complications:

Also can cause the following very important attention:

1. Fat embolism:

The biggest risk in liposuction surgery.As the most serious complications, fat embolism is extremely low, but because fat is difficult to dissolve, it is difficult to deal with it once and life.The complications may occur 24 hours after surgery or 2-5 days after surgery, and should be observed closely within this period.To prevent fat embolism, regular and gentle operations are needed.

2. Skin necrosis:

Due to damage to the skin’s nutritional blood vessels or infection, a small diameter pumping needle is used to avoid extensive damage to the fibrous parts under the branch. Timely and correctly treat the infection in time to prevent skin necrosis.

3. Organizational damage:

The literature has a report on the skin, fascia, blood vessels, nerves, abdominal walls and abdominal walls that cause intestinal perforation, and mistakenly entered complications such as joint cavity.Improper related.

4. Infection:

The syringe method fat pumping only has a diameter of a few millimeters of pinholes that are connected to the outside world, and the possibility of infection is very likely.But if not follow the principle of sterile, it may cause infection.

5. Drug toxicity side reaction:

Poetin and adrenaline in the swelling solution can be poisonous and side -by -side reactions if they exceed a certain dose or concentration.Professional doctors will adopt appropriate formulas according to the patient’s condition. While obtaining better natal and hemostatic effects, reducing the dosage and concentration of drugs can effectively prevent the occurrence of drug poison and side effects.

6. Pain after surgery and difficulty walking:

Pain and difficulty walking, skin hardened, sensitive tactile and sunken skin surface, which can last for several months.

Therefore, no matter what kind of anesthesia method and surgery, the key lies in the standard surgical operation process, and at the same time, it has the ability to respond to risk response. Once problems occur, it can be dealt with in time and efficiently.

Precautions after liposuction?Directly affect the effect of surgery

The processes of liposuction do not represent all the plastic surgery. Completion of surgery is only a part of success. More importantly, it is good for good care after surgery.As the saying goes: three -way surgery, seven -point care.Doing good care is also the key to plastic surgery.Therefore, if you want to become beautiful, you must do postoperative care.

1. Change of wounds:

Within 24 hours after surgery, it is covered with cotton pads and is bandaged with elastic clothes and bandages. The next day can be removed, and only elastic clothes and bandage are bandaged with elastic clothes.

2. The wound cannot touch the water:

Before disassembling, the skin wound cannot be touched, and other parts can be bathing, but do not use hot water with too high temperature. You can wipe the part near the wound with a wet towel.

3. Wear body clothes for 3 months: (it is important)

Wear elastic stressful clothing 24 hours a day within January after surgery.From January to March (even longer to June), it should be worn for at least 12 hours a day, and its main role is for local shaping.

4. Diet restrictions:

It is forbidden to eat spicy and irritating food within one week, and smoking and drinking are prohibited within one month to avoid skin congestion, swelling, and sweating.There is no need for excessive replenishment after surgery, otherwise not only does it fail to lose weight, but excessive nourishment will increase the waist circumference a few inches. It should eat foods rich in vitamins, eat more fruits and green leafy vegetables, and promote the early healing of the pumping site.

5. Exercise restrictions:

We cannot lift heavy objects within a week, and it is recommended to start strenuous exercise one month after surgery.

6. After surgery:

Need regular schedule and sufficient sleep.

How long does it take to restore the liposuction?When can I go back to work?

The length of the restoration period varies from person to person and is also related to the surgical site.

In terms of the most common waist and abdomen or liposuction, the recovery period is about 1-2 weeks. Of course, it should still wear elastic clothes for March to June.Generally speaking, there will be a lot of seepage and bleeding within 24 hours after surgery. There will be mild skin tenderness in the first two or three days. This is normal. Its pain is acceptable.work.Only after the line is removed, the wound can be touched normally the next day.The first two weeks was a period of swelling. Generally, the bruises and swelling of the skin after two weeks basically faded.

