Sleeping well during pregnancy is mainly due to these five major reasons. With these five tricks, pregnant women can also sleep well.

In the star’s TV variety show "Wife’s Romantic Travel", Xie Na mentioned that she basically could not sleep when she was pregnant, because she was pregnant with twins, and the pressure would be greater.The underground garage was narrowed for a while.

A stone stirred thousands of waves. Many mothers who were still with and had born have begun to vomit. Since the pregnancy, it seems that it is a matter of last century.Sleep is a very luxurious thing. Every night, the number of sheep can count from one to 10,000, but they find that they are getting sober and not knowing what to do. I can’t sleep when I sleep.It’s almost collapsed.

Why does pregnant mothers sleep well?There are mainly the following five reasons

1. Insufficient calcium

The amount of calcium needed by mothers in the third trimester is more than 1,000 mg, and it can even be as high as 1200 mg. If pregnant women do not have the habit of drinking milk, the daily calcium content in daily diet is about 600 mg, so 400 to 600 mg is needed.To add extra.

If calcium supplementation may cause insufficient calcium, causing cramps and causing poor sleep, that is, without cramping calcium insufficient calcium, it will also cause the nerves to be too excited to sleep.

2. Compression discomfort

The uterus during pregnancy will constantly compress our lower limb nerves, and sometimes feel pain, and it is not comfortable to lie down when I sleep.

Third, frequently want to go to the toilet

The expanding uterus stimulates the bladder and urethra. Some mothers fall asleep for two hours at night and want to go to the toilet.In particular, some mothers drink a lot of water and sleep well at night, and they want to do the toilet for half an hour. As a result, the more they can’t sleep, the more they want to go to the toilet.

Fourth, poor sleep environment

For example, it is too noisy, too dry, too heavy, too hot or too cold, uncomfortable clothes quilt can affect sleep quality.

5. Mom is too anxious

The fetus was in the mother’s belly, and she couldn’t see it, couldn’t touch it, but only felt the fetal movement.Which day’s indicator of the birth check is a bit bad, the mother starts to worry about, is there a problem with the baby, is it not good for the baby?

In response to the above five major reasons that affect pregnant women’s sleep, Jing’s mother gave the following countermeasures:

1. Good sleep environment

Be quiet, comfortable, you can sleep peacefully.Pull to the curtains at night, the temperature and humidity are controlled in the appropriate range, and I feel comfortable.If it is too dry when the north is turned on, you can add a humidifier.

The sheet quilt is cotton, soft, clean and exposed to half a month.Pajamas are also comfortable with cotton.

2. Regular sleep

Go to bed regularly every day, let us form a biological clock, such as eating at 6 o’clock in the evening, and then we can drink a glass of milk at more than seven o’clock. At more than 8 o’clock, we can count as a fetal movement and start to fall asleep at ten o’clock.

3. Pay attention to calcium supplementation

500 ml of milk or 500 mg of calcium tablets per day to prevent the adverse effects of calcium deficiency on sleep.

4. Appropriate exercise

Pregnancy is not sick, you can exercise appropriately, walking, yoga, swimming are all possible.

After exercise, blood circulation and metabolism will accelerate, which is conducive to the absorption of various nutrients, prevent edema, and more conducive to sleep during pregnancy.

5. Keep a happy mood

You can listen to light music, sit quietly, meditate to relax, and after the sitting leg is also conducive to production.

The sleep of pregnant women affects the health of fetal treasures and mothers. I wish you all a good sleep.

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