So, can you make makeup in pregnancy?

Is it really okay for pregnancy and makeup?

The answer to this question is no absolute, otherwise so many beautiful star mothers are still led on the road of pregnancy ~ Is it a star with a defensive constitution!

The little master tells you

I know

Many girls find that they are getting worse and worse after pregnancy. It is inevitable that even if they just apply a lipstick, they are always afraid that the lead component in the cosmetics will hurt the baby in the belly.The "pregnant woman available" type is marked.

But in fact, the little master thinks that makeup is not a "restricted area" for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the resistance decreases, the body becomes sensitive, and the cosmetics that are unqualified or not suitable for your own may threaten the child’s health, so the keywords are "don’t frequently" and "product quality".

Small Tips during pregnancy

○ Many pregnant mothers will worry about preservatives in cosmetics. In fact, as long as you buy it through regular channels, the content of preservatives will not affect the pregnant mother (after all, even if you are not pregnant, you must not cause physical damage to ordinary artificial people).The conventional preservatives are taken from natural ingredients and will not cause health.

○ Many star’s chestnut chestnuts above, although it should not be painted, we can observe most of it is light makeup.Because the most worrying cosmetics are lead and mercury, these two things will appear in poor quality lipsticks, foundation and other makeup, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to choosing cosmetics and not to turn on big makeup.(If it is a special need to take a photo, there is no need to worry about it at a time)

○ Many pregnant mothers do not dare to do it easily in addition to the cosmetics directly into the cold palace. In fact, sunscreen products are safe. Physical sunscreen products will not be absorbed by the skin.The skin is also very small, so don’t worry.

○ Pregnant mothers must be more detailed for makeup, such as expired cosmetics must not be used (for ordinary people, powder products do not have so -called shelf life, as long as there is no water, you can saveToo heavy, the physical function of the pregnancy becomes different from the previous, and the products commonly used before are allergic.

○ Makeup remover is just as important as wipe off lipstick before eating!IntersectionNo matter how much lipstick T.T I accidentally eat before, don’t take your children together.

○ Try to avoid eyebrows, eyeliner, and embroidered lips. The materials used are not available for pregnant women. We must be treated with caution.

As long as you remember the above points, it is not so difficult to take photos during pregnancy ~

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