Six uncomfortable changes after pregnancy, a pregnant mother who is not stained really lucky

With the birth of October, my mother is the most sinful!Not only does the belly grow and the skin worse, but also embarrassing things such as leakage, pregnancy, and stretch marks. These sudden changes make many mothers feel caught off guard!

Although these abnormalities do bring a lot of trouble to life, there are still methods to alleviate.

1. Stretch marks appear

After the middle of pregnancy, the uterus of pregnant women continues to increase, and the abdomen skin will be swollen and cracks, and stretch marks will grow.

If the pregnant mother’s weight grows too fast, it is not just the stomach, but the skin cracks in other parts.

Some pregnant mothers have too dry skin, and the temperature difference between autumn and winter is large, making the skin moisture missing.If the body is severe, it will cause itching or even pain in the skin.

Therefore, pregnant mothers can use basic skin care products in autumn and winter to hydrate the skin.

2. Dark skin tone

Dark skin during pregnancy is mainly related to hormones.

After pregnancy, the estrogen in women’s body will increase sharply. These hormones will activate the human black cells, causing it to pile up a large amount of it in the skin, and then turn the face, nipples, and neck black.

Don’t worry about this situation. After childbirth, the hormone is restored to normal, and the skin color will slowly recover.

3. Fart

"Always farting from time to time, and it is ugly. I was so scared that I didn’t dare to go out." Xiaoqin, who was 6 months pregnant, complained.

The doctor explained that due to the excessive abdominal pressure of pregnant women, the food after the gastrointestinal tract becomes longer, and there are more gas.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers pay attention to diet, and try to take less meals as much as possible to accelerate the digestion of food.

In addition, eat less gas -producing foods, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, etc.

4. Demonstrate

I always thought that leaking urine was an embarrassing scene where middle -aged and elderly women appeared. I did not expect to appear during pregnancy.

According to the description of the pregnant mother, not only the urine is frequent in the third trimester, but also leakage of urine. It may be uncomfortable and embarrassing to sneeze or cough.

By the third trimester, the uterus becomes larger than the bladder, and the memory of the bladder becomes smaller, so if you drink a little water, you will have a sense of bladder filling. If you take a long time, you will naturally leak urine.

The most direct solution is to go to the toilet. If the symptoms are indeed serious, you can use a sanitary napkin or pad.

5. Poor temper

The emotional changes of pregnant women are often quarreled for little things. The situation is similar to the menstrual period, mainly because of hormone changes.

On the other hand, physical discomfort during pregnancy can also cause emotional fluctuations in pregnant women.

In addition to the understanding and support of the family, the pregnant mother must relax her mind, do more things they like, go out for more time, do aerobic exercise, relax, and relieve stress.

6. Forgetful

It is said that "one pregnancy is silly for three years", is this true?

Although it will not make you stupid after pregnancy, it will make you ignore the notes. This change is also related to hormones in the body.

Furthermore, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers have to worry about more things, worrying, worrying about their baby, worrying about the future.

You can write down a small book every day, what to do, what must be done, so that you are not afraid to forget!

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