Smoking can only hurt your lungs?Big wrong


It always gives people a feeling of being in Wonderland

But if this smoke is cigarette

It’s not wonderful at all

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health

But many people cannot refuse

When you are smoking

Family and friends around you

May be suffering more harm

Especially children

Studies have shown that about 40 % of children in the world are exposed to second -hand smoke; about 65,000 children die from diseases caused by second -hand smoke exposure each year.

In China, the number of smokers in my country is more than 300 million, but more than 700 million people often come into contact with second -hand smoke. As a result, about 100,000 people die each year due to second -hand smoke, and 182 million children are exposed to the harm of second -hand smoke every day.

Children are at a critical stage of growth and development. The development of the nervous system and endocrine system is not complete, and the immune function is unstable, making it easier for tobacco to accumulate in the body.

Among the more than 7,000 kinds of chemical ingredients in the tobacco smoke, hundreds of harmful substances can reach hundreds of types, and mainly include inhaled particulate matter, nicotine, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, and acrylic. At least 69 harmful substances are carcinogens.Things will cause serious damage to human health.

In second -hand cigarettes, the content of some harmful substances is higher than first -hand smoke, such as nitrosamine (strong carcinogen) is 50 times that of first -hand smoke.The international cancer research institution has sorted second -hand cigarettes as the cause of human carcinogen and confirmed that it is closely related to the onset of lung cancer.

Because Chinese tobacco consumption and smokers are very huge, the impact of children in my country is more serious in China.

What is the harm of second -hand smoke to children?

Second -hand cigarettes are not just carcinogenic, but also closely related to other non -malignant children’s diseases.

Respiratory tract infection

Children’s bronchus is more straightforward than adults, which makes it easier for the harmful substances in second -hand smoke to accumulate in alveoli through their respiratory tract.


The probability of passive smoking children is 2.51 times that there is no passive smoking child.During passive smoking, the toxicity of smoke is often more inhaled than the smoker, which reduces the lung function of the child, and the patient’s reactivity to the drug weakens.Pregnant women smoke or smoke during pregnancy to increase the incidence of asthma in newborn.

Secretion otitis media

The harmful substances in tobacco can directly damage the mucous membrane and destroy the clearance mechanism of the middle ear, thereby increasing the probability of damage, infection, and allergic inflammation of the eustachian tube mucosa. Children’s eustachian tube mucosa and cilia are more easily damaged than adults.The disease is an important cause of hearing decline in children.


Studies have confirmed that passive smoking can cause children’s blood lead level to rise and lead to lead poisoning.Lead poisoning is one of the reasons for children’s attention defects and dysfunction. The main manifestation is that it is not concentrated. At the same time, the damage to the central nervous system such as nicotine and other substances may also cause children’s attention.


At present, research generally believes that second -hand smoke can change children’s arterial structure and function, which causes blood pressure to rise.Even short -term passive smoking will have the effect of increased blood pressure.A study in the United States shows that tobacco exposure has increased the risk of high blood pressure in white children and adolescents by 60%.

Tooth decay

Second -hand smoke can make the surface of children’s deciduous teeth contain a large amount of nicotine derivatives, but also reduce the vitamin level in the body, reduce the child’s immunity, and promote the child’s mouth to dry, so that the saliva cannot neutralize the lactic acid, resulting in tooth decay tooth decayEssenceIn addition, second -hand smoke can also affect the dental flora and affect the mineralization process of the teeth, thereby aggravating tooth decay.

Height influence

Studies have found that the mother in the newborn mother during pregnancy can reduce the length of the fetus at birth, whether it is active or passive smoking.In addition, smoke is likely to affect children’s appetite, which further affects children’s growth and development.

How to stay away from the violation of second -hand smoke?

Create smoke -free families: Parents consciously quit smoking, not only do not smoke in front of children, but also reduce the number of smoking at home. At the same time, they should abode relatives and friends not to smoke at home.

Healthy lifestyle: Children can eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C has antioxidant function and has a certain effect on reducing the harm of cigarettes; drinking plenty of water, exercising more, and accelerating the discharge of harmful substances.

Washing clothes and regularly cleaning furniture: We must not ignore the dangers of three -handed smoke.Three -handed cigarettes refer to the smell and harmful particles remaining in the hair, clothes, and furniture, and the corners of the home. After being inhaled, they can also cause various discomfort.Therefore, the cigarette particles such as clothes, furniture and other residues need to be removed to reduce the possibility of children’s inhalation.

Health Education: Parents need to teach children to protect their health. They have recognized the dangers of smoking and second -hand smoke from an early age. When they grow up, they refuse to smoke and stay away from passive smoking places in daily life.

Experts in this article: Huang Yao, Master of Pediatrics of the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University

Review of this article: Li Congzhe, internal medicine of Tangshan Central Hospital, deputy chief physician

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