Sixth fast -wearing system text, Shuangwen, female strong text

"The Visa of the Fast Covered again" Author: Robbing Buns

Nanxun encountered a bunker beast, but took her through the world. She helped the beasts to collect merits. After success, she could return to the end of the death.Because of the mistakes of the beast Xiaoba, her first world crossed to the high -level world. When she met the male lead Teng Heming, the heroine deliberately loved the male lead in order to live. In fact, the first world did not fall in love with the male lead.Everything is deception.When the heroine left the first world, the male lead crushed the void in a world of the world to chase the heroine. Each world occupied the villain’s big BOSS body. The heroine slowly recognized the male lead and fell in love withMale lead.

They have experienced many worlds together. The settings of the male leads in each world include male ghosts, teachers, presidents, millennial zombies, underworld big guys, Qinglou Huazui, schizophrenia … The subject matter is love, shemale love, the Republic of China love… There is also a world female lead crossing becoming a man. Although she is not in love, she is also ambiguous.

My favorite is the female respect of the world, because every world male lead is hard to seize the body, so every world does not remember, and it will be affected by the body itself. ThereforeIn the bar, the male lead was still pregnant, but he did not give birth.I promised me to survive the first world, or look at the first world. The latter world is really fragrant, and the car is very fragrant.

"Women’s Live Raiders" Author: oil burst shiitake mushroom

The heroine is the general of the interstellar. It is more ancient to wear, and a live broadcast system is bound. The system originally formulated him the concubine route.There are a lot of conspirators around the heroine. Everyone is loyal to the heroine, but a beautiful man, but he has not opened the harem. The counselor has a wife and son one by one. This is really a clear stream.Unlike other novels, everyone loves the heroine. They are just monarchs and ministers. The male lead is also a conspirator, but there are very few plays, and there are many other conspirators of the female lead.The male lead was born again. He was with the female lead in his last life, but did not get a good end, you see, you don’t blame the heroine.

This novel competed in the Quartet, engaged in infrastructure, economy, trade war, and broke the monopoly of the gatekeeper family, and enhanced women’s status.It is particularly cool when doing infrastructure, not losing money.

Author of "Big Books Love Me": Blossoming is not result

Big guy 1: [Eight Directors Brother], Big Brother Two: [Ascetic Film Emperor], Big Brother 3: [Uncle Battle], big guy 4: [Yinyu Factory Public]

Grandbags: [Republic of China], Big Big Big Big Six: [Cool Drag School Dharma], Big Brother Seven: [Rogue Local tyrant], Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Boss]

Big guy’s nine: [Alien Barbarians], the ultimate big guy: [Jiu Yuan Shenzun]

This is a very warm article. The heroine cross the world to find the soul fragments of the male lead. The name of the text seems to be very softened. In fact, it is relatively solid.The more you go to the future, the more and the sweeter the relationship is.The first story is the best. The disadvantage is that the later routines are similar. There will be a little aesthetic fatigue.

"Women’s Matching Not Both" Author: Romantic Book Story

The female lead binds the system to do tasks. I did a lot of tasks and wanted to return to the original world because the system was hacked into three thousand worlds because of the system error. The heroine lost her memory, but the heroine no longer confused and lived out.Some stories are not emotional, and some stories many men like men.

After experiencing so many worlds, the heroine finally understands that only when you love yourself seriously can you get the love of others; as long as you live out of yourself, you can always become the protagonist one day. If you are in full bloom, the butterfly comes.

The heroine of this book is very big, and the heroine only focuses on her career, and will not intervene in the feelings of the original world CP. It only helps the original body to complete the counterattack and face.The writing is very good. The disadvantage is that the character’s Facebook and the plot routine are a cool one to see.Dry food, Wenhuang can be seen.

"Fast Terring Form Women’s Matching Counterattack" Author: Very 矫

This is a article I love and hate. The worldview of this novel is very grand. Let’s introduce his worldview first. In a world space, there are various creatures.It is very long and long, there are deserted there, but there are not only creatures, but also some special existences, that is, the small world, there are countless small worlds, there are countless worlds.Each page of a book is a world. There are many, many such worlds in that space. Our male lead is too familiar (the name is uncle) is a semi -creature of a law.Together, but the Law Sea is not forever, he will also be sick, and he will be attacked by a mouse with a special stone stone.Now that the law of the male lead is coming, so the male lead has screened the right soul in various worlds to do tasks in various worlds to repair the problems of various worlds.

If you die in the small world, the soul will be completely destroyed. At the beginning, the heroine was a very positive and tough person. He had his own goals and his own beliefs, and his own moral bottom line.In that world space, it was still very good when he had been doing tasks in the small world, but later the female lead became indifferent and paranoid. The previous goal was to live stronger, and there was no goal in the later period.The male lead has always wanted to rescue the sea of laws, and the heroine was indifferent to the world where she raised her.

In fact, my favorite is the uncle, although he is a bit unpopular, but I think he has nothing wrong.However, the male lead also gave her a chance to be reborn. He was unwilling to reborn, and did not want to do tasks. In the later period, he hated the male lead. Finally, he killed the male lead (the female lead was too big)., I always dislike the boss squeezing you. I always think that the boss can’t just pay the salary without working. The boss lets you go. You don’t leave, and then continue to hate the boss.

"I Posted on this knee" Author: Jiangshan Canglan

This is not a fast wear.The heroine was born again, the heroine was framed into prison. The heroine was originally an excellent person, but no one could save her after entering prison, but as long as he participated in a reality show, as long as he was tested, he could get a department of the king’s department to re -investigate the case.The opportunity, the heroine participated, but this reality show entered a game compartment, eliminating his memory to make him grow in a childhood full of malicious, full of suffering, and suffering.Accused.The first life of the heroine was tortured by this environment. After her rebirth, the game warehouse could not eliminate her memory. The heroine’s face was very cool.

This is a cool text I highly recommended. The heroine is very powerful and the writing is very good. The love of the male and female lead is really very sweet. The male lead is really a proper loyal dog who has always been with the female lead.Must look at this!

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