How long can I see obvious effects?immediately!Intersection

The obvious effect can be seen during liposuction. The effect that patients can also see during the postoperative change of medication and stitches are more obvious.However, the liposuction parts will inevitably have swelling and blood stasis in the early stage. Most people will feel complained or disappointed after surgery. This is a normal phenomenon. Please keep patient.The area of liposuction in about 3 months has become stable and soft, and the effect is more obvious.

After liposuction, how long can I absorb liposuction again?

If you want to draw different parts, as long as you permit your physical condition, you can perform secondary liposuction surgery after 1-2 weeks;

If it is an adjacent part, secondary liposuction surgery will be performed after March to June; if it is the same part, it is recommended to perform secondary liposuction surgery after 1-2 years.

Will the skin loose after liposuction?

Generally, our normal skin is elastic. As long as the skin itself is flexible, and then follow the instructions of plastic surgeon instructions to wear tights, the skin will generally not sag after liposuction.However, if you encounter special circumstances, if you have a serious skin relaxation, you can also choose other liposuction methods after the doctor’s assessment, or subcifyer surgery after liposuction surgery.

After liposuction, will the skin be uneven?

If there is still unevenness after half a year, it means that the suction is uneven, and the secondary suction is correct or the fat particles injection transplant should be transplanted.The second smoking should be performed after the first suction. At this time, the scar of the surgeon area is softened, the suction is relatively easy, and it can reduce bleeding.

All of them will have adverse complications. This is mostly related to liposuction, doctors’ surgery, postoperative nursing, find a professional, beautiful, and experienced medical beauty center for consultation, tailor -made, and obediently follow the in -laws obediently.Professional postoperative care instructions will minimize the occurrence of these conditions.

Is liposuction surgery big?Will it leave a wound?

Liposuction surgery is a kind of closed -absorbing surgery. Generally, there is a needle eye on the part of the puncture in the needle. After healing, it becomes not obvious, especially after a year of disappearance.

The doctor will block the needle tail with his fingers while pumping to avoid excessive damage to the skin at the puncture at the end of the needle to reduce postoperative scars.Therefore, obvious scarring of simple fat pumping is uncommon.

Once obvious scars occur, external anti -scar preparations, hormone injections, laser, etc. can be used to dilute the scar.

At the same time, liposuction trauma is also related to the choice of surgery, such as radio frequency fat -dissolving and frozen fat -dissolving fat, which is a non -invasive method. There is basically no trauma or scars.Details are visible -one -time "liposuction" is made, and you do your homework for half a year!(superior)

Will "gain weight" after liposuction?

In any way to lose weight, you may gain weight.It is only the volume of fat cells to lose weight, exercise, and dieting, so after you do not continue to keep your current dietary exercise habits, fat cells will swell back.Just like doing myopia correction surgery, if you do not cherish maintenance, your eyes will still be myopia again.

However, liposuction can reduce the number of fat cells.The chance of gaining weight will be smaller.But if there is no control, it will also expand the fat cells and continue to gain weight.

Once again, liposuction is the modification of helping the body’s lines. It is not used to solve the problem of obesity. It maintains a good diet and exercise, and the correct schedule can maintain a good posture.

Can the pulled fat be used in the secondary time?

of course!

Today’s liposuction surgery can not only eliminate fats, but also use these fats to fill them on the face, chest and other parts.After the pulled fat is purified, it retains high -active fat cells and stem cells, and the use of its own cells as filling generally does not cause exclusion. It is a safer and stable way.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that when choosing a surgical institution, it depends on whether the institution is formal, whether the doctor is qualified, and whether there is a timely crisis processing ability, and cannot judge by online cases and propaganda.Therefore, we need to carefully choose regular hospitals and experienced doctors.

Until now has more than 100 years of development history, mature clinical applications, and good excellent effects, which has laid its long market life, and it is by no means the kind of "gimmick" project.

Liposuction can help people achieve overtaking thinning, which is gospel and shortcut for many people!

Before liposuction surgery, you have to do a good job of surgical effects and prepare for postoperative recovery. Choosing medical beauty may be a shortcut, but you also need courage and persistence.I hope the fairies can have their own ideal figure!

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