Some netizens: Smoking is still a child reproductive expert: Don’t be blinded by the "survivor deviation"

Changsha Evening News, Changsha, April 12 (All Media Reporter Zhu Yanhuang) 28 -year -old man infected two years of infertility after half a pack of smoking. The doctor said that the longer the history of smoking, the greater the probability of infertility.Some netizens disagreed about this, and refuted that they or the people around them were smoking every day, but they still gave birth to a child.

Today, Professor Mao Zenghui, director of the Reproductive Center of Changsha Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that smoking can also have a child’s point of view of a logical fallacy, that is, "the survivor deviation."Among the people who occur and stopped natural abortion and embryos, the proportion of smokers was 57.8%and 51.4%, respectively.

According to the official WeChat video number "Pearl News" of Shanghai, Xiao Chen, 28, Nanjing, Jiangsu, has been preparing for pregnancy for two years with his wife. The hospital inspection found that his nicotine relied on low sperm vitality and a high proportion of deformities.After asking, Xiao Chen smoked a large half of cigarettes every day.Doctors said that although there are individual differences, the prospective father who is not half a pack of cigarettes a day will cause infertility, but it is clear that the longer the smoke history, the greater the amount of smoke, and the higher the abnormal rate of chromosomes.

The news is normal, but some netizens’ comments have missed: "I have two packs a day, the children are white and fat." "Tobacco does not carry this pot, many people have a long smoking time, and children have a big gang."Hurry to lit the root cigarette and stress. "In their eyes, it seemed that smoking would not affect fertility.

Is this really the case?Professor Mao Zenghui said that in the outpatient clinic, she often encountered abortion couples and asked why others smoked and had children.In fact, there is a longevity like smoking. There is a logical error in the view of smoking to have children, that is, the "survivor deviation". The information they get comes from those who have raised children, and those who are infertile.Therefore, there is a deviation between recognition and actual situation.In other words, in reality, there are more people who do not live long and infertile than smoking.

As early as 2018, the "China Smoking Men’s Breeding Health Survey Report" found that among the people where natural miscarriage and embryo were stopped, the proportion of smokers was 57.8%and 51.4%, respectively.The report also shows that the abnormal semen of the smokers is mainly manifested in the amount of semen, decreased quantity, decreased density, decreased survival rate and normal morphological sperm, and some sperm have increased deformity.

"Smoking has a great impact on the reproductive system." Professor Mao Zenghui reminded that during pregnancy, both husbands and wives or one often smoke may affect the healthy development of sperm or eggs.The WHO report shows that smoking or contact with second -hand smoke in pregnant women is closely related to the ending of bad pregnancy, such as fetal malformation, death, premature birth and baby death.Smoking in expectant mothers during pregnancy, the risk of congenital deformity and sudden death of babies increased.Pregnant women touch second -hand smoke during pregnancy, the risk of congenital deformity increases by 13%, and the risk of death increases by 23%.

Some people are worried that smoking in person will damage the health of their wives and children, so they hid in their hands or go out to smoke and then contact, thinking that it is okay.In fact, after smoking, there will be tobacco residues on the clothes and hair of the smokers. This "three -hand smoke" confirms in animal experiments that its toxicity is 2 to 4 times that of fresh second -hand smoke."For the health of yourself, wife and baby, please quit the bad habit of smoking." Professor Mao Zenghui said.

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